Ohmygoodness.  What a full few days.  Too full to forget.  Too full to properly take photos.  Just full enough to remember....
Where to begin?  Indulge me as I make a giant, random, stream of consciousness list.  Because that is how my brain works.
Thought I had a faker, sent her to school.  (She wasn't faking.)  My biggest girl was Martha Washington for grandparent's day chapel.  I painted my nails for the first time in a decade (not joking.)  Colored my own roots (bad idea.)  Spent too much at the gas station.  Got asked at said gas station if I was pregnant.  (I am NOT.)  Can we all sign some sort of pact to NEVER EVER EVER ask anyone that?  Even if they are doing Lamaze breathing as they walk into the labor & delivery floor of the local hospital.  I mean COME ON.  Picked Jessica up at the airport (happy).  Went to Pedro's.  Got my hair blown out.  Went shopping while my wallet stayed home.  Ate crepes.  Discovered Aleve-D.  (SO LEGIT.)  Ate garlic bread with the Choose Joy speakers.  Garlic bread that was detected by my sensitive to smells husband as soon as I walked in the front door.  Made tissue tassels (hot mess.)  Stayed up too late.  Woke up too early.  Fought a nasty cold (it is winning.)  Listened to this song over and over.  Sobbing.  Made final preparations for my Choose Joy talk.  Prayed.  Had the most heartbreakingly beautiful day at Choose Joy (more on that later).  Ate Coca Cola cake.  Ate spicy Chinese food in a effort to burn the germs out of my body.  Ate my favorite cupcake with some rad friends.  Laughed until I cried.  Stayed up too late again.  Watched Duck Dynasty (favorite show right now.)  Went to church.  Sang with a scratchy voice.  Ate a good burger.  Took Jessica to the airport (so sad.)  Celebrated my favorite five year old.  Lost my voice.  Sent myself to bed at 4pm.  Watched October Baby (cried.)  Watched Downton Abbey (Bates!).  Chatted with no voice with one of my favorite couples.  Thanked baby Jesus for Nyquil.  Ran a few ugly miles trying to sweat the germs out.  Tried a honey face mask.  And some other stuff that my cold medicine fuzzy brain can't remember.

So that is a bit more than ten on ten.
I'm okay with that.


  1. i like all of the things.
    i like the way you wrote this.
    i like that pact.
    i hate that that pact needs to exist (SO RUDE).
    i like your pictures.
    i like you.

    over and out.

  2. That is one AWESoME recap of events!! TFS!

  3. Aaron and I just discovered Duck Dynasty a couple weeks ago. I haven't laughed so hard at a tv show in a looong time!

  4. Ugh, the pregnancy comment has so happened to me. I'm in on your pact.

  5. I read this and instantly missed you.
    Could you just come to Kansas and have coffee with me today?
    I know. Wishes and dreams.
    I think that's what heaven is going to be for. Praisin' and coffee breaks with friends that you can catch up with---forevah!

  6. Hey lovely. Did you get the package I sent you?


  7. Loved laughing with you! Next girl day is Oh Hello Friend and Pieology :)

  8. You being asked if you are pregnant is more ridiculous than me being asked if I was pregnant. Because I admit. I had a belly. You are a stick. Let's hunt them down and beat them up. And then go to Sprinkles.

  9. a skinny girl at the gap asked me last week when i was due. while i was standing IN the gap purchasing clothes she had just helped me try on. i just stared off and half smiled. in disbelief that it was happening.
    so i did what women do when this happens......
    i went to McD's and got a mcflurry.
    i miss you too.
    kimberlee and i need to get to cali. i am tired of kansas... we will come there.

  10. loved this post. I'm totally in for the pact, NEVER ask that question. so good to meet you & laugh with you.

  11. You are awesome....funny...real...I love your blog!!!!! And yes...boys can be such a handful (i have three) but they are son gosh darn adorable! :) I also have a sweet lil girl...2 different worlds in the toddler years!