Meet Roger.

He was our kid before we had kids.
Yes, we are one of "those people."

He's wonderful.

But you will not be seeing him in a pair of these anytime soon,
and yes, in case you were wondering,
 they do come in 75 pound labrador sizes.

For reals?
I sort of get the whole dressing-up-a-purse-dog thing.  
Sort of.
But denim shorts?

Sorry Roger.  
All I will dress you in is your fur.

In case you popped in to see who the winner of SoSoBella's beautiful initial necklace, 
instead of me mocking the latest in doggy fashions...

Congrats to:

(email me your info.)

Thanks for all of you who entered and thanks Kristy for the fun giveaway!
She is having a Mother's Day Sale on this gorgeous Single Circle Tag Necklace.

Maybe you could accidently forward your husband the link?
Or do the shopping for him.
Just a helpful thought.


  1. Thank you so much Julie. It was so fun to read all the comments. I am excited to create the winners necklace.
    p.s. we love our doggie(s) too, so much that in the last year we've invested quite a few dollars in her. but they are family to us, gotta do it. right?

    Have a great day and thanks again!

  2. Aww cute puppy, I have a sister(my dads dog) she is my dad's faveorite, her name is Molly and my dad is hopelessly attatched to this dog, I think he thinks she is a human sometimes. The dog jeans are hilarious!

  3. amen, never ever!

    people who dress their dogs do not love their dogs.

    cute necklace.

  4. I am imagining my weenie dog Lei Lei in those....Hmmm.....uh way !!

  5. I have put hair flowers on my dog.

    Don't hate me, okay?

  6. LOL! Your puppy is beautiful! We have two black labs and they are our ONLY kids and that's the way we plan to keep it, so I understand! LOL! One of mine would NOT be pleased if I tried to put shorts on her, but the other would probably like it! LOL! It's sad, really!

  7. Oh my those shorts are hilarious!!

    But I do prefer naked doggies

  8. Roger looks more like a Ringer Tee kind of dog. LOL! Just kidding. I don't get the whole dress your dog thing either. Last week at Petland I saw a STROLLER (Like a baby stroller. Truly.) for dogs. I forbid my children to tell their grandma about it. I know she would buy it and use it for her chubby little mini-pinscher who wears a knitted sweater almost every day. I can live with the sweater, but the poochie stroller would take it right over the top! As always, thanks for a giggle.


  9. hi, i'm meg duerksen's neighbor (in real life :) we are very much pet people and i have to confess our puppy has a sweater and a hoodie, but in my defense it does get cold here in kansas :) i have been hanging around your blog for a while and kept noticing little things in your posts that made me think "she has to live in MV" we visit there a least once or twice a year because my bro and sis in laws live there too! we visit mariners church everytime we come out and just love it, i noticed you had a link for them from a previous post. it makes me realize "we really do live in a small world" i also wanted to let you know you are amazing for what you started for cora and her family, and i love all your creativeness !! thanks to some duerksen 411 on some cheap flights we get to come back to MV in june, we were just there over christmas and once again i have to confess that we brought our dog on the airplane with a stroller :) i'm sure we looked like idiots, but it did make going through the airport much easier! ok, i have totally rambled on long enough! thanks for the great reading and pix.

  10. I love your dog! That picture is fantastic! Roger looks like as he could speak...:-)