where could I write about all of the weird things that happen to me?
if I didn't have a blog maybe weird things wouldn't happen to me...

This posting came through my local Awfulville Freecycle this week.
Click on it.
Read it.
Throw up in your mouth a bit.
White bathing suit bottoms.
Ewwwww on way to many levels.
But don't fear, the next day I got a new email stating:

FOUND: White bathing suit bottoms.

So not only did someone ask for a pair, another equally creepy person thought....
"I have these white bathing suit bottoms, size small, that I am no longer wearing. I think I will pass them along."


But it gets better.
Or worse.
Or ewww-ier.

My friend has a pair of yellow sandals that I big puffy heart.
I borrowed them.
Planned on never giving them back.
She asked for them back.
So I tried to find my own pair to no avail.
Then I searched for them on Ebay.
This is what I found instead.
I am not kidding.
I. Found. This. Listing.
On Ebay.
For sale.
I have sold things on Ebay. It is a big pain.
Hate it.
Would much rather give my stuff away.
But believe you me, I never, ever, ever would even think of giving away flip flops like that.
Much less go to the trouble of listing them.
Or taking
pictures of them from different angles.
With my feet in them.
But what in the world is with the five bids????
Add in the $5 shipping and the winner got themselves a super ewww pair of USED flip flops that could have easily been purchased NEW at Old Navy right now.
For $2.50!!!
But hey, the seller promised to clean them with a Lysol wipe before shipping....
so there's that.

Bathing suit lady and dirty flip flop lady, thanks for giving me a reason to laugh, gag and write today. But never, ever do those things again.
You are creepy.


  1. Seriously. So. Gross.

    I thought the flip flops were bad....but the bathing suit bottoms? Why can't they just go buy some new cheapies at Kmart? Like $2.99 tops.

    GROSS! But good for a laugh =)

  2. Ok, you are funnier than a "Mo Fo" as my Mia would say.
    Wowsers x 10!
    LOVE your stories!
    Keep them coming!

  3. that flip flop person HAS to be going for the "pokemon" effect that that lady had when she listed the pokemon cards that her kids snuck into her cart and wrote a description of motherhood that we all could relate to. do you know that story?! anyway, a poor attempt at it, but surely THAT is what this is....right?! (please Lord, i hope!) =)

  4. eewww, creepy and super gross! What ARE people thinking?!

    good laugh...err gag...though.

    You do have the best stories! :)

  5. Nasty! I used to sell on ebay and was a group leader for the Children's Clothing Boutique Board. We were always laughing at the shoe listings. Basically, there is a large foot fetish crowd out there that likes to buy used shoes and socks. That is why you see so many pictures included in the listings.

  6. Okay, the bathing suit thing I totally understand-- that HAS to be part of a wicked cool superwoman costume...

    But the flip flops?

    That person had to have lost a bet.

    Or was double-dog dared to do that.

  7. I feel like I'm playing an elementary game of "What's Grosser Than Gross?"


  8. Ewww, that is so gross! But, nothing surprises me these days. I was looking around on Craigslist last night and saw a funny ad - a guy was looking for someone to clean his house, oh, and did I mention he is a nudist? For some reason, that just cracked me up. Do you think anyone will actually reply to his ad, LOL!

  9. You have to be kidding me! That is too funny!!

  10. Too funny! And I needed a good laugh today, so thanks for sharing...though I'm a bit grossed out.

  11. Ew, very gross, but this made me laugh out loud! Ebay is just full of wonders!


  12. You just made me laugh during in otherwise very stressful day. I had to read this posting to my Hubby, his words "Thats just nasty."

  13. okay I have thrown up twice now, and would have never believed the flip flops...evvvvver had you not shown the posting!! Beyond being gross, they were screwed too, I think they were 2 for $5 at old Navy so with shipping...they got screwed and should have for just their creepiness factor. ewwwwww

  14. People sell smelly feet stuff on eBay because other people like to buy smelly feet stuff. Not sure why.

  15. I am so happy you do have a blog!

    sandy toe

  16. I am laughing out loud. The flip flops?!?!? REALLY?!?!? Thanks for the laugh!

  17. Seriously? 5 bids? That is gross. Okay, beyond gross. And white bottoms from someone else. I don't want to think about it. Those are both a little to scary and gross for me. Thanks for the laugh though.

  18. Eww, that was extremely gross. What is worse is that people have actually made bids on those things? What in the world.

