I have been busy sweeping up creepy things and stepping on spiders.  All in an attempt to turn our garage (the black hole) into some sort of clean, cheery craft space.  I gave up my craft room when Lulu was born and I have all of my supplies tucked randomly throughout the house.  It is exhausting and often annoying to scurry around to 10 different places to gather supplies to make a 5 minute project.  I bought a white cabinet at Target today, built it during the girls' naptime and began folding and sorting my fabric.  It is so fun to actually see what I have!  Hopefully I will finish up tonight and post before and after pics tomorrow.

P.S. All of the fabrics in the picture are from Joann's.  The bottom two are Alexander Henry bought with a 40% off coupon,thank you very much!  When I shop without the kids I find a whole new world.


  1. Cute fabric! I love the polka dots! I am anxiously awaiting your creative advice about that verse!! I love your work!

  2. Hey girl!! I LOVE your fabric!!! Where did you find the tiny dots..in red and sunny...i have only found black and red.. and is that sear sucker??
    i'm going to comment on the newest now!!