Quite a few things and a whole lot of nothing have been going on around here.

But hey, it's Friday, Friday, Friday.  (Of which I could watch one thousand times and giggle like a 13 year old each and every time.)

This is they yucky yellow culprit.
But although we didn't get along this time, if by chance I have crazy tan feet come summer, I might give it another try.  Might.  Slight teeny tiny might.

 We sold our 4runner within hours of posting it on Craigslist.  (By we, I mean that I stayed safely inside making dinner while two people got into a full blown bidding war in our front yard, over which Jason presided. Craziness.)
Why am I so sad about it?
Probably because of the 179,500 miles of memories that it represents.
It was our wedding getaway car...  that's a big deal!
I hope that it's new family likes a lot a lot.
 Each of the girls moved up in clothing sizes at once, which is an overwhelming project in itself,  just for one kid.  All week I have been using all of my spare time and energy sorting, washing, donating, mending, and organizing their sweet and special little clothes.  It is totally OCD, totally crazy, yet they have so many outfits that I adore, and I want them to be able to last through multiple rounds of hand me downs.
Honestly, each time I pack up a size it is really, really difficult.  In my mind I know that they are just clothes.  But in my heart there are so many memories are attached to each one.  Time is a jerk and a thief.  Please let my babies stay little.
Speaking of staying little, this happy scene was captured exactly one year ago at my cousin's wedding. (Happy anniversary Amy and Chris!)  The big girls are wearing headbands from Lizzie, Izzie + James, and dresses from Coco BonBons.  They match the umbrella from yesterday's post.  Sweet Jen lives near the factory and braves their sales for me.  But let me tell you, I am MAD that these dresses don't fit anymore.  I'm kicking time to the curb.

With that I am pajama bound.  It's bunco night and the theme for this month is pj's.  Yes please.  Best theme ever.
Do you play bunco?  Our group has been together for over ten years and it is something I look forward to each and every month.  We live life together, laugh, cry and eat lots and lots of good food.  (Roll some dice too, but that is hardly the point.)

Happy weekend friends.


  1. that's amazing, I always assumed Bunco was something only us Dutch CRC folk in West Michigan did!

  2. I know what you mean with the clothes! I have four girls. By the time my baby outgrows the clothes that my oldest wore, I am in tears thinking of all of the memories from each one as I box them up. My only consolation is that I am giving them to my sister for her little girl. I see my niece in those clothes and it makes me smile to see them live on.

  3. I have two girlies (5 & 7) so we totally go through the clothing thing too. Only just over this past sort through did I really start to get emotional about the process and the outfits. It was really tough:(

  4. so for some reason your last post inspired me to go out and buy yellow nail polish... like i just bought it today. ha! but i'm gonna try it on my fingernails :)

  5. I'm glad to know I am not the only OCD person about my kids' clothes.
    And when I am all done having kiddos and have to pack them away for good, there are going to be a lot to pack away because I am saving them for grandkids.
    But I can say that when my daughter wears sweaters or dresses that were mine, my mom gets teary.
    Take that time!
    Love from,

  6. I don't know why the kids won't stay little...maybe because they'll have to take care of us because we keep getting older :) I've never played bunco but I've heard it's a blast. Have fun in your pj's.

  7. I feel the exact same way about my 3 girls' clothes. When the third girlie moved out of the sizes and I had to get rid of them or put them on the baby boy... that was the hardest. I fully sympathize.

  8. ok so i totally related to this post...first of all, the pic of yall in your "old" car made me tear up. yes , it did. we sold my husbands (very old) tahoo last year before baby came...it was our get-away car too and I totally cried when we sold it. :(

    also, I just went through my little one's clothes to store/give away and it is kindof emotional. I feel attached to certain dresses and outfits because she is my first. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. I have three boys, and one nephew who is between my 2nd and third son in age. so for me, the clothes that they have each worn is cool! pics of each of them in the same stuff, it makes me smile. our son is the last of the line, so it is a little bittersweet as he outgrows them, super fast. time IS a jerk and a thief. ps - my SIL calls it "organized hoarding".

  10. Oh, I totally relate to packing up a size. Julia just passed me in shoe size. She is 10! How is that even possible?! Have a great weekend!

