This isn't exactly rocket science,
but it is a great way to use up fabric scraps
and upcycle a t-shirt.

I got this shirt at Target
for less than a dollar after 4th of July.
One issue.

My husband loves cats.

Dead ones.
There is a strict "no cat" policy in this household that 
applies to all toys and wardrobe items.
(Sorry cat lovers.)  
Even worse, he told the girls that he is "allergic" to them
since we are teaching them that we do not hate anything.

So this forsaken shirt needed a little makeover.
I wanted it to match a pair of pants, but all I had was a 
scrap of fabric with no full versions of the flowers.

I considered ordering more online, 
but I am trying my best to use what I have first.
Plus, I have no patience.

So I decided to make the best of it and create a 
collage of many different flowers and leaves.

First I took the scrap and fused it to Heat n Bond.
 Then I cut random parts of the print out.

I layered it on top of the tee until I somewhat liked the look.
Ran an iron over all of the layers.

Then I attacked it with my sewing machine.  
I used three different thread colors and combined zig zag and straight stitching. 
If you have a machine with a variety of decorative stitches, 
this would be the perfect project to try them out on.  

The more I stitched the more I liked how it looked.
This project is also perfect for a beginner, 
since absolutely no precision is required.
Embrace the messy.

Twenty minutes later, the cat is banished by simple, crazy cuteness.

So un-politically correct. 
I know.
Sorry, that is just what I call this wardrobe staple.
I wear at least one every single day.  
I have drawers of them.
They are my uniform.
But I think I might have to call them something else.
Because when I told my mom that I just bought some 
wife beaters for her innocent granddaughters she gasped in horror.  
Sorry Mom.

New code word: Tank Tops.

Because I suppose something this cute can't have such an ugly name.
These cute non- wife beating, tank tops are from Target and 
here is an easy tutorial on how you can add sweet little wings to the sleeves.

I am a little nosy by nature.
I adore posts that are home tours and especially studio tours.
Since I don't have a studio
(yes, I am aware that I complain about this very fact constantly)
I will give you a little peek in to my fabric cabinet.

Since it is Tuesday, I had to tackle something from 
my list instead of making another mess with a new project.

My fabrics were crazy and disorganized so I got to work.

I organized them by theme or designer and 
refolded many of them to fit better on the shelves.

The crazy thing is, I still have just about the 
same amount of room as I had one year ago.  

Considering the sheer volume of yardage my friendly mailman 
has left upon my doorstep is proof that nearly as much has gone 
out the door in finished projects as have come in.

For a fabric addict such as myself, that is saying something.
Just when I was about finished the UPS man rang my doorbell.
He brought a ginormous box filled with fabric from my blog BFF Bethany.

All yummy, scrumptious prints.  

Thankfully there was room.  
Thanks Bethany!!! 
Happy things will be made with your beloved yardage.

If you want to win a Pretty. Messy. flower made from one of these prints head on over to Sweet Peas & Sassafras.
She is having a giveaway for her 200th post.  Hooray!!!

I was also interviewed at 30 Days.  
Hop on over there to get a peek into my brain.
(Try not to fall asleep as I ramble.)

Meet Roger.

He was our kid before we had kids.
Yes, we are one of "those people."

He's wonderful.

But you will not be seeing him in a pair of these anytime soon,
and yes, in case you were wondering,
 they do come in 75 pound labrador sizes.

For reals?
I sort of get the whole dressing-up-a-purse-dog thing.  
Sort of.
But denim shorts?

Sorry Roger.  
All I will dress you in is your fur.

In case you popped in to see who the winner of SoSoBella's beautiful initial necklace, 
instead of me mocking the latest in doggy fashions...

Congrats to:

(email me your info.)

Thanks for all of you who entered and thanks Kristy for the fun giveaway!
She is having a Mother's Day Sale on this gorgeous Single Circle Tag Necklace.

Maybe you could accidently forward your husband the link?
Or do the shopping for him.
Just a helpful thought.

I don't know how they do it.

I took the girls on a little field trip.
To see where we lived before they were born.

But really I wanted to take a picture of Tamra's house.
It was SCARY!!!
I had to sneak into the gate by lurking until another car drove in.


Then as I drove down the street I was certain that I would get caught.

For what?

Taking pictures while driving?

But I didn't get caught.  
I am not in jail.
I never plan on playing paparazzi ever again.

So in case you were curious,
here is Tamra's starter house,
before she was "the hottest housewife in O.C." 
(her words, not mine, obviously).

Once in a while you come across someone who just makes life a little bit better.

Kristy is one of those rare few.

