1.  I am so glad to finally find people that are willing to admit that although paper straws are insanely adorable, they are SUPER CREEPY to drink through.  Come on, you know that you are thinking it.  Have freedom.  Admit it.  I could totally make MILLIONS if I knew how to invent paper looking plastic straws.  Maybe I should go on Shark Tank with that idea.

2.  My Christmas cards are DONE.  There I said it.  Deal with it.  Not addressed and such, because that would be insanity.  But done.  I heart Katygirl designs.  She rocked them.  Doesn't hurt that I had epic photos to choose from either....

3.  This.  So rad.

4.  I am having a total love affair with the Old Navy Rockstar boot cut jeans.  LOVE THEM.  Got them when they were on sale for $19 and am so mad I didn't buy five pairs.  The campfire color is my fave.  The ruby color is okay.  But campfire and me are running away together.  I have been having jean issues, and they solved them.  Plus they come in short, so I didn't even have to go to my trusty tailor.  Holla for us shorties!

5a.  Currently have a huge crush on this blog.
Love how she writes.  Love how she lives.  Love how she makes me think.

5b.  I also love this post.  It sums up my feeling about this whole fall ennui I am trudging through.

6.  I am the worst soccer mom ever.  EVER.  I wish for rain each Saturday (and the occasional Sunday- which I have a huge issue with.  It's AYSO!!!! Why are there games on Sunday????)  I want our weekend back.

7.  I am busy thinking/ making/ dreaming up things/ for DrewB's mini sessions.  SO EXCITED.

8.  Queen Bee Market is this weekend in my old hood and Grace for Grace is going to be there.  OBSESSED with everything she makes.  It's somewhat unfair the beauty that she can create with chalk.  NO, super unfair.

(Jess, Katy, & Kim)
9.  A few weekends ago I spent time with these lovely friends.  We talked, and laughed, and cry laughed, and ate things.  It was the best.  The very best.

10.  My kid is a beast and he loves to not be held.  He also doesn't walk.  So he crawls on the ground. All sorts of grounds.  Yep.  OCD mamas beware.

11.  We went on a day date to California Adventure- NO KIDS.  Yesssssssss.  Roller coasters and nobody needing anything, for dayzzzzzz.

With that I conclude this list of randomness.
Until I find eleven more.


  1. I love those times I get to sneak away with my honey to DCA or Disneyland!

  2. hooray for california the adventure date!!
    also, shannan's blog is one of my faves, too.
    rich, fun and encouraging. like yours.

    happy day to you! xo

  3. Sweet post. Love your randoms.

  4. FBFG is one of my faves too. Love her. And you. And your coconut brownies.

    1. I'm dying to know what the "B" stands for... hahaha!

  5. i loath disneyland(s). yep. i said it. i bet i'd like it if i got to spend an entire day there with just my husband. i'd like anywhere if i got to spend an entire day there with just my husband.

    christmas cards done. you rock.

  6. awesome. all of it! And you :)

  7. sooo many things here. so many.

    1. you have outed the conspiracy.
    2. kg is bomb. and i'm not referencing myself.
    3. so so so rad. i'm gonna be all up in that.
    4. me and the rockstars dont get along. but they have been skinnies not bootcut. i may need to revisit this.
    5a&b. between you and kg, FPFG is going in my reader. ASAP.
    6. soccer is overrated. but you are a good mom. i never, EVER got to play AYSO, once. and i always felt a little cheated. also probably why i think soccer is overrated (i'm just jealous).
    7. can't wait to see.
    8. um her chalkboards are AMAZE. AHHH-MAZE.
    9. yes. also i'm wearing that outfit today.
    10. i like him.
    11. i hope you guys had a legit make out sesh on that ferris wheel.

    and now i'm the crazy that just left you this crazy train comment.
    not hiding my crazy so well this AM, am i.

  8. I tried so very hard to get a mini-session with DrewB but it wasn't in the cards (or my bank account). I mean, I used the "but it's going to be my 30th birthday soon" trick and it didn't work. Sad face x 10.

  9. I wish old navy jeans were my friend :( That third baby did a number on my hips and thighs! (and muffin top, argh!)

  10. Oh you made me laugh. My daughter played soccer for a few years and I'm kinda glad she gave it up for softball. Two reasons - one, she was pretty aggressive and so the coaches loved to play her as much as possible.....too many heart stopping moments and bruises galore. And. The weather. We are in Seattle, and here? They don't cancel for rain. Ever. My friend moved here from So Cal and I remember her in boots and raincoat and umbrella, asking Coach "why aren't we canceling this game?!?!?". Coach laughed and said "if we never played soccer in the rain, we'd never play soccer!"

  11. OK, I have to SO agree with you on the paper straws. I buy them, I put them in little jars around my house because they are so cute. BUT, who can drink with these things???!!! Yuck! :)
    xoxox Holly

  12. Julie, I just have to tell you how much I LOVE reading your blog! Seriously. Makes my heart smile. I'm a mom with two little ones and a blogger too. When I first came across your blog, I got so excited when I saw that you were married to one of the OC Supertones! Oh man, I think they were the very first christian ska concert I ever went to...then there were many to follow. I loved my "I (heart) OC" t-shirt!

    Thanks for sharing all of your honest mom moments. Your love for Jesus is beautiful. You are one amazingly creative and passionate mama!


  13. Cry laughing with you is my fave. Also... WORMS!!!!!!!