So I have chatted a bit about Freecycle before.
I have had quite a few queries as to what exactly it is.
A quick summary, is it is like Craigslist, but all of the items are offered for free.
You can even ask for things you need.
Sounds wonderful and magical doesn't it?

Well, according to my friend Alicia it is the best thing ever.
Here is a few of the things she has procured:
family passes to an incredible aquarium,
an amazing jogging stroller,
a trundle bed,
a gorgeous crib,
grocery bags of NICE fabric,
a full Fisher Price Nativity set....

The one catch is, you only can sign up for the Freecycle group in your town. Alicia lives two towns over. In Awesomeville.

I signed up for my local Freecycle group which includes 4 pretty uppity OC cities.
I instantly began to dream of the free treasures that would come my way.

However, instead I entered the Freecycle Twilight Zone.
I apparently do not live in Awesomeville.
I live in Awfulville.
Where weird people and their weird stuff come to die.

Each day I get about 20 emails from the Freecycle moderator with offers of goods.
Things like:
"Crib mattress. Several rips along each side."
"A few ziploc bags."
"Used king size waterbed sheets."
"Furby puzzle with multiple pieces missing."
"Opened bags of assorted snacks."
"A can of beets."
"Wire hangers from dry cleaners."
"1/4 of a bottle of sunscreen that expires next week."

I am not kidding.
The crazy thing is, the next day my inbox is filled with messages that read:
"TAKEN: Can of beets."
Okay, lets be perfectly honest, if I needed a can of beets (barf) it would most likely cost me less to buy it from the store than drive across town to a random house and pick up their old one.
Just saying.

Each day Alicia would get rad offers and I would get creepy ones.
Another favorite pastime of my Freecyle group is competition.
"OFFER: Teddy bear wearing a Christmas vest.
Please attach a photograph of who you would give this to and a 100 word essay as to why they deserve it."

Mind you, this is August, and no stuffed animal in the UNIVERSE is worth that kind of trouble.
I am usually trying to sneak stuffed animals OUT of the house without my kids noticing. Not writing manifestos as to why I deserve new ones.

So a month went by and nothing tempted me.
Then a little email dropped in my box:
"OFFER: Shutters. Please state why you need them."
I had been wanting a pair of shutters to hang pictures on and to add some interest to the blank walls in Janey's room. I immediately wrote back and told of my plan, as well as my availability to pick them up at her convience.
Excitedly I awaited my first Freecycle success story.
Instead I got an email back.
"I have given the shutters away to another responder. I think they would be too dark for a nursery."
Did I ask for decorating advice?
Has she ever heard of the new fangled invention SPRAY PAINT?

So anyway, I gave up trying to get things from Freecyle and began to use it to get rid of things.
At first everything was fine. I put out an offer, gave the recipient my addy, they picked it up from my porch.
But then I gave away a huge garbage bag of clothes.
Probably over 50 items.
From Gap and Old Navy.
For free.
The recipient emailed me back after she picked them up.
To thank me?
No, no, no.
Remember, I live in Awfulville.
If Alicia in Awesomeville gave away a bag of clothes the taker would probably send her flowers or a Mercedes or something.
I got an email back basically saying:
"I hate your clothes. They are awful. I would never be caught dead in them. You ruined my life by giving them to me. Now I am so very inconvenienced by this bag of hideousness. Can I bring them back?"
This is what I wanted to respond:
No. They were free. You can not bring them back. I might smack you. Throw them away for all I care. You are welcome, by the way.
But I didn't. Because even in Awfulville I feel a need to be nice.

So I took a little Freecycle break.
Until we listed our house and I cleaned out the sideyard.
I threw an offer out there for a vintage window with an American flag.
Which is awesome.
Which I could sell.
So the responder came to get it and left it on my sideyard.
No note, no explanation.
I emailed her to tell her that I would be offering it to someone else.
She responded:
"I came by, but it didn't fit in my car."
She is a LIAR!!!!
It is only 2 x 3 feet.
I can fit 4 x 8 sheets of drywall in my van along with three kids in carseats.
Liar liar pants on fire didn't want the free AWESOME window.

So then I listed a child's table and chair set from Ikea.
For free.
Responder came to get it and then emailed me:
"I'd have to paint it and that just isn't worth it..."
Worth what?
The zero dollars that you are spending on it?
The set that I bought. With money. Brought home. And built. Then offered to you FOR FREE?

I could go on and on about my Awfulville Freecycle adventures.
In fact, I don't think I have ever written a wordier post.
The constant stream of realtors coming through my house has kept me on edge and away from my stress relieving craft time.

