Meet Andrea.  A magician with a sewing machine, owner of a covet worthy fabric stash, generous giver, endlessly creative and genuine encourager.
She finds beauty and hope in trials.  Shares her talents and passions generously.  Can pair fabrics like no other.
When I grow up I want to have 1% of her sewing skills.  She came up with the sweetest little project for one of the sweetest days of the year. Who doesn't just love Valentine's Day?  I can see this happy runner adorning my table as we celebrate LOVE.
I am so excited to make one!  Aren't you?

Hello Every-bod-eeee!! I am so tickled to be guest posting on this blog. I know I *hearted* Julie long before she ever knew of me.  Julie, you're one of my oldies-but-goodies-most-favorite blogs I subscribe to ... your posts bring much happy to my days. My two favorite, laugh-out-loud ... spit iced tea on the computer ..."Freakcycle" & "If I didn't have a blog". Serious. Save them up for one of those really doozies of days ... this will put your smile back on. So, I'm Andrea from Knitty Bitties {my shop, my blog}. I'm a girl, doing my best to live each day intentionally, with joy even in the midst of heartache and making sure I have iced tea and a bit of peanut butter everyday! I have the great privilege of being a wife and mama first and a handmade business owner second.
And today I'm going to share a tutorial for my 'hearts on a string' table runner which was thought up just for Julie and her Joy's hope readers ... YOU guys. I hope it is easiest enough for the most novice of sewers with enough options to keep it fun for the sewing masters. It took me about 2 hours so I'd say it would take the average sewer about 2-4 hours. A fun afternoon project ;).
  • Scraps (if you've got them) or fabric in various red/pink prints. The largest size you'll need is 3"x3".
  • 1/2 YD fabric (front) - I used white Kona cotton
  • 1/2 YD fabric (back) - I used a red/white floral by Anna Griffin
  • Heat-n-Bond
  • Warm-n-White batting (approx. 14"x45")
  • Thread
  • Optional tools to make it easier - rotary cutter & cutting mat
  Step 1 - Gather your scraps and start cutting them into 3"/2"/1.5" strips. Then cut again to make squares (i.e. 3"x3"/2"x2"/1.5"x1/5").
Step 2 - Cut a 3", 2" and 1.5" strip of heat-n-bond. Iron your fabric squares to each heat-n-bond strip according to instructions on the packaging. Then cut them into into individual squares and make yourself some hearts. You know, fold in half and cut (it'll take you back to your grade school cut-n-paste days). Step 3 - Cut your front fabric to 14" x width of your fabric (approx. 45"). Cut your back fabric 16" x width of your fabric. Cut batting to 14" x 45".
Step 4 - Arrange your hearts on your front fabric piece so that they make (2) 'strings of hearts' that cross about 1/3 from one side. Picture an invisible string running between them as you place them on the fabric. {Refer to finished table runner for a 'visual' of what this should look like.} Move them around until you're happy with the placement and then iron them in place. Step 5 - Make your 'layer cake' for quilting. Back fabric (right side down), then batting and then front fabric (right side up). Center the front fabric/batting on the back piece so that you have a pretty even border of back fabric all the way around.
Step 6 - Draw a line about 2" in from each short end. Do not quilt in this small 2" section as you'll be cutting it away when you get ready to do your binding.
Step 7 - Using a walking foot 'quilt' a curved line along the first string of hearts. When you get to the end, pivot your work and quilt that line again, but not in the exact same line as the first time. We're going for a natural/organic look. Repeat a 3rd & 4th time if you'd like. Do the same for the other string of hearts. I used a natural thread and a pale pink for my lines, but if you wanted them to be more noticeable, you could use hot pink or red (oh-la-la). Now, pat yourself on the back!! **Now if you don't want to do any free motion quilting, skip the next step. No one will judge you ... but if you want a little spice in your life ... try it!! **
Step 8 - Using a darning foot for free motion quilting, quilt around the large 3" hearts. I went around 2 times. Don't worry about it looking perfect. Just go with it ...
Step 9 - Carefully fold back your back fabric from one short end and trim along the line you drew earlier MAKING SURE TO ONLY CUT OFF THE FRONT FABRIC & BATTING NOT THE BACK FABRIC (sorry I'm not really shouting, just want to get your attention on that one ;). Repeat on the other side. Now lay everything flat again and go around and trim your back fabric so that you have a 1" border on all sides. Now click over to "Made by Rae's" cheater binding tutorial which I followed to finish my table runner.
**Note, you can bind this table runner traditionally if you'd like. I was simply going for speed (... name that Cake song ... oh wait, I digress). ** Now, go ahead, lay that table runner out and admire it! I'll wait ...
Doesn't it make your heart happy? I sure hope so. ::MWAH:: Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!!


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    Andrea ;)

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  13. Love this! Just made one today, so easy, but the finished product looks so impressive

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