(Free tag download available on my printable page.)

So, I like crack.  The treat kind.  Not the life ruining, jail bound, illegal kind.
Although maybe the treat kind should be illegal.  It's easy to make, cheap, addictive, and it just takes one try to get hooked.

So consider yourself warned.  If you would like to become the friendly neighborhood crack dealer, make up a few batches, print out some tags, wrap them up, hand them to  anyone and everyone that could use a new addiction in their lives.  Remember, the first try is always free.  Sharing is caring.

You can find my recipe here, in it's old school, absolutely unpinnable glory, back from the olden days when you just blogged to blog, without the thought or the hopes of going viral on Pinterest.  Sigh... I miss those days.  Don't be alarmed at the bag of Ralph's brand chocolate chips either.  I only use Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips now, because I am not an animal.  Like Oprah says, when you know better, you do better.

I'm shirking responsibility.  Heading to the final Queen Bee Market tonight.  So bittersweet.  I was honored to have a little booth at the very first one, and the second one, which seems like a lifetime ago.  Yet I am so proud of Mique for dreaming big, taking risks, and knowing when to let go.

Dave Matthews knows a thing or two about that.

Life is short but sweet for certain.
So celebrate.

Make things.   Bake things.  Send a card.  Live life with open hands.  Celebrate.

(Free card download available here.  
These are printed on kraft paper from Hobby Lobby, of which I am in need of a new pack.  
Turquoise envelopes available here.)