All the shopping is done.
The tree is decorated.
Complete with wrapped gifts underneath.
The cards are in the mail.

Or the opposite of all of that.
It's not even December 1st!!!!

Instagram was STRESSING ME OUT with seemingly every single human sipping coffee in front of their finished tree ten minutes after Thanksgiving ended.

Ten minutes after Thanksgiving ended, I was curled up on the couch.  Not thinking of decorating a dang thing.

However, I did have a little Christmas-esqe adventure with Drew the other weekend.  She let me help style her holiday mini-sessions and IT IS MY FAVORITE in the world.  Everrrrrr.

Here's a glimpse of the scene:

Helping Drew is truly beyond my dream job.
If only my high school and college self knew what I really wanted to be when I grew up...
A lot less math and science.  A lot more crafts and power tools.

{Visit Drew's FB page to see a sneak peek of all of the gorgeous families that she shot.}


  1. My tree is up.. That's about it! HAHA!

  2. tree not up, no hot chocolate happening, haven't even unpacked the christmas deco, still cleaning up the red wine spill of thanksgiving 2012.

    kick comparison in the booty!! :)

    LOVE the photo decor!!

  3. So adorable! What a cute idea.
    We do have most of our decorations up now, but we also have 5 people working on it together. (Well, the 8 and 10 year olds, not so much)
    But it is no where near done.
    Maybe this weekend. :)

  4. Holy geez! I think I'm in love with you! That photo syling made me swoon! Right here at my desk. At work. AND...I totally have NOTHING decorated. Except for a little chalk board I wrote 'O Holy Night' on last night after looking at instragram! 8-o>

  5. Dude! Thankyou !!! All this ig christmasing is making me break out!!!

  6. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm not a Scrooge but Instagram was out of control with perfect Christmas trees this weekend. Pressure!

    Another single friend texted me saying she was considering getting off all social media for the next week until everyone was finished decorating. Hard for the heart to see what looks like perfection.

    I even blogged about it! (not a shameless plug, just proof you are not alone)

    I like it when people post the every day messes of life. :-)

    Love your Drew posts....

    And, making your cranberry snickerdoodle cookies this week. My co-workers call them the "magic cookies". No kidding.

  7. That perfection. I'm speechless. Now I want hubby to make me one for the front porch.
    You did a beautiful job, Julie.

  8. we just cut down our tree an hour ago and let's see i heard... "shut your word hole, that's too tall, that's too fat, i'm bored" now if that isn't reality i don't know what is?! :)

  9. We haven't even looked at our ornament boxes yet. Can you just send me that tree?

  10. Love your stylings! I absolutely love the tree and I think I may need to figure out how to make one of my own.

  11. that photo set up is perfection. skillz, girl.

    also. seriously. so wish my high school and college self had known too. seriously, that could have saved some dollars and a whole lot of headache.

  12. Christmas preparations are all the way. Shop many clothes including hanes sweatpants .I have bought a real tree and have been taking care of it since Christmas last year. I bought an extra large plant pot for it and it looks tiny in the pot, but its not grown at all, all these months. I don't have a garden to plant it in :(

  13. How did you make that wonderful tree?