Honestly- I am having a lot of trouble blogging.  I'd rather spend my free time eating jalapeno Cheetos. or mostly not blogging.  It's weird and I can't pinpoint the reason.
So this will be quick and random all in the effort to get me back to the eating of the Cheetos.  They are one of those pesky foods that you can't eat while you type.  Unless you don't mind an orange keyboard.  Which I do.

1.  I am on day five of Operation Quit Biting My Nails.  During one of the most stressful weeks in recent memory.  A smart planner, I am not.
2.  Remember my laundry confession?  Here's an update: months and months later,  I finally finished.  As in every single piece of clothing is either put away, hung up, or sorted by size and put in a bin ready for the next sister.  That lasted a glorious eight hours while everyone was sleeping.  I really loved those eight hours.  When those eight hours were up there were pajamas, and accidents, and so it begins again. ...
3.  I have a crazy goal of finishing five quilts by the end of the year.  Knowing I would totally bail on it, I asked my friend Erin to keep my accountable.  So far she is doing awesome at her end of the job.  Me?  Not so much...  These are what I have so far:
Janey's abandoned quilt  (all pieces cut, many blocks sewn, me: scared to death of it)
Jason's Star Wars quilt (all pieces are cut)
Lucy's quilt (fabric & pattern picked)
Flea Market Fancy quilt (fabric picked, pattern to be determined)
Mendocino quilt (fabric picked, pattern to be determined, part of me knows I could pay half of the mortgage if I wanted to sell the impossible to find, out of print fabric instead of cutting it up...)

4.  This necklace.  My current favorite.  So is Hannah.

5.  This kid.  My tough, brave girl, who has an insane tolerance for pain, just got her ears pierced.  She giggled during it.
Then her big sister who was way too afraid to get hers done felt a little peer pressure, or competition, and decided to do it a week later.

6.  Guess who is going to Kauai to celebrate our 15th anniversary?  Thank you 290,000 frequent flyer miles.
7.  My favorite part of the Super Bowl?  When the preview for Fast Six came on and my phone started going crazy with simultaneous texts, Instagram, and Twitter notifications from people who share my same LOOOOOOVE for the series.  I mean THEY DRIVE OUT OF THE NOSE OF A PLANE YO!!!!!! I don't find it strange in the least that the two movies I am most looking forward to this year is Fast Six and Great Gatsby. Oh, and Wolverine.
(Cheetos are calling.  Need to wrap this up.)

8.  This print.  And Katy.  Also a favorite.

9.  Based on this song.
10.  This toothpaste.  Although it isn't working on my dumb fake tooth.
11.  This book.
Peace out.  I've got a hot and spicy date with Chester Cheetah.


  1. Its our 10th anniversary in December. I want so badly to take a vaca with my hubby, but have never been away from my kids for more than a weekend. It is entirely my own fault, because I am so scared I will miss them and be miserable. Is this your first vacation away from the kids?

  2. i just saw the flea market fancy fabric this week, i loooooooooooove it! same problem, though...oh, which pattern to use? and i've never made a quilt in my life, but. that fabric. oh, that deliciously beautiful fabric! it makes me think beautiful thoughts...like, "why yes, i can make a quilt with virtually no sewing experience!"

  3. Oh goodness I so jealous of you going to Kauai. And wow 5 quilts?! I'm hoping to finish one this year...true it will be an oversized king with hand stitching but still. And I don't know if I ever found out how you liked les mis...what did you think?

    1. Yes, Julie! What did you think of Les Mis? I thought it was perfect and I am a total Les Mis snob.

  4. Um...just how much Mendocino are we talkin' here??? I paid $55.00 for three fat quarters of that!! Crazy you ask? Yes, but I had to have it for my kids quilt. You better finish that one so I can see it!

  5. TOTALLY LOVE FAST AND THE FURIOUS!!!!!!!!! totally. :)

  6. I really like it when you blog...yours is one of my favorites, so keep it up. Also, I love your taste in movies. :)

  7. I have one dumb fake tooth too. I still might try that toothpaste though.
    LOVE that song "Jesus Paid it All" - might need that print... man I'm impulsive tonight :-)

  8. Uh, yup chicka, I get first dibs on the Mendocino :)!!! Sorta like calling shotgun in the car ;) hehe! Just keep plugging along and you will be able to get those quilts done. My list is impossible this year too, but somehow it will all work out :)!!

  9. What the heck is fast six or whatever.

  10. julie. you are cute. and amazing.
    laughing over the fast six, and now i want cheetos. at 1 am.

  11. I appreciate the whole post, but especially the song you included. God's been speaking to me through music today...yours was the second song put in front of me with a special message. Thanks so much. Take care!

  12. Confession, I have never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies. Crazy I know. Also, I love, love, loved The Fault in our Stars and glad to see a new post. They are my fave!

  13. You to Kauai = Me jealous. Enjoy!!! Love the print and the song. Don't love The Fault In Our Stars because I have never heard teenagers talk like that other than on Dawson's Creek.

  14. I bit my nails for a LONG time, but finally quit by reminding myself over and over 1) the grossness of putting my hands in my mouth--yuck! And 2) how silly and icky other people look when I see them biting their nails. Wow, do I look like that too? --not good!

    Good luck!

  15. I'm totally taking IG credit for Fault in Our Stars. Even though it is super popular and

    Next up? Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. You need this book in your life. NEED.

  16. Missed your posts! Hannah is a favorite of mine too, I have a whole list of you lovely ladies that brighten my days and encourage my heart. Take care.

  17. Hey Julie - I am a slient fan! Have enjoyed reading here for quite a while now! Sorry I don't comment!

    I did my own 11 things post - http://www.joyshope.com/2013/02/eleven-things.html - if you are so inclined!!

    Hope you are having a great day!!


  18. You and me both!!! We had a tragedy with my church family and I have NO desire to blog. Priorities is where I'm struggling right now. Anyways, LOVE that print.

  19. Jalapeno Cheetos, YES!!
    Laundry, ha the dryer is our closet and iron.
    Fast 6, WoooHooo!

    You are so my kind of people.

  20. Or you could WIN a Flea Market Fancy quilt AND help bring our baby girls home :) http://wendyloudesigns.blogspot.com/2013/01/wanna-win-some-really-super-cool-stuff.html

  21. Spoons! They are mandatory for eating at the computer. It's how I snacked my way through a desk job at a computer all day for 8 years. I hear chopsticks work well too.

  22. why is there a thing called jalepeno cheetos and i did not know about it? i feel robbed.

    also, i have totally lost blogging steam lately. maybe the four kids? maybe that fourth kid is one year old, a.k.a. the hardest age ever? i don't know...

    i haven't even been reading blogs lately. sadness. the flu that has currently been kicking my tail is not helping.
    in a dream world, being sick would mean i got to lay around for a week and catch up on blogs. unfortunately reality means i was lucky to get one day in bed and mostly i'm a mom so i just carry on.
    okay now i'm writing a novella in your comments.
    catching up on your blog tonight...happy weekend, julie.