  11. For the yellow nail polish- I found this awesome teal color that I adored that looks horrific on toes by itself. After playing around with it and refusing to give up, I ended up putting a more neutral color as a base and doing fun little stripes and dots with the wild color on my toes. It was cute and oh so summery. So don't give up hope on the yellow cuteness.

  12. The clothes thing always gets me, and I only have one! I can't ever seem to keep up. This is impressive!

  13. I did a yellow green last year on my white toes. I got a total shrek effect. It was not atractive at all!

  14. thats so funny! We were looking for 4 runners on the craigslist in the Inland Empire area! I wised i could have gone and checked it out and give you a big Hug!

  15. Some of my friends and I started a BUNCO group last year and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, some of the women were unable to be as committed as others, and they opted to not do BUNCO again this year. So, I'm bummed I am no longer in a group...but it was fun to do for a year!

  16. good luck w/ the yellow. let us know how/if that goes again.

    i want to see more wedding pictures! :) or have you done that before and i've managed to miss it?

    aaaand, i LOVE that you've had a bunco group for 10 years! i'm living in africa right now and my hubs and i have found a group who play Hand and Foot (at least) once a week. we LOVE it and can't wait to get home and have a regular game group!!

  17. I always feel like I am giving my babies away when I sort through their old clothes. My husband thinking he was funny when I was having to downsize to move, said "lets get rid of the kids and keep the clothes." Haha funny man.

  18. I can remember when we sold our 1992 Honda Accord, it had 264,000 miles on it. Great car, sold it to a mechanic because the transmission was slipping and to fix it was going to be about $4,000 so we sold it. Many, many miles we put on that car delivering packages for my husband and reading Nancy Drew books waiting for him to meet me behind a grocery store so I could get loaded up again with packages. But I still have the memories :)
    ~Molly P

  19. I love your girls they are so cute and girly girl!
    Boxing away clothes is like boxing away memories, I've been through that with my clothes but I am sure its the same thing or even worse when boxing up your girls clothes.

  20. don't hate me. i'm a clothes donater.
    i only save one or two of my faves to share with them when they get older and then the rest go to a new home. i just can't stand the clutter. i blame it on the show hoarders.

    now, please excuse me, but i need to that song. it's got all of us dancing around the room.

  21. LOVE Bunco!!! I have a group I've played with for about 5 years now.

  22. Haha! I could totally see how yellow nail polish would not be as pretty as planned! You're right, it might work with more tanned skin... my skin is "glow-in-the-dark" so it would never work for me!
    dwell in the season

  23. I know what you mean with the clothes. I can't believe I am a mother of a 12 year old. Where did the time go?

  24. oh, i totally cried when we got rid of our van in oct. so many memories.

    i do play bunko! fun. but p,j, night gonna have to promote that theme.

  25. I understand about the clothes! My 12th child (and probably my last since I'm old now) just outgrew all her newborn stuff. In the past I have always put it away thinking my next baby could wear it...so sad!

  26. I totally understand the clothes thing. I only have one child, but she has enough clothes for probably 3 kids. Every time she moves up a size, I cry as I pack up the clothes and keep my favorites...we're up to two bins of favorites and she's only 3! I tell myself the same thing - they're only clothes. But they hold so many memories for me.

    When I was recently sorting clothes for a garage sale, anything with a stain made it into a quilt bin. So I'll get to keep those clothes forever. teehee

  27. oh, the remembering of my girls at the age of that photo...they are now 14, 12 and 9 and they used to match ALL. THE. TIME!!
    So the way to keep them and see them often is to someday make them into a quilt. When you are old and gray and have nothing but time. (that (*)%*U$% time that stole away our baby girls! :):) I have a few boxes in my attic of favorites, hate to sew, but am determined to do it someday in 20 years.

  28. I totally need some girlfriends who would dig the 'pajama night' theme! that is awesomesauce!

  29. bunco has been in my childhood, my young married adulthood & hopefully will be again in my future, but sadly it is not right now :(

    have fun.. & how awesome to have it themed! :)

  30. I just started a bunco group last night and I love it. We had so much fun. It was so nice to have a girls night out and get some me time!