What are you doing to help preserve the Earth today?
God has shown us his vast creativity in all of His creation.
It is up to us to be good stewards of this gift.
Today as the world celebrates Earth Day, be challenged 
to make a small difference in your family that will have 
lasting impact on the generations to come.

If you don't have this soundtrack, you need to get it now!
It is by far the most adult friendly children's album I have ever heard.
Each song has a great lesson including many about taking care of the Earth.
You won't even mind listening along.  
In fact, you might even catch yourself listening to it while alone in the car.

To help celebrate today Terbear, who makes the. best. custom. stamps. ever. is giving away this simple and meaningful stamp.  
She is also offering 10% off of all Earth and Recycle themed stamps.
Just leave a comment sharing how you and your family are making steps to celebrate and preserve God's Earth.
The winner will be posted tomorrow.

(IF you want to be really crunchy granola
click here.  Giggle giggle.)


  1. Cute!! Happy Earth Day! :) Now I've got to grab that soundtrack! xo!

  2. We have that soundtrack... along with every single Jack Johnson album he ever put out... even some demo stuff. LOL. We definitely like JJ in our house. ;)

  3. Oh the jack johnson Cd, my kids call it the George CD, because of the songs being on the Curious George soundtrack. I love that CD and yes I do listen when they are not there, it also calms my kids when they are freaking out in the car (me too). Today my kids and I are going to plant some flowers and play outside as long as possible.

  4. washable . . . ewwww. NEVER!

  5. Today is not only Earth day, but it is Eric and my 2nd anniversary. Since we got married on my favorite day of the year, we have made a tradition to plant something every year. Today I'm off to the nursery to find something to plant...I'm thinking bamboo. Bamboo is such a great air purifier :) Although I heard you have to keep it in a pot, because it has a tendency to take over your yard. Another way to be a steward of the earth (as a mother) is to use cloth diapers, since those yucky disposable ones last more that 500 years in landfills. And really, it's not as gross as you think and it saves you money!!! We recommend Bumgenius..try 'em :) A great book for moms and moms-to-be is Raising Baby Green by Alan Greene, M.D. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

  6. We recycle everything we can in our area and are trying to eliminate as much of the plastic waste we can and I use as much recycled packaging in my etsy shop as I can! (:

  7. We have been slowly but surely switching to reusable grocery bags. We already reuse most of the plastic ones we get, but sometimes we end up with such and overload of them that we decided to start using the reusable canvas bags instead!

    Oh, and we totally love the CG soundtrack. It is one we rock out to often :)


  8. I love Terbear stamps! I have one of my own for my first Etsy shop!

  9. We use reusable cloth grocery bags. We try to recycle as much as possible and buy large soap bottles to refill our smaller ones, rather than purchasing smaller ones more often.

    I will have to look into that soundtrack.

  10. Love the soundtrack!!! And we try to do things daily to help Mother Earth :)

    We walk to/from school (which yesterdays temp. was 100 degrees - ALREADY)

    Use recycled tote bags for all our shopping/purchases.

    I make "newspaper posies" in my shop

    But I do have to draw the line somewhere........
    washable and itchy looking. no thank you ;)


  11. I love that soundtrack! Great stuff and great movie! Thanks for sharing! Happy Earth Day!

  12. I love that Jack CD. :) Today I'm promoting a great organization that helps with reforestation in developing countries, called Plant With Purpose.

  13. Both of my boys each planted a fruit plant (straweberry and tomato) for our family today while we talked about God's creation.

    Jack Johnson's cd is great.

    Happy Earth Day.

  14. am I the only one in the world that has never heard of the Jack CD...I do have to say I feel the same way about Laure Berkner, I sometimes have one of her CD's playing and then I realize there are no kids around....not entering my own giveaway, just wanted to chime in.

  15. I do quite a few things that are green, but it didn’t happen overnight. I have recycled for over 10 year. I reuse many items, including containers from the kitchen. Right now our seedlings for the garden are in plastic containers of all kinds from the kitchen. Our garden is ever growing and our yard too…with 4 fruit trees and 5 fruit bushes planted this spring. Mind you I live in a town, but these guys are my inspiration: http://urbanhomestead.org/journal/ We have many house plants and our collection continues to grow, they work great for gifts. Our family walks to places that are in our town…the only one we do not walk to is the grocery store, but I’m hoping to possible bike there this summer. We pick up recyclables and trash while out on walks. We use cloth bags for shopping. Well, we use cloth for lots of stuff really…diapers, bum cloths (it is better than tp!), mama pads-that are really more comfy then any of the disposable stuff, rags/towels to clean with, reusable napkins for mealtime. I invested in a great set of usa made plastic dishes for our kid’s birthday parties so no more disposables for us. I clean with vinegar/baking soda. Use Charlie’s Soap for laundry and Dr. Bonner’s for dishes and everything else. We hang our clothes to dry after washing. I shop second hand first and giveaway/sale things we are getting rid of... http://freecycle.org I “wrap” gifts in reusable containers or use newspaper that can then be recycled after a its second use. We compost yard waste and fruit/veggie/egg shell waste. We use reusable water bottles instead of plastic. I’ve been starting to recycle candy wrappers and make tags with them for my etsy shop too. Oh, I’m sure there is so much more that I can’t think of right now. I started a blog http://greenresolution.blogspot.com a while back, but haven’t done much with it until yesterday, Earth Day! I’m hoping to write more posts to inspire and encourage people to care for our planet too.

    Heidi Jo the Artist
    Swirls of Creativity’s Purple Thursday ~ Every Thursday!

  16. Hope I'm not too late!!! We've started using the reusable shopping bags. They're bigger and you can sling them over your shoulder!