So un-politically correct. 
I know.
Sorry, that is just what I call this wardrobe staple.
I wear at least one every single day.  
I have drawers of them.
They are my uniform.
But I think I might have to call them something else.
Because when I told my mom that I just bought some 
wife beaters for her innocent granddaughters she gasped in horror.  
Sorry Mom.

New code word: Tank Tops.

Because I suppose something this cute can't have such an ugly name.
These cute non- wife beating, tank tops are from Target and 
here is an easy tutorial on how you can add sweet little wings to the sleeves.


  1. mom hates it when I call em' wifebeaters too! I too have drawer full of them. Are you going to sell these snazzy little things? I'm not the sewing type but I'd totally buy some!

  2. Thats what I call them too, but I didnt even think about it until now. These are so cute, I just cant keep up with all of your cuteness!

  3. thats so stink'n cute! if only i could sew. i keep telling myself that i owe it to my girls to teach them how to sew someday. but i just don't have the patience. maybe someday.
    cute tank :O)

  4. Yeah, maybe you can call the kids' version of them "puppy kickers" or something?! ;-)

    Those little "wing" sleeves are darling...wish I knew how to sew!

  5. My great grandma used to add ruffles to our tanks. She had a special saucer she used, and it sat on the kithen window sill. Thank you for reminding me of that sweet memory. Off to find a saucer to make Gina a few.

  6. I was gonna say I couldn't wear a wifebeater cause *I* have wings!! Then I noticed you added wings to one!! Hahahaha!!
    I just call them tank tops. I have only ever heard them referred to a wifebeaters by my husband and that was about a white one for men. I learned all kinds of lingo from him. Do I thank him or not??

  7. ooooo, i love this. i'm gonna have to try some of these!

  8. Hilarious!

    These are also my uniform, must be a mom thing! I love the fabric you added to the side.

  9. I have to stop myself from calling them that too.

    And that reminded me of when a relative told her daughter to "go put on some thongs" and she goes, "Mom! They're called flip flops now! I don't wear "thongs"".

  10. I love wifebeaters & just bought tons at forever 21! They were only 3.50 each!!

  11. So cute...(the shirt) creative (the new code word) ;)
    Have a great day!

  12. those are so cute...i have to make some!!

    and about 100 other things too.
    i wish i could just go go go and not have to sleep.
    or catch up on all my sleep in a 24 hour period. go for 6 days then sleep 24 hrs. i think that is a great idea.
    but i think i love my bed to much to leave it for 6 days straight.

    thanks for another great idea.

  13. I can't wait to make one for Maddie ... Are Mommies too old to wear them too? Man I wish I was 5 years old again! teeheehe :)

  14. You can make a "wifebeater" look sweet!!!

  15. That is THE cutest tank EVER!!- o.k. I would wear one too!!!

  16. When these shirts are designed for female use they are called "boy beaters." 8)