Pictures of my kids.   Being cute.  Via Instagram.
His baby Jedi eyes.
I know.

 Bubbles are her favorite.
Especially spilling them.  Everywhere.
Not my favorite.

 This is my favorite.

 I'm his favorite.

 He is drama when he isn't with his mama.

 She's ramped up the obsession.  Plus the cute.  I think this is frame bound.  
Or perhaps embroidery bound.  

Her other obsession?  Sponge rollers.  
Which has spilled over to her dolls.  The doll doesn't move or complain when I brush her hair.  
But she doesn't leave a tip either.
What ever happened to gratitude?
Kids these days.

Guess who sabotages her sisters' elaborate genus, species, phylum, porifera, ocd Squinkies sorting system as soon as they go to school each day?  Guess who doesn't stop her?  Teaching them to share, that the world will not end, and if they don't want little hands in their stuff, put it out of the reach of little hands.

Movie night.
Eleven kids watching.
Two kids not.
Love this.

life rearranged


  1. I thought I was the only Mom in the world who dislikes bubbles?!

  2. Love them all!  Our 9 year old has been buried in books since before she should have been able to read and I love it.  She has my Little House hardbacks, that I had as a child and read about 15 times, and has done my record service and has read them through 9 times.  Is that a good reader or are we just a tad obsessive? :)  Love the peeks into your days!

  3. They are soooo slimy!!!!!

  4. Obsessive readers are the best kind!!! Think of how much their brain stretches with each book. Little House... Love.

  5. bubble tumblr = no spilled solution!!  I've seen them at Target :)

  6. I finally caved and bought one.  Way better.  Until I have to refill it.  I should have got the giant one. Not the little Dora one that she wanted.

  7. heather@TripleBlessingMarch 22, 2012 at 9:21 PM

    Is that a squirrel with a light saber? :)