She had been following my random ramblings here 
and as it turns out we were both vendors at the same craft fair last fall.

Since we met she has been nothing but sunshine and encouragement.

She has two adorable daughters,

loves all things flip-flop,
and creates gorgeous hand stamped jewelry.

On top of all of that goodness,
she is incredibly generous as well.

She made the most precious little charms to help build Cora's Playground.

Today I am happy to announce that you too can have your 
very own custom piece created straight from her heart.

One winner will receive this stunning, timeless and simple, 

Initially Yours necklace.

Think of how beautiful this and meaningful this would be.

Please visit her shop SoSoBella Designs,
take a peek around at all of the goodness,

then come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite item.

(You might just glimpse a peek of the one she made for me.)

This grand giveaway will last through the weekend 
and I will announce the lucky winner on Monday.

Have a truly beautiful day.

Wardrobe stylist

Food source



Plumber (don't ask)
Referee (ditto)

Shop owner

(Like my new Terbear shop stamp?)

(come see me at Mariners Church, Irvine tomorrow.)

No wonder I'm tired!!!

Thanks for all of the Earth Day tips and comments.
The Terbear stamp goes to
who exemplifies green living in major ways.

What are you doing to help preserve the Earth today?
God has shown us his vast creativity in all of His creation.
It is up to us to be good stewards of this gift.
Today as the world celebrates Earth Day, be challenged 
to make a small difference in your family that will have 
lasting impact on the generations to come.

If you don't have this soundtrack, you need to get it now!
It is by far the most adult friendly children's album I have ever heard.
Each song has a great lesson including many about taking care of the Earth.
You won't even mind listening along.  
In fact, you might even catch yourself listening to it while alone in the car.

To help celebrate today Terbear, who makes the. best. custom. stamps. ever. is giving away this simple and meaningful stamp.  
She is also offering 10% off of all Earth and Recycle themed stamps.
Just leave a comment sharing how you and your family are making steps to celebrate and preserve God's Earth.
The winner will be posted tomorrow.

(IF you want to be really crunchy granola
click here.  Giggle giggle.)

I wanted to make an easy and inexpensive gift for 
all of the amazing people that help make Jason's life 
easier on Administrative Professionals Day.

But most of all, I didn't want to go to the store.
So I gathered supplies from around the house
(mind you, my house is better stocked than most craft stores)
and got to work.

First I enlisted the help of my appropriately attired sous chef.

Thankfully I had just enough left over jars from the last time I made them.
I have found that this particular size works best.  
They are the exact same diameter as my standard cupcake pan.  
Each one fits two cupcakes and plenty of frosting.

I mixed the cake while Janey assisted.

Usually when I make cupcakes I like to use paper liners and 
only make 18 per box because bigger cupcakes are better, right?

But for the mason jars, I skip the liners 
(then I don't have to take them off and there 
are no ridges showing in the jars) 
and I spray the cupcake pans with Pam.

I also make 24 cupcakes which work perfectly for the dozen jars 
that I am using, as well as the size that fits best inside.

While the cupcakes were baking I made the frosting.

I am an admitted frosting snob and can't resist a good buttercream.  
But for these I needed something special.  I had no chocolate in the house,
 (It has been recently devoured by post-Lent-sugar-deprived yours truly) 
so I grabbed my iced blended powder and 
dissolved one scoop into the milk before mixing.
This happy accident might just be my new favorite version.

Here is the C&H 5 minute buttercream recipe I use:

1 box powdered sugar
1 stick salted butter at room temp.
1/4 cup milk
1 tea. vanilla

Combine and beat until creamy.

Now you have no excuse to by frosting at the store again!

When the cupcakes have cooled, place one with the bottom side down, into each jar.

I have found it easiest to put the frosting in a ziploc bag, 
snip a hole and pipe it into the jars.

Put another cupcake on top of the first layer of frosting,
add even more frosting,
screw on the lid.

In my mind I wanted to use oilcloth for the toppers like these,
but that would require me actually having it.

Instead I cut 5 inch squares of cupcake fabric, 
ironed Heat 'n Bond to each one to make them sturdier,
used my pinking shears to add cuteness,
cut notches,
wove ribbon through,
tied bows,
done for only about $1.50 each.

Technically I am an unpaid administrative assistant to Jason.
Aren't all wives?
So I might just be keeping one for myself.
Is that wrong?

Edited to add:

I have shipped these cupcakes, nicely snuggled in a Priority Mail box and they have survived.  I have done a bit of checking and they are rumored to be "shelf stable" for up to 7 days.  So feel free to bake up some happiness and send it across the miles.