This isn't exactly rocket science,
but it is a great way to use up fabric scraps
and upcycle a t-shirt.

I got this shirt at Target
for less than a dollar after 4th of July.
One issue.

My husband loves cats.

Dead ones.
There is a strict "no cat" policy in this household that 
applies to all toys and wardrobe items.
(Sorry cat lovers.)  
Even worse, he told the girls that he is "allergic" to them
since we are teaching them that we do not hate anything.

So this forsaken shirt needed a little makeover.
I wanted it to match a pair of pants, but all I had was a 
scrap of fabric with no full versions of the flowers.

I considered ordering more online, 
but I am trying my best to use what I have first.
Plus, I have no patience.

So I decided to make the best of it and create a 
collage of many different flowers and leaves.

First I took the scrap and fused it to Heat n Bond.
 Then I cut random parts of the print out.

I layered it on top of the tee until I somewhat liked the look.
Ran an iron over all of the layers.

Then I attacked it with my sewing machine.  
I used three different thread colors and combined zig zag and straight stitching. 
If you have a machine with a variety of decorative stitches, 
this would be the perfect project to try them out on.  

The more I stitched the more I liked how it looked.
This project is also perfect for a beginner, 
since absolutely no precision is required.
Embrace the messy.

Twenty minutes later, the cat is banished by simple, crazy cuteness.


  1. Love it!! You are so talented!

  2. Love it!! That is so cute!!

  3. I agree with your husband I feel like they are too sneaky and mean. I do love that shirt, wow. I just cant belive how creative you are, I mean every post is like me saying I LOVE that so many times!

  4. julie you inspire me! this is so cute! i'm officially asking for a sewing machine for my birthday!

  5. Adorable. I am loving your blog!

  6. I like cats(smiles)but you turned it into an adorable shirt especially on your daughter. I would have never thought of that idea.

    Thanks for all your great ideas and keep them coming!


  7. That is so cute! I totally remember at MHSG Jason had a sticker or something that said "I love cats, dead ones." Sounds like that hasn't changed!

  8. LOVE IT!!! AM totally inspired .. but for tomorrow ... bed calls me. I will be hunting through the fabric piles for some flowery leftover mess. YEAH .. kiss your brain for taking the time to share and take pictures. :)

  9. PS .. I won't tell Miss Molly the cart comments .. she is a doll and is trained to sit at the door to go out just like the dog. :) No kitty litter here!!

  10. Well that just turned out precious! I love it!

  11. I don't know if you watch the office or not, but let me sing you a song that Andy sang,

    Oompa doompa doopity dawesome.
    Your tutorial was totally Awesome!

    love it, I'm so doing that on some of my tees.

  12. what a great idea! I JUST got my first sewing machine and am in need of a good first project!

  13. Very cute! Ha, ha! When I sent the snack bags a few months back I almost made them with a cat fabric but didn't know if you liked cats or not!!!! Glad I went with you like birdies???? :)

  14. SOOOOO Cute! However, you know me, CLUELESS and NEVER used Heat n Bond in my life (but totally want to now....what aisle at JoAnns?)so please fill me in if you can. Just iron on the heat n bond on the back of fabric?? Then cut the fabric? Then iron fabric on tee? See how much help I need?! Thanks Julie! You are so great!

  15. You, my blog friend - do you mind if I call you my blog friend? - are AMAZING! Love it.


  16. fabulous idea to cover up an ugly (or holiday) tshirt!!
    I am always on the search for plain tees, but now I know i should think outside the box.

    love your tute!

  17. Beautiful! I need to learn to sew!

    I especially love the last photo, she looks so cute in her new outfit and I love the pink chair too! :)

    Heidi Jo the Artist
    Swirls of Creativity’s Purple Thursday ~ Every Thursday!

  18. Oh my heavens! That is SO stinkin CUTE!!!- off to dig through the old shirt bucket...

  19. This is gorgeous! As if you can sew frilly trousers, too!

  20. oh my...Love it. Now I need to find a cheapy T for the project.

  21. I have admired your blog without a comment but today I cannot resist no more. You are so VERY VERY talented and I love your colorful pictures and what you can do with Target $5 holiday shirt. Yikes!

    sandy toe

  22. I read your blog all the time and I LOVE IT but have never commented. You inspired me to learn to sew and I got my very first sewing machine!! This is a perfect idea for turning not so cute clearance tees into something adorable!! Thanks for all your cute ideas and inspiration!

  23. That is so so cute! I just love the things you come up with!

  24. Love the pants - I have plans to make London some like this but haven't gotten to them yet. Did you just add the ruffle to the bottom? I have really enjoyed your blog - so many great ideas. If I just had more time - Oh yeah - I am going back to part time on Monday - More hours for being creative. :)

  25. So adorable and cute - love it!

  26. WOW, what an adorable little outfit you have now.
    And of course...precious little girl!!!

  27. Really cute! Thanks for the ideas! I might try it soon. I hope it's as cute as yours turned out. We'll see.

  28. love it!

    i recently tried this, but found stitching on a t-shirt to be difficult. it was recommended to me to add wax paper as a backing as i sewed and that i could easily rip it off when finished.

    what are your thoughts?

    and i want to make those adorable pants!

  29. That is SO SUPER CUTE! Thanks for sharing! People like you are the reason that the internet is an exciting place to be.


  30. Just stumbled upon your blog. Fun stuff. I know how your husband feels; I hate dogs and can relate. They are smell and leave dirt everywhere. My husband has two which are only allowed in the yard and basement. They're old and soon I will have the yard back. :D

  31. Hi Julie! I've enjoyed reading through some of your (really cute) posts! I read Shealynn's blog and clicked over to yours... I know you in the same randomly connected way (Mission Hills/Jason/see you around town or at Chick-fil-a every once in a while). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and leave a comment since you say you like them so much. :) ~Katie (McCann) Varela

  32. love this, the shirt is a cotton knit fabric.. is the applique cotton knit or cotton woven?(Does it even make a difference?)