It's my birthday, and I wanted to pop in to share some things that I just adore right now.
Each of them would make amazing gifts, to a friend, or even to yourself.
You'll see a theme through them all, beautiful, cozy, happy, and healthy (besides the cake and the coffee, but it's my birthday and I can choose cake, and I need coffee).

1.  Starbucks holiday spice flat white.
I am a die hard black coffee girl.  Add a splash of almond milk or half and half and I'm good.  I have never been a card carrying member of the pumpkin spice club.  I did not want to like this drink.  I did not want to dream about this drink.  It is made of magic and unicorns and I cannot quit it.
2.  This faux leather hoodie from Target.
If I could sleep in this jacket I would.  It is basically a cozy hoodie masquerading as a very polished and intentional leather jacket.  I wear it nearly every day.  Nearly every day I get stopped and asked about it.  I also get asked if I am headed somewhere special.  It is a brilliant way to trick everyone into thinking you are put together when really you are wearing a hoodie.
3.  Bambu Earth
I am not 21 any more.  Nor am I  21 times two.  I finally decided to get serious about taking care of my skin, and Bambu Earth has been a game changer.  I could go on for one million sentences, and I will share more about it soon, but I feel like my skin looks better than it did years ago.  I feel better about it too, knowing that each ingredient I am putting on my skin is safe, holistic, and sustainabily sourced.  Right now the petitgrain moisturizer is LIFE.
4.  Little sheet cakes from Trader Joe's.
No words.  They are not pretty.  I would never pick them up on my own.  A friend raved about them and I didn't believe her.  Until I tried them.  Now I cannot stay away.  Coming from a proud and professed frosting snob, this is huge.
5. Joycharee
Right up there with cleaning up my skin care, I have slowly begun to clean up my makeup.  This will be a little bit of a slower process and investment, but I know it will be well worth it.  I'm starting with the undereye concealer because life.
6. Sand and Starfish bracelets.
Each Christmas I buy a huge bunch of these diffuser bracelets from Sand and Starfish, and each year I wish that I bought more.  They are beautiful and functional.  Love.
7.  Lularoe leggings.
If you haven't drank the koolaid yet, do it.  Can leggings change your life?  Yes.
8.  Cholula hot sauce.
This lady and her hot sauce will always be my favorite. The Tapatio guy is more famous, but I'm with her.  I start to panic when the bottle gets below half full.  Running out is a red level emergency.  I put it on pretty much everything.
9.  Accupressure mat and pillow.
I had a significant work related injury in my early twenties, and I have been dealing with chronic neck pain for nearly half my life.  I recently tried an accupressure mat, and now I wish my world was made from those little spikes.  I don't know how it works and I don't care.  I just know it is helping me immensely.
10.  Laurane Elisabeth Designs.
Laurane has been my jewelry crush forever.  I invited here to sell her creations at a pop up shop at my house just so I could shop.  Here earrings are handmade, lightweight and stunning.  They are part of my daily uniform, and I will sob ugly tears if I ever lose one.
11.  Doublehood sweatshirts from Mindy Mae's Market.
Circling back to hoodies.  They are my everything.  These doublehoods from Mindy Mae's Market take hoodie fashion up a notch.  Beautiful, flattering, long enough to wear with leggings, and thumbholes.  They had me at thumbholes.

Find a treat for yourself, find a treat for a friend, eat some cake... I'm off to celebrate.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm totally getting the acupuncture mat!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday!! Love all you shared, been wanting to try Bambu earth!! And the double hoodie!