1. I taught this lesson twice yesterday to different groups of kids at church. But I think the most amazing class was the evening one(full of un-churched kids) and I was touched with how intently they were listening to the story. Praying those impressions last a lifetime:)
    Have a wonderful, sunshine filled day Julie!

  2. I just learned recently in a Bible study how in Daniel it was prophecized when the Messiah would be delcared king, and it was to be 490 years after Jerusalem had a wall and a moat during the rebuild after being brought home from Babylon, and ta-da 490 years to the day was Palm Sunday. God is so good! I love that we can read what was prohecy to Daniel and see it as actual, true history today. What a great reminder that we serve a God who does what He says He is going to do!

    BTW I just saw your hubby's band is playing at Fish Fest and I am SO EXCITED!

  3. I love this. I posted this on my blog with a link back to yours, hope you don’t mind!