Hopefully I will resign as mayor of Crazytown soon....
Until then, watch out.
Rambling, rant filled posts may come your way.

peace out, girl scout.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is a great post!

    I'm lucky to be a member of a pretty good Freecycle group. I've gotten some decent stuff (nothing FANTASTIC but okay stuff) and have given away a lot. I rarely have no-shows. So I guess I'm realizing how blessed I am!

    I did have one RUDE guy one time, who wanted a CD rack I was giving away. I gave the approximate dimensions in the OFFER post. After he picked it up he e-mailed me and said, "Had I realized how small it was, I wouldn't have bothered." I wanted to write an e-mail about the same as the one you wanted to write, but I held back and didn't respond. (And put him on my mental "Don't give anything to this guy" list.)

    Other than's gone pretty well. :)

  2. Wow! That does sounds awful! I would quit Freecycle cold turkey! ;) I used to belong to Freecycle, but after seeing all the junk people were offering, I said forget it. It's only good for free packing boxes. ha ha! But, I do have to say that I have never had a problem with people taking my free stuff. More like Weirdville!

  3. I am sitting in Starbucks at my laptop laughing out loud. This post is HYSTERICAL! Remind me why you're not a syndicated columnist. I have visited FC in the past here, it's a ghost town. I stick with Craigslist Free section. But after this fabulous post, I have to go back and see what kind of fun/freak my FC is.

  4. Do we live in the same neighborhood?!? I have pretty much had this exact same experience with Freecycle, or as I will now and forever call it Freakcycle. I quit it and don't think I will be going back. People who are picky over free things need to be smacked!

    Honestly, I'm starting dislike my old favorite, Craigslist too. I think it is just the area that I live in but people just don't get it.


  5. You dear, sweet soul. At first I was smiling while reading this post, thinking it was the typically fantastically sarcastic Julie scribbling about her day. But by the end of the post I could sense the honest frustration at trying to be part of a good thing. I'm sorry!! Hang in there and don't lose faith in the common good of people - that's one of your endearing qualities. :)

  6. This post is hilarious. I can't believe that someone would want to give away beats on Freecycle. I love beats, but come on.

    I hope to hear more of your Freecycle adventures someday soon. :)

  7. This should win some kind of award for hilarity! I was seriously laughing out loud! So funny!

    I belong to a very similar Freecycle group. Nothing good ever shows up and when it does it goes in like .01 seconds & I miss it.

    How about the free section on Craigslist? Do you ever look there? I have gotten some good stuff off of that.

  8. ok, can i just say OMG...LOL...this has to be by far the funniest post i have read in, well, forever...i mean what is wrong with people...they are coming to get your stuff for can't complain about FREE!! So, don't come get it...don't take it...sheesh...don't take it and complain about it!! i have to look into this freecycle thing...i have a ton of sh..stuff that i could unload on some takers!!

  9. I had tears in my eyes from laughing after reading this post!

    You made my day!

  10. Aside from the fact that reading this post nearly sent me into labor from laughing so hard... what awfulness!!!!

    You really do live in the twilight of freecycle. I can't believe that people would be so catty and mean about things they are getting for FREE!

    I don't even know if I have a local free cycle group. Around here people just tend to leave it out by the curb and anyone who wants it grabs it.

  11. Ok, now I HAVE to join so I can see what my local group has to offer. I live in a VERY hippie place, so this could be quite interesting...

  12. I also grew up in Awesomeville. Just down the street from Alicia in fact! I wish I had known about freecycle then...

    I can't wait until you resume your post as mayor too! It's coming soon! Hang in there!

  13. I think this may have been your best post EVER. Seriously-Freecycle is FREE people!! And I want both things you offered, but you live just a little too far for me to pick them up.

    I've just moved to an area where the people give everything away on Freecycle. Yesterday there was a couple of expired jars of baby food (what are you going to do with those?!?) but today someone was giving away a working treadmill they just didn't feel like taking to Goodwill or selling. I wasn't the first asker though so I didn't get it. Too bad we can't all send in pictures and the one who needs to lose the most weight gets it.
    Thanks for the laugh tonight-totally sharing this post with my husband :)

  14. Oh my- sooo funny!

    I signed up for it once, then after my email box was constantly being flooded with junk I tried to get out of it.... they wouldn't take me off the stinkin email list for a few months, it was so annoying.

    I can't believe how rude some people can be- they are given things- given, no cost to them- and they complain and rant about it?! Are you kidding me?!

    I hope that the crazy town doesn't bombard you too much and that you are able to find an awesome treasure soon!

