I wanted to make an easy and inexpensive gift for 
all of the amazing people that help make Jason's life 
easier on Administrative Professionals Day.

But most of all, I didn't want to go to the store.
So I gathered supplies from around the house
(mind you, my house is better stocked than most craft stores)
and got to work.

First I enlisted the help of my appropriately attired sous chef.

Thankfully I had just enough left over jars from the last time I made them.
I have found that this particular size works best.  
They are the exact same diameter as my standard cupcake pan.  
Each one fits two cupcakes and plenty of frosting.

I mixed the cake while Janey assisted.

Usually when I make cupcakes I like to use paper liners and 
only make 18 per box because bigger cupcakes are better, right?

But for the mason jars, I skip the liners 
(then I don't have to take them off and there 
are no ridges showing in the jars) 
and I spray the cupcake pans with Pam.

I also make 24 cupcakes which work perfectly for the dozen jars 
that I am using, as well as the size that fits best inside.

While the cupcakes were baking I made the frosting.

I am an admitted frosting snob and can't resist a good buttercream.  
But for these I needed something special.  I had no chocolate in the house,
 (It has been recently devoured by post-Lent-sugar-deprived yours truly) 
so I grabbed my iced blended powder and 
dissolved one scoop into the milk before mixing.
This happy accident might just be my new favorite version.

Here is the C&H 5 minute buttercream recipe I use:

1 box powdered sugar
1 stick salted butter at room temp.
1/4 cup milk
1 tea. vanilla

Combine and beat until creamy.

Now you have no excuse to by frosting at the store again!

When the cupcakes have cooled, place one with the bottom side down, into each jar.

I have found it easiest to put the frosting in a ziploc bag, 
snip a hole and pipe it into the jars.

Put another cupcake on top of the first layer of frosting,
add even more frosting,
screw on the lid.

In my mind I wanted to use oilcloth for the toppers like these,
but that would require me actually having it.

Instead I cut 5 inch squares of cupcake fabric, 
ironed Heat 'n Bond to each one to make them sturdier,
used my pinking shears to add cuteness,
cut notches,
wove ribbon through,
tied bows,
done for only about $1.50 each.

Technically I am an unpaid administrative assistant to Jason.
Aren't all wives?
So I might just be keeping one for myself.
Is that wrong?

Edited to add:

I have shipped these cupcakes, nicely snuggled in a Priority Mail box and they have survived.  I have done a bit of checking and they are rumored to be "shelf stable" for up to 7 days.  So feel free to bake up some happiness and send it across the miles.


  1. absolutely nothing wrong with keeping one for yourself... They turned out so cute!!! Isn't it always great when a mistake turns out soo good?

  2. These look delicious and are perfect for teachers and Thank you gifts.

    I have a question though and I may just be missing it. How much chocolate or iced coffee powder did you use? I only saw butter, sugar, vanilla, and milk listed. Thanks.

  3. I too am an icing snob. Yours looks delicious. I really can't decide thought, what looks more yummy, the cupcakes or your babies tootsies!!

  4. super cute idea! might need to steal this one!

  5. Now I am SUPER hungry for mason jar cupcakes and baby toes... hmmmm?

  6. what a great wife you are!
    and i'm with you -- my house is pretty much a miniature craft store, i have collected so much STUFF! my hubby has learned to stop asking "what are you making?" when i come home with another bag of fabric, ribbon, ric rac, thread, etc etc ... haha!

    p.s. thanks again for pitching in for my etsy-versary!

  7. I love this idea and will be copying you! :) Thanks for sharing...they are adorable! Jeanette

  8. So cute Julie! LOVE them! Such a cute favor idea also.. might have to steal it for Gracie's upcoming FIRST BIRTHDAY party! FUN! PS Janey is the CUTEST!!!

  9. seriously those are probably the cutest cupcakes EVER. i absolutely LOVE mason jars so i will absolutely be making these.

    thanks for sharing!!

  10. What a great idea!


  11. Get out!

    Is Jason hiring? Because I'd totally work for him, just to get paid in these cupcakes.

    These look amazing!

  12. I am reading this really late at night and trying very hard to resist the urge to whip up some cupcakes. You temptress, you!

    I have a question for you. Where do you get material? I have just recently started sewing and have found that I am now addicted to fabric. I NEED it. Ha! Any suggestions?

  13. Those look delicious! Janey is getting so BIG and is beautiful, of course!

  14. Jason is so lucky to have such a wonderful helpmate and creative wife! Those are just beautiful. I wish I was as creative. Take care have a blessed day!

  15. I love this idea! And I love the *toppers* too! Thanks for sharing. I will copy this one!!!

  16. honestly. really. you just amaze me. full family, full life and you just pull things off that couldn't be any cuter or sweeter. those. are. absolutely. darling! DARLING! and you share it with all of us.
    lucky us :O)

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  18. Love this idea! Those look so yummy! If you can keep only one your doing great!!!!!

  19. this is so darn cute, I am having a cupcake party for my daughters second bday and this would be cute for the parents to take home. By the way you are so creative, do you have any ideas for a cupcake party? thanks

  20. you are amazing. I love this idea!! I am going to use this for something. not quite sure what . . but definatly something!

  21. that is crazy good!
    what an adorable gift...and so yummy and cute!
    i love this julie.

    i haven't forgotten your pillow. it will go our tomorrow...i promise.

    how was the beach?

