There is nothing I love more than witnessing the power of blogging for good.
To know that the faith, passion, obedience of one person, has an unforseeable, beautiful, ripple effect.
That words on a screen can reach out, break hearts, and change lives.

He captured Jeannett's heart, and our hearts as well.
She was instrumental in raising funds to bring him to his eventual forever family.
That my friends is truly an answer to prayer.  A reward to Jeannett's boldness, commitment and obedience.

But it doesn't end there.
There is so much more.

Danielle also fell in love with Cliff's sweet face, and her heart broke for what he and so many others are possibly facing.  Uncertain futures.  No family to call their own.
First she signed up to be Vladislav's prayer warrior.
She invited us to pray along.

All the while God had mighty plans for their family.
Beautiful, unexpected plans.
Plans that led them to a little boy named Sergey.
A boy that now they are prepping, planning, fundraising, and praying home.

Danielle is dreaming big, so Sergey has a future in which he too can dream big.
Part of this big dream involves a whole batch of unbelievable prizes.  (iPad anyone?)
Beautiful, generous, creative people are dreaming along with them.
Donating along with them.
Dreaming of being a part of Sergey's story.

To all of you who share your hearts, your stories, your dreams, your passions,
to those who are using your blog for good-
know that you are making a difference.
You may never be able to predict how your sweet and simple words will be used to change the world, but they are my friends, they are.  In sometimes very simple, sometimes very big ways.
Your words matter.  Each and every one matters.

Keep writing.  Keep sharing.  Keep giving.  Keep dreaming.  
Keep changing the world.


  1. I read about this awesome family on megs blog....I donated right girls rock!!!


  2. Julie, I am crying and completely humbled right now. Thank you so much for writing this post, I am beyond words at the moment so please know that I am completely grateful:)

  3. He stole my heart! I had to donate iPad or not!!

  4. That is so exciting! I love how God works in mysterious ways :)

  5. love this. love your heart. want to donate. but i think my wallet is packed with my pyrex. i don't even know. aghhh.

  6. TEEEEAAAARSSSS! major, explosive tears. can't explain it right now...i guess really there's no need to. just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

  7. I'm with you, Julie! Praise God for his ability to use anything and everything for his glory... our words, our lives, even our blogs :) So excited to see what He does in Danielle and Sergey's life...

  8. Julie, you have a gift for words and encouragement...and calling others to action. Not to sound cheesy, but your light shines brightly.