  15. I mederate the freecycle in my county and wanted to let you know that I have people who do not live in my county as members. I am also a member of several other counties.
    I'm sorry your getting bad post. :( I hope they get better and also that you can join your friends freecycle.

  16. You had me laughing out loud! Sorry it has been so frustrating ... but honestly you can't even make this stuff up. It is so crazy!

  17. That is hilarious! I just know that all of that would happen to me too. I'm never lucky... And, I know, just like you, I'd be attracting ALL the crazies!

  18. Perhaps I should feel bad that I'm laughing so hard at this post, but I'm sorry...I just don't! People are CRAZY! I've never heard of freecycle and it sounds like a good concept. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

  19. LOL! What a great post! Sorry for your bad luck! I see great things coming your way!

  20. a. hate that you have had such AWFUL expeirences

    b. thanks for the near side splitting laugh

    c. i'll talk anything you could ever part with...your taste is IMPECCABLE!!!!


  21. You are too funny!!! Your take on this whole Freecycle debacle has made me laugh. I should check if we have a Freecycle in our area - we do have this great thing called KIJIJI - which is similar to Craigslist - but 10 times better - seriously its a free online classifieds - just way more organized than Craigslist - but maybe it is only in Canada - you will have to check that out.
    Anyway I got rather winded.. sorry.
    Peace out!! Girls scouts!! (I love that - LOL)

  22. There are some freaking weird people in the world! I have to admit, this was hilarious and I smiled to myself the whole time I was reading. People are definitely crazy. So crazy I want to watch. I'm heading on over to FreeCycle to see what's up in my neighborhood! It's like a train wreck you can't look away from...

  23. You can sign up for any freecycle you want. You just shouldn't cross-post free stuff at the same time, you should post it in the closest one, and wait a day or two if no takers, then post in a different one.

    People asking you to explain why you need something are NOT following the rules. I moderated and also started the group for my town, and there are rules. You can go to and report abuse.

  24. lol!!! I feel your pain, we must live in the same city.

  25. You are so hilarious!! I actually laughed out loud while I read this.
    I think you should have a comedy show about dealing with the crazies in your OC neighborhood. I would so watch it!

    I will say a prayer for the speedy sale of your house so you can get back to your crafty life asap!!


  26. How annoying! I've checked out the one in my city and there is only junk. Of course, the city about 1 minute from me has the good stuff and I can't have access to it.

  27. Oh my - that was a very entertaining post! You make me laugh, girl!!

  28. Wow. I was just waiting to hear how all that hanging on finally paid off, but it never came. I can't believe how rude some people are! I hope my group is better!

  29. Well, at least you could make us laugh hysterically for like 15 minutes straight!! I even had to read it to my husband. Oh man, seriously, some people in this world? I think you should talk to your friend and put your stuff up on her freecycle and let her know what you want from hers because seriously, I cannot even believe the response you are getting!! I just cannot believe people would say ANYTHING considering they are getting something for FREE. Thank you for the laugh though. You now have me wanting to check out my area and join up for FreeCycle.

  30. Too funny! Thanks for the wonderful laughs, your Freecycle sounds a lot like mine. Everything is ripped or broken or just gross. Seriously mine offered a used Neti Pot - YUCK!

  31. this is pretty much the best thing I've read all day. this totally makes me want to sign up in our area so I can have amazingly awesome stories like this.
    I'm sorry you live in Sucktown, USA

  32. Oh wow I got a good laugh out of this {sorry!}. I'm sorry it was a bad experience for you. I have never heard of the freecycle.. interesting.

  33. Ha!

    I tried freecycle once (like 8 years ago) and all I got was an inbox full of bizarre offers like the ones you described.

    I'm positive, though, that freecycle in our area of Kansas would be fabulous. So you should move here. I'm just sayin'...

  34. I have been laughing out loud through this whole post. You crack me UP! We don't have a Freecycle here, yet, but our Craigslist is just as bad. I see people get awesome vintage stuff on there and mine is offering crap! I did see an awesome Anthro couch on mine, but they wanted $6000 for it....must have been made out of gold bars.

  35. Too funny!! I have never heard of freecycle but am dieing to find out what kind of stuff people want to give away here. Loved your post, and am following you now. Thanks for the chuckle!!

  36. LOL Julie!!! I got on Freecycle because of you! LOL last week I responded to a post at 1:03 am that was posted at 1 am for an aquarium and asked when I could get it. The next day he said he took another offer. Say what!? When did you get that other offer? Surely not before 1:03 am im sure. UGH!! I feel your pain sista

  37. I needed this laugh,,, thanks a million

  38. is that vintage flag window thing still available? my mom lives in OC and I can get her to go pick it up for me! :) i promise i won't complain or send you a nasty email.

