I am a kid of the 1970's.
Many of my favorite childhood memories are wrapped up in adventures ventured in my parent's blue VW bubble top camper van.

 Jiffy Pop on the stove, curling up with dozens of books under my Winnie the Pooh sleeping bag, up in the loft,

our dog Daisy, campfires, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Dinty Moore stew, the orange canvas Coleman tent, swimming, hiking...

Memories are made camping and road tripping.
Happy, magical memories.

So once in a while I troll Craigslist, checking out prices on VW buses.  Dreaming of owning our own.  Knowing that we had two too many kids to make it a reality, and the fact that I know ZERO about fixing cars.  But I still kept dreaming.

My bucket list has many realistic and a slightly few crazy things on it.

One is to own a VW bus.
Now I can check it off.

 I headed off to VW Surfari, wrote a check, and picked up my dream.
He showed me all of it's features, how everything worked, how tricky the ignition was, how different it was to drive than a normal car, then sent me on my way.
Nervously trembling, I drove off.
Stalled even.
But the windows were down, the sun was shining and I was driving what I thought was once an impossibility.

I was the proud new owner of a gorgeous red VW camper.
(For twenty four glorious hours.)

For this glorious shoot with DrewB.
More to come.
(I KNOW!!!!!!!!!)


  1. you are my hero.
    living your dreams.

    in jr high, my bible study leader's bf owned a beat up one of these.
    sometimes they'd drive us around town in it.
    those are some good memories.

    keep on making 'em for your gang!

  2. My mom actually has a green one. It was my grandfather's. I can't wait to see your other pictures!

  3. Can't wait to see the pictuers! That thing is GORGEOUS!! Also... the camping pictures? Priceless.

  4. Love this! I am a 70's child too and my parents always had VW bugs! Thank you for the trip down memory lane.;)

  5. dying.
    this is GORGeous!!

  6. That is AWESOME!! Can't wait to see more :)
    I have some of the same memories and 70s pictures w/ my parents before they divorced. :)

  7. How fun is this???
    I can't wait to see more!!!!!!

    Any chance you can keep it?

  8. There's all sorts of awesome going on here! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  9. what fun!

    i need to go rent a 65 ford falcon. preferably a red one with a white stripe. then i need to leave the country with it forever.

  10. Soooo cute, Julie!! Can't wait to see more of your sweet family.

  11. This is on my bucket list too! Only I want to renovate it as well, inside and out.

  12. AH! I love it!!!! I share your dream... I can't wait to see more!

  13. LOVE! Please tell me you are going to blow that up big!!

    p.s. we had a blue VW bus from the 80s. Not as cool. :)

  14. You are a serious rockstar!!! I wish I had just a little of your awesomeness :) the pics are gorgeous I can't wait to see more!!!!

  15. Twinkie Bus!!

    My husband's father bought a brand new VW Bus in 1971, just before my husband was born. It was yellow, thus Twinkie Bus. We are 40 now. We still have it! Yes, it's a little fussy - like you can't touch anything on the door except for the key directly in the lock or it won't open for you - but we still love it. Keep it out at our desert place. Our 12yo thinks she's going to drive it when she turns 16 (and she would be *wrong* but it's nice to dream). Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

  16. Honest to goodness how do you keep coming up with these amazing photo shoots?! Im in LOVE!
    Im not normally a huge fan of red. Yet your van is making me drool. Oh and I just came home with a red winter coat(SJP Bitten brand) today.
    I cant wait to see more of your gorgeous pics!:)

  17. My neighbor and his dad just bought one!

  18. Oh my GOSH! I am in love!! So cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures..

  19. LOVE!!! A good friend of mine just sold her green VW camper.. her husband was too tall. I told her to sell the husband!! (kidding!) But seriously, a VW camper?! Who gets rid of those?

  20. You forgot Tang! I always associate your family with the Tang that your dad would let you guys have at Bass Lake. I was always so jealous...
    Do you remember the Easter we spent sleeping in my parent's VW in our garage?

  21. When I worked at our church doing youth ministry, the youth pastor had a VW van (circa the 80s) and the kids loved cruising around in it. His wife was so sad when he sold it when she was pregnant with their first. Can't wait to see more Drew B pics!!!

  22. Yessss....so cool! Saw these on Instagram and died! PS - I totally pulled a Julie and rolled up my jeans to wear my Toms last night. You would be proud (and so would all the short people of the world)!

    Nook & Sea

  23. julie?!!!!!
    this made me start bawling for you.
    what an awesome AWESOME thing!!!!
    you are now THE coolest girl in the world.
    it has happened.

    man....i miss you too much.

  24. Such a beautiful shoot! Can't wait to see more!

  25. You are too amazing and your family is too gorgeous. I'm not ashamed to tell you I'm totally jealous of the beauty and color in your life.


  26. YES, Awesome. My Sweet Husband came to pick me up for our first date in his Red and White, VW Pop top van. That was in 1981. Thanks for reminding me.