I made a little print to put in the swag bags this weekend at Choose Joy, but then I got to thinking...
One of my favorite parts of the event will be the raffle where one attendee will be gifted funds to help grow their family.
I guarantee that I will cry when that name is picked.
I'm pretty sure everyone will cry.
Waterproof mascara all around.

With that in mind, I added the print to the shop for three days only.
Three days to raise a little extra money to add to the blessing coming someone's way.

The verse on the print carried me through the darkest season in my life.
It's promise is true.
What I want most this weekend, is for each person attending Choose Joy, leave encouraged and hopeful no matter where they are on their journey.
Whether they are in a season of tears or rejoicing.

I hope that it encourages you, or maybe someone in your life needs encouragement.
Each purchase will become a small part of someone's story

Purchase the print

Read more about Choose Joy

Thank you so very, very much.


  1. I wish I could go, but this is an awesome consolation prize. Love your heart for others and God's truth. xx

  2. Read this today and thought it fit so well with your post and verse. Let us continue to rejoice in Him and bring Him glory in all we say and do.
    ~ A sister in Christ

    He turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot—come, let us rejoice in him.(Psalm 66:6)

    It is a profound statement that "through the waters," the very place where we might have expected nothing but trembling, terror, anguish, and dismay, the children of Israel stopped to "rejoice in him"!

    How many of us can relate to this experience? Who of us, right in the midst of our time of distress and sadness, have been able to triumph and rejoice, as the Israelites did?

    How close God is to us through His promises, and how brightly those promises shine! Yet during times of prosperity, we lose sight of their brilliance. In the way the sun at noon hides the stars from sight, His promises become indiscernible. But when night falls—the deep, dark night of sorrow—a host of stars begin to shine, bringing forth God's blessed constellations of hope, and promises of comfort from His Word.

    Just as Jacob experienced at Jabbok, it is only once the sun sets that the Angel of the Lord comes, wrestles with us, and we can overcome. It was at night,"at twilight" (Ex 30:8), that Aaron lit the sanctuary lamps. And it is often during nights of trouble that the brightest lamps of believers are set ablaze.

    It was during a dark time of loneliness and exile that John had the glorious vision of his Redeemer. Many of us today have our "Isle of Patmos," which produces the brightest memories of God's enduring presence, uplifting grace, and love in spite of solitude and sadness.

    How many travelers today, still passing through their Red Seas and Jordan Rivers of earthly affliction, will be able to look back from eternity, filled with memories of God's great goodness, and say,"We 'passed through the waters on foot.'And yet, even in these dark experiences, with waves surging all around, we stopped and said,'Let us rejoice in him'!" J. R. Macduff

    There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will sing. Hosea 2:15

    Taken from the Streams in the Desert Devotional.

  3. This is so beautiful Julie! I know The Lord will move in mighty ways this weekend! I'm so thankful I get to be there to see it!!!

  4. I want to purchase this print & your shop is blocked on my work computer. Can you email me? holtm@sullivan.k12.il.us

  5. Just purchased:) I wish I was local so I could attend but cant wait to hear all about it. I know it will be beautiful!

  6. I just bought mine. Now can you share a source for that fabulous frame? I love it!

  7. Purchased today. I actually made it the lock screen on my iPhone. It's been a rough year for our family and seeing it on my phone so often is (and will be) a great encouragement. Thank you for sharing it. Can't wait to hear how the conference goes!

  8. it sounds like such a beautiful way to support women julie! amazing.

  9. it sounds like such a beautiful way to support women julie! amazing.

  10. I bought the print and wished I could have attended. Then I found out a week later that I am expecting, after years of praying and sadness and tears. I'm thankful for those tears because they make this joy even more joyous! This sign is such a special addition to our home for that reason - thanks again!