Inspired by my friend Beth who posted a picture of hers on Facebook and I threatened to steal it unless she told how to make it.   She opted the making me make it route (rude) and perhaps that was the better option.  
It's easy.  It's versatile.  It's worth the time that it takes to mindless cut and tie and cut and tie...

It made it's debut at our back to school eve celebration,

and has now taken up residence in our house year round, because everyday is a party around here, especially if you are lucky enough to snag the last yogurt.

Joann's was having a 50% off Kona solids sale, that I took advantage of.
But you can use really any fabric that you want.  
Rainbow?  Seasonal?  Match your party theme or decor?
Just keep in mind that for each yard of fabric you buy you will get approximately a three foot long garland.  I obviously bought way more than a yard, since the rainbow happiness is about fifteen feet long.
This is a great project for a craft night.  Easy to assemble while you chat, and easy to divide up multiple yards of different fabric.

If you don't have a rotary, cutter, mat and ruler, you will be sad.  
Cutting this many strips by hand would be a nightmare.  
Borrow one, or invite a crafty friend over who has one to make it with you.
Seriously.  It is a non-negotiable.

Fold the fabric from selvage to selvage.
Cut a billion 1.5 inch strips.

The solid fabrics have a scraggly edge that bugs me, so I cut it off. 
Printed fabrics will have a white border with the designer or manufacturer's info on it.  
Also yucky.  Get rid of it.

 Since most fabric is 45 inches wide give or take an inch, if you cut each strip into 14 inch pieces, there might be a bit leftover, but no matter what you will be able to get three even pieces from each strip.
Cut, cut, cut, until there is nothing left to cut.
(If you want the garland to be longer, cut only two pieces from each strip.
If you want it to be crazy long, leave the 1.5 inch strips alone.
Totally up to you.)

Sunshine and rainbows.  Happiness.

Lay out the strips in the order that pleases your little heart.
Grab ribbon or twine longer than the final size of your garland.

Fold the fabric half.
Tuck it under your ribbon or twine like so.
Grab the tails of the strip and pull them through the top.

 Tighten slightly.
This is what the back should look like.

But don't worry.
The front is pretty.

Then do it over and over and over and over again.

Hang it up and have a party.
Or have a party because you finished.
It is worthy of celebration!


  1. Oooooo!  I love this!  So bright and cheerful! 

  2. you are speaking my language. love it.

  3. SUpa DUpa cute... and the best part NO PURPLE hahaha, my rainbows NEVER EVER include purple... But that is rarely found in rainbows... 

  4. I LOVE this!  What a happy, happy garland!  

  5. cute, cute, and more cute!! and when did janey stop being bald baby and become this beautiful little girl with a crazy beautiful head of hair....and i want what she's eating. 

  6. Um, I'm not sure which item I like better ~ the garland or the mini trifle bowl....where on earth did you find that? I want one for myself and the individual trifle I will enjoy when Lent is over! Cute, cute. But the garland is super cute, as well. ;-) 

  7. awesome sauce! this is how i made the girls tutu's only i used tulle :) i like your new comment section! who did this for you?

  8. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love this!  That's how I make tutus too.  What no purple in your rainbow!?!  Don't think I didn't notice.  ;)

  10. Ulla's Quilt WorldMarch 16, 2012 at 4:15 AM

    Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic!
    It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!

    Hugs, Ulla  (from Finland)

  11. "Can you hear the unicorns singing?"...hahahahaha!!!!  too funny!  LOVE this idea!

  12. Isn't it rad? i think I'll be better at responding to questions now.  I've wanted to install it forever, but was scared I'd break the blog.  Thankfully it was super easy!

  13. Ha! At least when my girls paint rainbows they don't leave out purple.

  14. I know! It is a set by Anchor Hocking that came with one big trifle bowl and four bitty ones that I was gifted for my birthday years ago.  They have an 8 pack on Amazon.  Sort of want that now too!  A dozen happy little desserts?  Yes please.

  15. Purple boycotters unite!

  16. Love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing! I pinned it to Pintrest. ;)

  17. I'm happy I found your tutorial! I made some garland of my own and I'm including a link to your project as my inspiration. :) Thanks for sharing this!