Thursday, January 13, 2011

An unconventional vacation day.

Would I love to hop on a plane headed for Kauai?
Is that my reality right now?
Not so much.
All I have been wanting was a day filled with nothing.
No meals to cook.
No people needing things.
No list of things to do.
No laundry.
Just quiet, some reading, perhaps a nap or two, and all of meals brought to me.
Who knew that all of that and more could be found in a tent in a Chick-fil-a parking lot.
(Before sunrise and right after we collected our prizes.
who needs Kauai?)

Twenty four hours of doing absolutely nada.
People singing karaoke who had no business holding a microphone?
But it is exactly what I wanted and precisely what I needed.
Did I do it for the free chicken?
Honestly, not really.  I did it for the break.
I'll take what I can get.  The free meals for a year?  Total bonus.

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  1. Did you win, for reals? That is crazy cool!

  2. I've never heard of this but think it sounds like a ball. How fun!

  3. You guys crack me up! I've still never had chick-fil-a. Maybe we can remedy this in May?

  4. That is awesome. I think I heard of that happening when our Chik fil A opened. Hope you win some chicken : )

  5. So awesome! I still kick myself for not going to the one for my little town. I'm so jealous of your little chick fil a all nighters and free chicken for a year.
    Glad you got exactly what you needed!

  6. Please Please Please tell me you won! How great. Looks like you guys enjoyed the cold.

  7. wow, i am so impressed by how many of these you've been to! my parents own a chick-fil-a here in the dc area -- if you're ever in town, i'll get you the hook up! although, you may not need it seeing as how you have free chick-fil-a for a year!

  8. yay for a 2011 full of free chicken.

    did i actually just read that miss heather at afd has never had chick-fil-a??? how is that possible??
    i think you need to take her out to lunch. :)

  9. Did you win something at Chick-fil-a? I heart's a good thing there isn't one in my town.

    I love your blog. SO Fun!

    I think THAT is my favorite part of vacation. NO meals to cook, clean, plan, shop for. I love breaks like that!!!! Of course, I don't remember the last time I didn't have to think about any meals for a whole day. Well -- I do. On my cruise in September.....wonderful times!

  10. I just found out that we have a CFA only 1/2 hr from our new home and almost cried from pure joy.
    LOVE the insane fun! totally worth a night away....and free chicken, of course :)

  11. I still need to do a Chick-fil-A opening. Our family LOVES CFA, especially because our two diet-restricted boys can actually eat their fries and grilled chicken. I think I'll have to plead for my husband to take a vacation day AND ask his parents to watch our kids so we can do the next one of these. :)

  12. you two are the best.
    happy chicken eatin' to your sweet family!

  13. Chick-fil-a really is a magical place ... as the kids would say when I was in elementary school: "Well, if you love it so much, why don't you marry it"? I would. Oh yes, I would.

  14. I love this! How fun! We missed doing it when our Chick-fil-a opened! lol

  15. I did this when ours opened, SO much fun. I was the 101st person though, which made me sad because i didn't get free chicken sandwiches. Totally worth it though, I had a blast!

  16. you and your chick-fil-a adventures crack me up. ...and your cold weather HA!

  17. I had no idea Chick-fil-A had a cult following! My hubby and his friend did this for a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop opening when we were in college...when it started to rain, people who were leaving gave them their raffle tickets...hubs won a dozen a week for a year, plus a few other random goodies...I ended up with a professor for one of my nursing clinicals who never marked me late as long as I brought Krispy Kremes :)

  18. You two are so cute! This post made me smile.

  19. OMG, I am so jealous!!! We have lived in Illinois for 6 months and they don't know what a ChifFila is!!! Can you even believe it? I am embarrassed to say I would do pretty much anything for ChickFila right about now! Yay for you! ~Again~


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