What can I even say to explain what this day was like?
What words could possibly contain enough depth and meaning?
While I try to think of them, I just look at these images.
Then I look again.
I smile remembering the craziness.
I smile because when I am older and grayer, I will remember exactly how blessed we are. 
I will remember the van that wouldn't start.
Me, stranded, freaking out in my driveway, sweating, knowing that we were chasing daylight and Drew was at the secret location with no cell service.
Never more thankful for my neighbor with a questionable past, who was quick to come over, and ready to hotwire it.  (It didn't happen... thankfully, but we were like a second away.  Desperate times.  Desperate measures.)
 This boy.  Who had a crying party in the tent while we tried to pretend all was unicorns and rainbows.
 Or this girl who wanted real hooks and real bait on her prop fishing pole.
 This girl, ever in her element being able to roam free, looking for her beloved squirrels.
This tent, a super lucky Craigslist find.
Until I opened it.  Hello wet dogs and gallons of Febreze.  Not information that was included in the ad.
 Remembering all of the places that we have camped together.  Yes.  Even Chick-fil-a.
Lighting ten wish lanterns, remembering how our lives changed ten years ago.

I will remember that through the craziness, that there is so much love, friendship, celebration, adventure and fun in our lives.  None of it is perfect.  But all of it is beautiful.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Drew is love, magic, calm, skillz, and beauty.
She captures our crazy.  Our chaos.  Our family.
She gives us gifts that we could never, ever, ever repay.
She stops time.
She celebrates moments.
She even shoots movies.
She is our favorite.
See all of the happy shots here.
Tell her she's rad.
Because she is so rad.


  1. Beautiful pictures; as always :)

  2. gorgeous photos!
    this post makes me all kinds of sunny inside.
    love you. xo

  3. the pictures of your family are stunning! i would love a session like this with my family!

  4. I have somehow found you through instagram...and found your blog through that....I'm trying to get caught up and ENJOYING every minute! Such beautiful pictures and such a bright outlook! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. sometimes pictures are the best for this very reason. you can sit down, look at them and enjoy the best of the day without having to physically relive the worst. Your kids are too beautiful!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love them all, but I especially love the photo of Lucy in the hat. It is breathtaking.

  7. I always look forward to seeing what magic you and drew come up with every year! it's amazin, you guys work well together and she's got a way of shooting your family and JOY comes from it!

  8. Gorgeous photos!!! Your family is so beautiful and full of Joy :)

    I love how every time I come to your blog I am reminded how amazing life is. I always leave with my cup overflowing with happiness. Thank you <3

  9. so so  so  beautiful. what a treasure this is for you and your family. 

  10. I watched your precious little video a gazillion times and could take a gander at these photos day after day....

  11. Drew's pics are amazing, but so are all these ideas you come up with!! What a treasure these photos will be.