Raise your hand if Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday...

Mine?  The 4th of July.  Simple, swimming, sunshine, bbq, illegal fireworks...  Does it get better than those things?  I think no.

Back to Thanksgiving...
I can't complain about a house full of family, a kitchen full of food, a gigantic table, a first ever kids table (not going to lie, the kid's table outside, made the grown-up's table inside, pretty peaceful and awesome), a pilgrim and indian reciting the annual Psalm 100, or the fact that I don't have to make the turkey.  If I live my entire life never making a turkey, that will be just fine with me.  Grosssssssss.  There are just some things that I don't need to know how to do.

This year I have been working on thankfulness every day.  It hasn't been an easy journey, but a very worthwhile one.  Seeing the simple beauty in even the hardest of days, has been such a blessing.  It doesn't come naturally to me, which makes it all the more valuable to actively seek it out.

I am thankful.
For the perfect days.
For the hard days.
For every single day.
So thankful.
{Free printable available here.}


  1. At our Thanksgiving service on Wednesday night our pastor said something very similar to that quote on your printable. Very powerful thought. Thanks for the printable!

  2. Love the printable...THANK YOU!
    I made a turkey for Christmas 2 years ago, but my mom was there with me, showing me how to do it step by step, so I guess I didn't really make one on my own, but I did cook it in my oven. They are intimidating, but taste so good. Don't have the need to attempt to make one again....I will leave that to the pros (like my mom & Kevin's mom)

  3. I knew I liked your blog for a reason. 4th of July is my favorite holiday too! People think I'm weird but I don't care :)

  4. I made two turkeys...and made Bruce do all the gross stuff.
    I can barely take it without gagging.

    Favorite holiday---I think summer. Summer is holiday, right?

  5. love this! retweeted that quote, excellent reminder for me.
    my turkey was lame this year. literally. but there was enough pie to make up for that!

    happy thanksgiving to you;) cutie family!

  6. I kind of feel like your printable should read differently. "You are my fire, my one..."

  7. great quote! thanks for sharing!

  8. You are good stuff lady. I'm thankful for you and your blog tonight : )