Welcome to my fabric store.  When I looked at the four BIG bins I thought I would have to buy 3 more cabinets to fit it all in.  It is amazing what can happen when everything is stacked and folded!  All of the hours I spent in high school working retail for $4.25 an hour folding shirts and jeans has finally paid off.  Now I actually know what I have and can get to it so easy.  When I am sad or feeling uninspired I can just walk out to the garage, open the cabinet & an instant smile comes to my face.  I still have a full shelf empty on the bottom for my fat quarters and scraps.  I am lost for a way to organize them though.  Any ideas?

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  1. Oh my word!! You HAVE some FAB-ric!
    I love your Target cabby...what a great way to be instantly inspired!!Great job!! Your fats you could just roll and put in a cylindrical basket on its side ( can you see what i mean?) depending on how much you have.. And even put your last open shelve as a full one with the fabrics you've done..making the rolled fats more easily accessible up higher!! You can't go wrong with all of that yummy-full-ness!!
    Swappy sending tomorrow!! Can't wait!!