  39. Tears are streaming down my face at this post! Hubby had to come in to see what was going on.... You are HYSTERICAL!

    Isn't it amazing how "picky" people get with things that are given to them?!! FOR FREE! People, people. Crazy Town......that's where they all live!

  40. Oh, don't stop. This was the best post I'd read anywhere in quite a while!! I'm sorry for the awful experiences.......but what great stories it makes.

    (Now I'm afraid to try Freecycle!) :O)

  41. This was hilarious! I hope your luck takes a turn for the better. I've never been brave enough to try freecycle.

  42. Ouch!! I love my local freecycle but there is none of the weirdness that you describe in your town. LOL I use it mostly to get rid of things.

  43. Okay... this was so darn funny that when I tried to read it to my husband and got to the part about beats I literally couldn't finish a word I was laughing so hard and was totally tearing up... so, so funny... might also be the baby induced exhaustion or knowing how you feel even though I have never even used freecycle!

  44. That's hilarious!!! I'm a Freecycle moderator in our local group and we definitely have some weirdos. But overall it's been a great experience. I do keep a mental list of Freecycle flakes that I no longer respond to. Sometimes people are idiots. There is just no other explanation.
    You need better moderators. It's totally against the rules to bring stuff back. In our group those people get banned.

  45. I laughed so hard! I used to live on the other side of Awesomeville and our freecycle wasn't too bad. A few years ago, there was lots of baby stuff I got (a pack n' play!) bbut then we moved to SD and well, it's not as good!

    My mom lives in the OC and I would LOVE to take that kids table and chairs off your hands! And I promise not to come by and look at it and then drive away! And I definitely won't send you a nasty email!

    seriously, some people think they can get away with saying and doing WHATEVER they want!

  46. this is me clapping. no words, just clapping to your awesome post. i needed that tonite, you are hillarious. i say, mayor of funnyville. ;) too cute.

  47. wow...that sounds absolutely horrible!
    I don't think i want to try it at all. *shudder*

  48. oh my goodness gracious you had me (and my DH) laughing my (our) head(s) off this morning! and that would probably be the reason I should never try freecycle! I have a feeling you & I live in sister towns ;)

  49. That is interesting...of course, I don't need anymore junk around here!
    sandy toe

  50. Oh this cracked me up so much - I cannot even believe people would respond to free stuff like that!!

  51. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    thank you for the laugh, I needed it this morning!!!

    have you thought of writing a book?

  52. Well I wish I lived near you....I would have loved your clothes and your awesome window! And I would have thanked you for them :) People just are not grateful for anything....

    By the way anytime I try to get anything "good" on freecycle it's always already gone....

  53. Hilarious! I am scared of freecycle now. I am quite certain i live in crazyville as well.

  54. What a great post! FUNNY!!! Made my morning. At first I thought you were making this stuff up. Who does those things? We have a lot of weirdos where I live so I am sure ours would be the same. Great post!

  55. EGAD! Not only is this hilarious, but you also need to move by me. I would so take that stuff. Our freecycle is only frustrating because everything is ALWAYS already taken.

  56. you said BARF! I cracked up at my desk! Beets are gross!

    And good story... I don't think I'll delve into the world of Freecycle just yet... Craigslist is still my friend!

  57. That is seriously so funny! Sorry though for all your annoying experiences!

  58. this is a GREAT post!! i am right there with you on hating free cycle ... i deleted my accout i was so annoyed by the people as you described.

  59. Truly hilarious but oh so sad that people who are getting something for nothing can be so outrageously rude! I'm a recent member of our local freecycle and like you, my email has been flooded with freecycle junk.
    I cannot believe that someone told you that your free clothes "ruined" their life. Unblievable.

  60. Oh my goodness, what is WRONG with people?? I can't believe the nerve. I lived in "the OC" for a couple of years. I'm oh-so curious where your awfulville vs your friends awesomville are and if I could relate but I won't make you divulge the secret. ;)

  61. Oh....I needed this today! I was laughing so hard my side hurts now! I want you to know...I would have LOVED all your stuff!!!! I must be behind the times...go figure, I live in Kansas...but, freakcycle, err...freecycle is now on my list! LOVE IT!!!!

  62. I am so glad that I subscribed to your blog. That is a great story. You had my attention the whole time! LOL. I almost want to see what happens if I go on. Ha-ha too funny. Thanks for sharing!