  22. adorable and yummy! i need one.

    btw- come check out my blog. i have been inspired by you to be creative!

  23. fantastic!!! i'll definitely be making these :)

  24. oh wow, these look incredible!

  25. OH YUMMO! Both the baby and the cupcakes!

  26. those look AWESOME!!!! yummy!!! great idea, thanks for sharing!

  27. This posting makes me want one too! WOW!!! They look so delicious! I'm always looking for Happy (insert day) presents just because. This would be perfect for that! Thanks!!! :-)

  28. This is an AWESOME idea!!!!! I want to make some to give out at my baby's birth :)

  29. Super cute and look totally yummy!
    Your lil helper is precious and I love seeing her toes in all the pics. I LOVE baby feet!!

  30. I don't get it. How do you get them out of the jars?

  31. Love the idea!

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep that cutie of yours off the counter in the Bumbo. My friend's son took a tumble of the counter and cracked his skull! You can't be too careful!

  32. as always i love your ideas and i'm making these yummies for teacher appreciation this week. one question...i've searched high and low for some coffee similar to yours and can't find anything. do you have any suggestions? thanks!

  33. Those look great...I think you should keep TWO for yourself...you deserve it.

  34. I love my frosting also! Mine is a little different though in that I replace half of the vanilla with almond flavor. My family and friends have really LOVED it that way...might be something to try ;)

  35. Do you know I have clicked over to this post about 15 times in the last 6 hours? I keep coming back to drool over these! They are so cute!

    I also spent some time in your archives to read more about Joy's and your story and I am so compelled by your journey.

    Praise God for you, for who knows how many lives you are impacting for God by the very telling of your story!

  36. Those cupcakes look horrible!

    Just kidding, who can resist such yummy cupcakes. And all the love that goes in them.

  37. I just baked up the same thing, complete with no papers for no ridges and piping the icing in with a ziplock so it doesn't mess up the sides. I love your toppers. Well done.


  38. This is a cool idea! Totally lovely! A very nice and cute gift, very thoughtful!


  39. I can't get over how cute your sous chef is....oh, and yes, the cupcakes in a jar are fabulous as well! Thanks for sharing the steps! I've been wanting to make these for some time now! I need to go out and get me some of those jars!!! Love yours!!!

  40. What a great idea. I'm definitely going to try to make these little darlings. It's all about the presentation. I love your photos too. Very creative.

  41. Those look so pretty. You should absolutely keep one for yourself. :) I cannot wait to try that buttercream recipe. It sounds like the perfect combination.

  42. How did I ever miss this post? How will I ever be the same? Great.

    I have to make these now.

    : )

  43. These look great! I was thinking that a good Christmas modification might be to add mint extract and red or green food coloring to the milk in place of the drink mix powder. What do you think? Chocolate Mint...mmmm.

  44. Wow! This is such a wonderful idea! I can think of so many ways to give this great gift. Thank you!

  45. those look so yummy..I love the idea and so creative.I love your sous chef by the way..adorable and appropriately dressed I might add.you are going into my favorites as I so enjoyed reading your entry..I can't wait to see what other things you come up with..:) and no you were not wrong in keeping one of the cupcakes..I just hope you had Milk to go with it..:)

  46. It looks so delicious. the baby is cute too.

  47. What a beautiful, and yummy gift idea. Thanks for sharing!

  48. How long do these last? Can they be frozen?

  49. okay so say if i wanted to make some, and ship them to some friends,..how would one go about that? lol :) they look adorable! i'm just afriad they would break in the mail or perish along the way

  50. I can't wait to try these!! Thanks for posting!

    And just FYI, that is not a box of Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake mix in your picture... it is Duncan Hines. :-)

  51. That is an amazing idea! I can't wait to try it...and eat it. :)

    I'll be linking!

  52. I simply love you Joy :) I was looking for cupcake in a jar recipes via Google after I seen a divine looking one on a certain cupcake site starting with a "b" but the "tight-wad, I can do it myself" inside me knew there was something on the internet and should have known to start at your site. :)

    Thanks for all your awesomeness,

  53. Meant to say I love you Julie!!....I love Joy too though, as I have an angel playing with her in heaven named Shelby. :)


  54. I honestly can't recall how I made it to your blog, but I love this post, it is a wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing! I think I shall follow :)!

    Blessings, Monica

  55. Congratulations, you made the, "Top 5 Hits," at Singing With Birds this week. Stop by for a button and thanks for sharing your cupcakes in a jar fabulous idea with us!


  56. Blog hopped my way here. Love this idea! Your blog is lovely! I am following you on Twitter now,


  57. Your jars are beautiful, how long do they last?

  58. I made these today! You can see my version @ nonnaroseskitchen.blogspot.com Thanks for sharing the idea!

  59. That's just about the cutest sous chef I've ever seen ! <3

  60. I love this idea and thank you for sharing Joy's story, hugs to you!

  61. I'm so making these! I recently discovered your blog and I have to admit, I can't get enough of it! lol.. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and inspiration.

    :) Cristhiane

  62. I'm going to try this! Thanks for the help (:

  63. Hi, my name is Micaela,
    I am 11, I have not tried these yet, but they look delicious! I'm sure to try them soon :)

  64. Hi My name is Micaela,
    I am 11 and I have not tried these yet, but I'm sure to try these soon :)

  65. Love these. I'm thinking of making them for Christmas gifts. I LOVE the way you wove the bows.


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