Today a super fancy and expensive designer came over to remodel our house.

(Or, a super nice and marginally expensive 
plumber came over to re-pipe our sink.)

This is what he left.

Isn't is lovely?
But I am choosing to embrace this.
To find beauty in the mess.


Because we have a house.
Because we have the means to fix what needs to be fixed.
Because although there are holes in the drywall, we again have fresh, clean water.
What percentage of the world can say that?

In the spirit of mess, I am loving these crazy flowers.
They are bright, happy and a little bit chaotic.

Just like my life.

I love the frayed edges, the imperfect stitching, the randomness.
The messiness.
Come back tomorrow for a little giveaway starring them in their funky glory.

Lastly, I needed (wanted) a little treat.
So I made my friend Alicia's Lazy Man's Toffee.

I have since renamed it Toffee Crack.

Because it is addicting.

I am mad she shared the recipe.
It is too good and too easy.

Messy, easy, yummy, trouble.

I could eat it every day!
(and I have...)

Here are the ingredients:

Here's what you do:

Look around you, and change your perspective of the mess and chaos.
It's not really so bad!

(Don't get mad at me for introducing you to Toffee Crack.  It's not my fault.)


  1. These are so cute!!! I may want to buy one for myself! I think I need one added to some layerd tank tops for summer...

  2. I've been having way too much fun making those, too {for Valentine's Day}. Actually, it's been my first official project on the new machine! Thanks for passing on the tutorial!

  3. YUM those saltine snacks looks DELISH. I might have to make those tonite, I am craving something sweet!! And I just love those flowers, you make the cutest things!! xoxox

  4. You are kidding - saltines!! How cool is that.

  5. Can you believe I have all the ingredients to make that?! THAT helps my perspective!! Thanks, girly!

  6. I am really glad you got you plumbing fixed. I know about that mess. We had (have) water hammer and Jason tore open the wall to fix it. Luckily he patched it up. Those things do patch. Not too hard and I'm sure you can find a tutorial out there to do it yourselves. Great attitudea about it though. I praise God for our recession in that I think it will teach us all what is important. We live in a country of real overindulgence. Reminds me of my bible study of Daniel. Babylon revisited!

  7. I am so making that Lazy "Mom" Toffee this weekend. Thanks!

  8. yum yum! I made that saltine toffee stuff and it is amazing! thank you for posting that recipe!

  9. Oh crap. I have ALL of those ingredients. Maybe it's time to stop fighting my fat genes and just give in ;)

  10. *laughs* you crack me up Julie! And I love your messy flowers. I've seen lots of fabric flowers and none of them are as adorable as the ones you make!

  11. dang... I love all those things...
    thank you, thank you!
    ... I think. =)

  12. I'm a little late to the party here ... but you should try adding bashed up peanut m&m's to your toffee crack! We do and it's divine!!

  13. Made Crack tonight for a friend ... you totally need to try adding a little sprinkle of kosher salt on top of the chocolate before it sets. YUM!!!

  14. I love this stuff. I made it for the first time last year, while pregnant with my little girl and I ate it ALL within a few days. Delicious Stuff!