I am a little nosy by nature.
I adore posts that are home tours and especially studio tours.
Since I don't have a studio
(yes, I am aware that I complain about this very fact constantly)
I will give you a little peek in to my fabric cabinet.

Since it is Tuesday, I had to tackle something from 
my list instead of making another mess with a new project.

My fabrics were crazy and disorganized so I got to work.

I organized them by theme or designer and 
refolded many of them to fit better on the shelves.

The crazy thing is, I still have just about the 
same amount of room as I had one year ago.  

Considering the sheer volume of yardage my friendly mailman 
has left upon my doorstep is proof that nearly as much has gone 
out the door in finished projects as have come in.

For a fabric addict such as myself, that is saying something.
Just when I was about finished the UPS man rang my doorbell.
He brought a ginormous box filled with fabric from my blog BFF Bethany.

All yummy, scrumptious prints.  

Thankfully there was room.  
Thanks Bethany!!! 
Happy things will be made with your beloved yardage.

If you want to win a Pretty. Messy. flower made from one of these prints head on over to Sweet Peas & Sassafras.
She is having a giveaway for her 200th post.  Hooray!!!

I was also interviewed at 30 Days.  
Hop on over there to get a peek into my brain.
(Try not to fall asleep as I ramble.)


  1. Seeing all that gave me Fabric Lust!!!! I am drooling. I Love fabric, but can't sew!

  2. oh man that is so pretty to look at.
    i am going to go fold all mine.
    and i see so many of yours that i want for myself.

    your interview at 30 days was fun!
    you are my #1 also!!!!

  3. if I could only have that fabric collection, I have just barley started and I have about 5 peices stuck into a zip lock bag (so sad). I love the colors, oh and I loved your interview. Thanks

  4. Oh Happy Fabric!! Oh, gosh, on the last post...denim shorts shouldn't be worn by anybody!! Maybe a teenage girl, but definitely not a male, or a dog. Yuck!!

  5. it was too late for me to start reading your blog, I'm in love

  6. I think I may have drooled on my keyboard a bit over your fabric, too. Lovely!!

    Loved your interview, as well!


  7. Hey Julie love all the fabric!!! Its all so beautiful, I wish I had that much yumminess at my house. You once posted on your blog a list of all the etsy/online places that you buy your fabric. I am pretty sure that I saved the list somewhere, but cannot find it. I can't find the perfect material for a project I'm working on and was hoping for a list of your favorite shops.


    P.s. loved the interview.

  8. i just love you & your blog...really...It makes me happy!

  9. OHHHH! true eye candy!!! I LOVE fabric too!!!
    Thanks for the "tour"!

  10. You seriously have such an awesome collection of fabrics. It is making me want to organize all of mine too.

  11. I am totally jealous of this. :)

  12. Love all those bright, pretty colors. They make me happy here in Alabama on such a cloudy day.

  13. I am new at Sewing and Love looking at Fabric...my husband thinks I am dating someone in the next town over because I am always going to Joanns for more fabric!!