I don't know how they do it.

I took the girls on a little field trip.
To see where we lived before they were born.

But really I wanted to take a picture of Tamra's house.
It was SCARY!!!
I had to sneak into the gate by lurking until another car drove in.


Then as I drove down the street I was certain that I would get caught.

For what?

Taking pictures while driving?

But I didn't get caught.  
I am not in jail.
I never plan on playing paparazzi ever again.

So in case you were curious,
here is Tamra's starter house,
before she was "the hottest housewife in O.C." 
(her words, not mine, obviously).


  1. That is a pretty nice starter house. Thanks for showing us and I am so glad that you didn't get caught.

  2. Good Paparazie skillz! I cant belive you lived across from her and her weirdo husband, they seem really strange and full of themselves. I love that show for some reason, I guess it hits close to home, it's like walking into South Coast Plaza everytime I watch.

  3. When did she live there? Was she married to Simon at the time? I need dirt!!! :)

  4. you are so bad!!!

    there is a guy in town here that looks so much like her crazy son ryan. so i think of them often.

    i have some DHOC on the dvr...i need to get on that.

  5. LOL. You are too funny, great paparazie skills :)