Where do the weeks go?
Here is where mine went.

Whale watching.
Two gray whales.  One calf.
Six hundred dolphins.

Dude.  Friday before Easter.
Thanks for nothing Target.
My love affair with Cadbury Eggs was cut short this year.
Not cool.  Not cool at all.

I like this day.
A lot a lot a lot.

Pre-Easter church.
Francis Chan bringing it.
I love how he can mess me up.
Love and hate it all at once.

Don't tell her.  
But I am eating her candy every day.
She got some good loot.
Lots and lots of chocolate.

My mason jar collection is getting out of hand.
Only sort of. 
These all have purposes, small for cupcake favors, 
medium for drinking glasses, 
large for a spray painting extravaganza.
Mother's Day brunch with my 
Aqua Apron girls is going to be amazing.

The horror.
The trauma.
Yet somehow my mom has a homing device on 
my Nutella supply.  A new jar magically seems 
to appear when I am in need of one the most.
Yay mom!

Looks like America is dumb and I now 
have three extra hours in my week.
Casey went home.
My American Idol season pass got deleted.
I don't mess around.
(I'll miss you, but promise to buy your 
album and see you in concert.  xoxo)

Am I right or am I right?
She is a baby.
Not a two year old.
This face?  A baby.
I heart denial.  And this face.

Do you just love Brinner?
3/5 of family members around here do.
I won't say who doesn't, because until 
they cook, they don't get to vote.

I have a hot date with these boys, and an unnatural 
love for all of the Fast & Furious movies.
My brain is filled with way too many absurd quotes.
Any other girls with me?

Link up your camera phone randomness with me over at Life Rearranged.
Until next week.

Thankfully I don't get much spam.
Blogger and Gmail do a great job of filtering it for me.

From time to time I like to take a little peek in to the spam folders and see how many people are eager to give me love, money and drugs.  So many people.  I could be so rich.  So medicated.  So in love.  But alas.  Gmail keeps us apart.

However, Blogger has let a few slip by this past week.  A few too weird and crazy to just delete.  Screenshots were in order before they were sent to the trash.
Screenshots so as to prevent anyone from accidentally clicking a link.  Because:
A.  Who knows what actually hides behind said links
B.  It only takes one little hacking to know better than to get too trusty.

Is this the weirdest story ever?  EVER???
More nonsensical than the ones my first grader writes while trying to incorporate as many spelling words as possible into her nonsense.
But strangely charming, is it not?
Did a computer write it?
To make it sound like a human wrote it?
That face amaze the stadium!
All because of a purse.
Never underestimate the magical powers of a Coach bag.

Clowns Miami!!!!
How did they know???

If only I lived in West Palm Beach, my kids could be in a fairy land with celebrating and enjoyment and entertainment things!!!
Too bad I am on the wrong coast.

Thanks for the oddities spam bots.
Got any links to solve my laundry problem?

Easter egg hunt.
Bring on the candy.
So I can steal all of the chocolate while they nap.

I found another jar.
It found itself covered in Rustoleum's Lagoon.

Bye bye cute but pinchy shoes.

I wish these wind turbines would figure out a way to make gas cheaper.

Guac o'clock.

Every flavor?
Totally stocked.
The only kind that I like?
Gone.  Totally gone.
It's a cruel, cruel world.

Considering I can't even drink a regular soda, 
this nastiness is torture for me.
Why can't it be Diet Pepsi flavor?
(But I passed.  Yay!)

We wants it.
We needs it.
Must have the precious.
Every single day.

Channeling my inner thirteen year old.

This game gave me twenty six minutes of peace.
I love you Pretty, Pretty Princess and the fact 
that you don't require parental participation.

Putting the sun to work up in this joint.
I do not get paid enough to swim in a cold pool, nor do I 
get paid enough to heat it up to my wimpy preference.
Enter solar heating.
Bring on the free warmth.

This cuteness should be a crime.
Can't handle it.
I will shed tears when she outgrows them.
Ugly tears.

 A peek inside our week via the wonder of Instagram.

 Collecting supplies for this meaningful garden.

