Easter egg hunt.
Bring on the candy.
So I can steal all of the chocolate while they nap.

I found another jar.
It found itself covered in Rustoleum's Lagoon.

Bye bye cute but pinchy shoes.

I wish these wind turbines would figure out a way to make gas cheaper.

Guac o'clock.

Every flavor?
Totally stocked.
The only kind that I like?
Gone.  Totally gone.
It's a cruel, cruel world.

Considering I can't even drink a regular soda, 
this nastiness is torture for me.
Why can't it be Diet Pepsi flavor?
(But I passed.  Yay!)

We wants it.
We needs it.
Must have the precious.
Every single day.

Channeling my inner thirteen year old.

This game gave me twenty six minutes of peace.
I love you Pretty, Pretty Princess and the fact 
that you don't require parental participation.

Putting the sun to work up in this joint.
I do not get paid enough to swim in a cold pool, nor do I 
get paid enough to heat it up to my wimpy preference.
Enter solar heating.
Bring on the free warmth.

This cuteness should be a crime.
Can't handle it.
I will shed tears when she outgrows them.
Ugly tears.


  1. Love you with all my hearts. Amen.

  2. i love this post! all of your heels are gorgeous.
    the girls' easter dresses are so cute!
    hooray for passing your glucose test. i get a little "giddy" after drinking that stuff.
    hasto be spiked!

  3. Chocolate Malted Crunch is my favourite too...but i live in canada now...far away from my californian roots...with no options to purchase and enjoy the best ice cream flavor ever!! i'm sure they'll get it back in stock soon. when they do, have a bowl for me:)

  4. Um hello there...what size shoe are you? Cuz those turquoise wedges are totally screaming my name!
    Glad to hear you passed your Glucose test:) Thank goodness you only have to take it once during a pregnancy. Such a relief to get it over with.

  5. As soon as my little N can wear pink sparkly Toms, we are SO getting a pair. :) Love this post!

  6. oh my word you are the cutest person ever. i LOVE the turquoise shoes

  7. um.....are you getting rid of those shoes??? or just giving them a rest because you have pregger feet? because if you are getting rid of those gorgeous shoes you had BETTER send them to me! :)

    i am loving insta-friday.
    if only i had an iphone!!!

  8. those toms are so sweet.
    ella had the purple ones(like pupunzel)
    and those shoes your were throwing away!!! gasp!
    i mean understand....pinching is not a happy thing, but wow, those were cute.
    and i saw your new poster on thursday night....that is gonna look so great over your fireplace.

  9. mini toms?!

    happy easter friend.

  10. don't you love the "copy, paste" option on iphone? i'm also #teamcasey. yay!

    and, ew. glucose tests are the worst. do you get a headache like i do when you do it?

  11. Hooray for Team Casey! :) Loving the sparkly Toms for little ones and fun turquoise shoes of yours (even though they may pinch your toes). What a cute post! Made me smile...

  12. Yay for passing the glucose test! I HATED that everytime, that soda is SO nasty :( and thats my fav ice cream too! :) Must be everybody elses too! haha
    I also had to throw out all my old cute shoes after 3 babes..now all I wear is flip flops and Uggs since my feet are like bricks!

  13. I remember desperately wanting Pretty Pretty Princess as a kid, what is it about that game that is just so great? I'm pretty sure it's the accessories! :)

  14. Sarah back off. I was gonna ask the same question about the shoes. I'm an 8.5 and I do trades for squirrel posters.

  15. pinchy shoes? i NEED some pinchers! new teaching position and am wanty/needy for some fresh new/used stuff, and am not too proud to beg...
    or buy :)

    i remember orange flavored glucose drink and technicians leaving me ALONE in the building while they took a smoke/mcdonald's break...
    yes. alone, pregnant, empty stomach, orange glucose.

  16. A. Holy mother, those turquoise wedges are cute!
    B. I randomly bought "oregano" rustoleum spray paint at home depot the other day. Now I have to spray paint mason jars.
    C. Yay for passing!
    D. The girls got the same sparkly pink toms from the Easter Bunny. The tiny ones are insanely cute.
    E. Can't believe I get to see you in two weeks!

  17. just took the gross glucose and my 2 year old was begging for me to share my orange juice.:)

  18. What size shoes are they and what thrift store did you take them to???

  19. I am the only woman I know that didn't mind the glucose test drink. I mean, I wouldn't drink it with dinner, but it really wasn't that bad.

  20. What a cute post...love it. I will have to try the tea from TJ...nothing like yummy tea! Yeah for you for passing...the drink I had to have was orange and I oddly liked it :) That is not OK about the ice cream...MANAGER! Have a glorious Resurrection Day!

  21. Thrifty ice cream is the best!

  22. Do you think they're discontinuing Chocolate Malted crunch? I can't find it here either!

  23. All of your pictures are so cute. I really like that you painted a mason jar. I may have to do that soon. So glad that I discovered your blog today!

  24. Your site is HILARIOUS! I love it. You are on my list of FAVE blogs that I check regularly. Any advice/feedback for a new blogger starting out? (That would be me...the new blogger)


  25. I share your denial of your youngest being 2 - I have the same problem with my own 2 year old :-(
    I also share your love of the pink Toms....I intend to buy some very very soon!!