*a random collection of random radness.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Is your corned beef and cabbage cooking?
(We are having tacos.  Sorry ancestors.  Does guacamole count?)

This mischievous imaginary creature thing is crazytown.
(I'm blaming you elf on the shelf!!!)
I phoned in the leprechaun's shenanigans and colored their milk green.
STRESSES ME OUT with the food coloring.
Did it work on these little skeptics?
"That looks like mommy's writing..."
I tried.  I did.
I'd prefer an imaginary creature that comes in the night and puts away my laundry 
while he sends me off to  The Drybar.  
Not a guy that jacks up the house.  Thankyouverymuch.

How bad do you want to make this right now?

This girl.

I am beyond smitten with these whimsical prints from James Hance.

We had a special birthday this week.  I wish the house was filled with balloons every single day.
I fell in love with french press coffee, and I am falling in love with the new Pioneer Woman cookbook.  TONS of recipes in this one.  Tons.  The trouble is choosing what I will make first.  It is melting my brain.  I think a Pioneer Woman potluck is in order.  Right???

Did you notice I changed up the commenting form?
I am hoping that is makes it easier for me to answer questions and stop being so lame at being a part of the conversation.  
I have wanted to change it forever, but was totally scared that I would break the blog.  I'm so happy to report that is was crazy easy, and it even imported all of the old comments for me.  
In case you want to give it a try, I installed the Disqus system and it's free.  Boom.

There is one downside though, I really do miss seeing your pretty faces next to your kind comments, and the murdery grey silhouette dude staring at me is way less cute.
Do me a favor and set yourself up with a Gravatar?
It's easy, and your cute self will show up wherever you leave a Gravatar enabled comment.
So much better than the dude.  So much.

Lastly, I leave you with a song that has been on repeat in the background of my computer all week.
So good.


  1. My husband would love the iPhone case!

  2. saturdays are rad. so rad. we love our french press too. super yum. and that pic of that bark  is killing me. i want a dessert so bad. how many more days til' easter??  and p.s. your instafriday post makes me so excited for sponge rollers...can't wait til ruby has some hair!

  3. Oh my! The iPhone case is going to make the best birthday present ever for my hubs! Thanks!!!

  4. O.m.g. I just went over and bought that iPhone case. My hubs will think I am super rad. I just got such a chuckle out of it, it was so hard not showing it to him. And I love those pooh-inspired prints! SO so so sweet :) thanks for the cute links!

  5. Love the Pioneer Woman potluck idea! How yummy and fun would THAT be!?

  6. All 3 of my boys and my husband now think yours is the coolest blog on the internet! My husband actually said that iPhone case almost makes it worth it to get an iPhone (this is a big deal coming from him!) And I'm pretty sure one of those Wookie the Chew prints will be in my boys room soon. :) 

  7. love the iphone cover - and the prints are so cute too - looking forward to getting the new Pioneer Woman cookbook and trying it out as well!

  8. I love your Saturday posts... I laugh soo hard. LOVE the pooh/starwars print! My hubby is so jealous of the phone case too!

  9. I have a new Gravatar! (I hope.)

  10. You do!! Hooray!! One less murdery guy.

  11. Next year lets give up not sugar.  Deal?

  12. That Star Wars iPhone case is amazing!!

  13. I want to install disqus, but I feel like the iPad hates it. Have you had issues commenting from the iPad? Or am I just doing something wrong?

  14. I do believe I now have a pic next to my comments :o) I never knew how to do that. Woohoo! Thanks Julie...you rock!

  15. Why yes you do!  Hello there pretty lady!

  16. Hmmmmm.  It does hate some computers.  Not sure why or how.  It works fine on my iPad, but maybe because I have a Disqus account already?   Boo.  Wish it was just easy and seamless across all platforms.

  17. I'm trying to get my Gravatar to show up! P.S. Those prints from James Hance are adorable!