In N Out. Lemon pepper fries.  Like whoa.  
(Squeeze lemons, douse with pepper.  Don't judge until you try it.)

 Can you say Allora Addiction?

 After hearing lot and lots of hype I had to do some personal research.  

 I like them.  A lot a lot a lot.

 Although my heart belongs to the Cholula lady, I like this guy too.  Especially when he is involved in chips.

 I like her.  A lot a lot a lot.

 The scene of the daisy theft.

 Strawberry cranberry lime slush.  Boom.
Not even during happy hour.
I'm a baller.

 Searching for a replacement color for the UPS truck.

Teaching the fine art of 80's splatter painting to a little girl invited to glow birthday party.

That concludes this week's tour through my camera phone.
Same time, same place next week.

It's no secret that I love me some spray paint.
Perhaps it's the giddy feeling that I get when I have to show my ID at the cash register.
Who me?  Over eighteen?  What?  You need proof?  Because I don't look a day over seventeen?  Gladly, kind sir.
Or the quick and speedy nature of the project.  Go outside.  Spend a few minutes spraying on a thin coat. Go back inside.  Eat a Cadbury Creme Egg.  Repeat.  
But Mique (who is my most favoritest) knows me all too well.
She put into a printable exactly what I think.
Yes.  With enough spray paint I could totally rule the world.  It would be so colorful too.
 Mason Jars (inspired by this post) plus some sun yellow spray paint.
I could have just stopped there, but instead I chose to do my civic duty by helping the city rid themselves some of their rampant wild daisies.
Did you know that in all the world, a simple daisy is my most favorite flower?
I'm a cheap date.
They are sunshine on a table, for zero dollars.
If this little trio doesn't make your smile, I am so, so worried about you.
There might need to be some therapy in your future.

Just gather your jars, plop them upside down on a tarp, or piece of cardboard.
Then lightly and evenly cover the outsides of each jar.
Lighter coats are better - less chance for icky drips.
Because the paint is on the outside, the flowers can rest in water on the inside.

If your jars will get a lot of use, or will be transported, keep in mind that the spray paint might scrape off a bit.  Either use spray primer first, or touch up with more paint as needed.

In declaring my ongoing love for all things spray and paint, I would be remiss in failing to mention whom in the vast sea of painting choices, holds my heart the dearest.
Rust-oleum Ultra Cover.  There is no other brand that comes close.  It has never, ever, ever let me down. Chances are, if you have had spray painting failures, it was the brand of paint's fault.  Not yours.  So go to Home Depot.  Fall in love with happiness and success in a can.  You will never be the same.

Now go paint.  And steal flowers.

There is nothing I love more than witnessing the power of blogging for good.
To know that the faith, passion, obedience of one person, has an unforseeable, beautiful, ripple effect.
That words on a screen can reach out, break hearts, and change lives.

He captured Jeannett's heart, and our hearts as well.
She was instrumental in raising funds to bring him to his eventual forever family.
That my friends is truly an answer to prayer.  A reward to Jeannett's boldness, commitment and obedience.

But it doesn't end there.
There is so much more.

Danielle also fell in love with Cliff's sweet face, and her heart broke for what he and so many others are possibly facing.  Uncertain futures.  No family to call their own.
First she signed up to be Vladislav's prayer warrior.
She invited us to pray along.

All the while God had mighty plans for their family.
Beautiful, unexpected plans.
Plans that led them to a little boy named Sergey.
A boy that now they are prepping, planning, fundraising, and praying home.

Danielle is dreaming big, so Sergey has a future in which he too can dream big.
Part of this big dream involves a whole batch of unbelievable prizes.  (iPad anyone?)
Beautiful, generous, creative people are dreaming along with them.
Donating along with them.
Dreaming of being a part of Sergey's story.

To all of you who share your hearts, your stories, your dreams, your passions,
to those who are using your blog for good-
know that you are making a difference.
You may never be able to predict how your sweet and simple words will be used to change the world, but they are my friends, they are.  In sometimes very simple, sometimes very big ways.
Your words matter.  Each and every one matters.

Keep writing.  Keep sharing.  Keep giving.  Keep dreaming.  
Keep changing the world.