  19. Freaks....they use the Internet for their own fun, but us "normal" people have to watch it all happen. Yucky!

  20. i don't even know what to type. i am in awe. i am discusted.

    you know....the flip flop thing...some creeps like dirty old shoes, seriously! I uaed to sell vintage clothing on ebay long long ago...and I had one buyer who always would tell..."pleas, please PLEASE do NOT clean the heels before you ship them!". And, he would ask if they had been cleaned, prior to him bidding. He loved his stinky shoes. Prolly one of the many reason I don't do ebay.

  21. Julie, you are truly hilarious! There certainly are some weird folks out there, thanks for the laugh!

  22. Those flip flops are unbelievable! Someone actually bought those?...and there was more than one bid?! Crazy!

  23. Wow I guess I must be super nasty. I sell other people's used clothing on eBay all the time and have for years. Including many, many, many used bathing suits.

    The well worn shoes are marketed to the foot fetish crowd, otherwise known as "sniff and splooge" (sorry) and yeah I've done that too, a bunch of clothing sellers tried it one summer for kicks. It was actually quite fun and funny. The funniest thing that happened was a guy emailed on of the girls and wanted her to put a slice of bread in each shoes, wear them with the bread, and include the foot funked bread with the shoes. Toe jam sandwich??

    The big well worn sellers get several hundred dollars for thier stinky shoes, but they are selling more than just the shoes. Many of them include photo CD's, used socks/nylons/pantyhose, even toenail clippings - depends what the buyers request. Some guys like boobs, others like feet. It's waaaay more common that people realize.

    You do get some funny emails when you cater to that market, but they are not half as difficult to deal with as the cranky menopausal lady in Boise who whines and moans that her used Chico's tunic doesn't fit/isn't the same color as it looked on her monitor/doesn't match some other garment she has/isn't what she wanted/smells funny/looked better on the hanger/is a fake(when it's not because who the heck would fake a Chico's??)/doesn't cover her enormous booty/whatever other excuse they come up with to get money back.

    I sold my 4,128th eBay item today. I've probably seen and heard it all.

    And oh yeah, I am waaaaay jaded and cycnical because of it!

  24. ..gross. you know the flip flops are for people with weird foot fetishes. "Well used, worn flip flops"- for $10?? When the probably cost her less to begin with?
    I can't believe theres 5 bids!

  25. WOW I have a few nasty old navy flip flops maybe i should start a new business. :)

  26. That's not gross, that's AWESOME! Now I can make TONS of cash on my disgusto used flip flop stash!

    $$$$ here we come!

    ;) (totally kidding)

  27. GA-ROSS! Julie your freecycle cracks me up! and that ebay listing. the things people sell AND buy!

  28. Those flip-flops are sold on purpose that way to really weird people -- "well-worn" is the code word; mention of lysol is just to keep it from being removed by eBay (and a lie, I'm sure). But those eBay folks must be pretty naive; this stuff is up there all the time. I discovered them while searching for tights (new, of course, I was thinking!) on eBay. Since then, I avoid all foot products!!

  29. Eeeewwww!! Those flip-flops are seriously creeping me out. Whoever actually spent 10.50 and bought those...I pity them. And it's convenient that there are "no reuturns". Seriously, all you have to do is go to Old Navy, they're super cheap. Yuck.

  30. I love your Freakcycle posts! Your original was by far my favorite. I laugh just thinking about it!

  31. "big puffy heart" lol Love it! I had to read it to my hubby because he wondered why I was laughing at the computer.

  32. Yech! Thanks for sharing! I want to go take a shower now! hehe

  33. Gross! What on earth are some people thinking?

  34. You know you bought those flipflops. Admit it...

  35. I...I...uh...is trashed yellow flip flops actually a code phrase for something desirable? Like, uh, oh I don't know what.

  36. That is hilarious , made me smile
    Amy Mumaw

  37. Ewwwww!! Those flip flops are disgusting! (And, hello - they're 2/$5 new!) but white bathing suit bottoms? I just threw up in my mouth a little!

  38. Nasty nasterson! (on both things)

  39. Nasty nasterson! (on both things)

  40. Ok, I feel really lame and naive after reading all the comments about the foot fetish people. Nasty. So glad that is a world I do not reside in. Blech.

  41. OMG LOL thats both are just gross on SO many levels

  42. Yuck. I'm on the same Freecycle list and got grossed out when that email arrived. The flipflops are just ridiculous.

  43. ewwwwww ewww ewwww thanks for sharing I needed a laugh.. and squirm

  44. Okay...I don't care WHO's flip flops they were...and HOW famous their toe jam was...that is SICK...and SOOOOO way wrong...ew...Oh, btw...Can I borrow your underwear...I need them for this thing I'm doing....


  45. you are funny and made me smile...thank you!

  46. I am laughing so hard I almost..well..I had to engage kiegels. Thank you. Having a rough couple of weeks and this was the medicine I needed.