  63. Oh man, You just made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  64. LOL! I'm so sorry! I LOVE freecycle, I didn't realize I was so lucky to be in a good area. Some people really need to cool it.

  65. OK, that is hilarious! Bizarre, but hilarious! :)

  66. OH MY GOODNESS. Who would have any notion to write back to you about free clothes. If you don't like them, don't keep them. I try to be from Niceville too, however that would really irk me! I would refrain from using the service to if you live in Awfulville :)
    I in Indy may have to check it out though. Makes for a really funny story though!

  67. The shutters are too dark for a nursery? Write 100 words about why you would want a tacky teddy bear? I don't know if I am amused or disgusted that this type of people exist.

    I am sure that I live in an Awfulville-esque area, based on the type of people I see at WalMart. Makes me curious what kind of stories I could collect on freecycle.

  68. Funniest. Post. Ever.

    I happen to live in Awfulville, IL. Nice to meet ya! Our Freecycle is weird too. Someone offered a can of cranberry sauce once, a week after Thanksgiving. They had bought too much and couldn't use it. Mind you, it was still on sale at a local grocery store 3 cans for $1. They couldn't just toss into a food drive bin at school/church/library/etc? Even the gas stations around here collect nnon-parishables for the needy at that time of the year!

    We also have this lovely person on our group whose nickname is "spoiledrottenmommy60478" who has stated multiple times which subdivision she lives in (all $900,000+ McMansions - median house price around here is $300K) and she constantly begs for, I mean requests, luxury items. Like stuff no one in their right mind would ever just give away for the heck of it. Stuff like:
    "Desperately Needed!!!! 4 working iPod Touches for mu Kiddos!"
    "DIRE NEED!!! Above ground large swimming pool with ladder, deck and all filters. Will need you to install for me."
    She has also asked for cell phones, Pottery Barn new in package kids bedding, new Le Creuset cookware in apple green and a riding mower for their nearly 3-acre lot.

    The stuff people actually offer on there? I could probably find all of it along the curb in my wn neighborhood every Thursday night when we put the trash out. LOL!

  69. Oh gosh, I have not laughed this hard in a LONG time!!!

  70. Oh. My. Gosh. This is one of the funniest blog posts I have ever read. I was laughing out loud. I even drug my husband over to the computer to make him read it. And even he thought it was hilarious. Freecycle is such a great concept, but I've found it to be odd at times too. I love that you've nicknamed it Freakcycle. Hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh today.

  71. We must live in the same Awfulville! I had huge dreams, too, of amazing things and have NEVER gotten anything better than what you have listed. I, too, gave up. I check Craigslist free area once in awhile. I wish I lived near the Awesomeville freecycle. Oh well.

  72. hilarious! I have been wondering about I think I am too freaked out to mess with it.

  73. you crack me up in a million little pieces..not the book!

  74. Oh my gosh! Your stories are so crazy. I would love to get free stuff especially what you where giving away. Some people just can't be grateful. I hope you don't give up and find some fabulous stuff. If I lived near you I would free cycle you some great stuff just to make you feel less stressed. Good Luck on your move.

  75. Sorry for all your freecycle woes...I tried it too without any luck - though nothing like your stories! It did make for a great post though...thanks for a good laugh! :) Here's to hoping your life calms down a bit...moving stress is never fun!

  76. I have hardly ever commented on your blog, but I read it ALL the time! This post was hilarious!! should have it published as a review for free cycle or something....I was laughing so hard!! Thanks for the daily fun!

  77. Too funny, I just recently got involved with freecycle again, actually Craigslist too. :) Does CA have restrictions on joining more than one freecycle group? Here in Iowa you can join more than one group, but maybe that is because some of the freecycle groups aren’t as big and you are lucky if there are a couple of posts a month on some groups. I am a member of three groups and two of the three are really small communities, so I enjoy the big one more even though it is not the actual county I live in. The bigger community group has some nice stuff (but it does go fast if you don’t have your butt planted in front of the computer) but I think that is because there are a lot of listings and so I don’t notice some of the things I don’t want. I’m sorry you have had such a poor experience with freecycle, but you did turn it into an amusing story which definitely gave me a few laughs that I needed!! I can’t believe how ungrateful people can be for FREE stuff. The only e-mail I would send to someone after getting something on freecycle would be a thank you. If the item wasn’t something I thought it was/didn’t like it, I would NOT write an ungrateful e-mail. I would just pass it along to someone else that might enjoy it more than me. But that is me and I’m kind of odd duck in this big world. Hope you are able to snag a thing or two from Awesomeville. :)

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  78. And my brother just saw this ad on

    MY bike was stolen too

    there have been lots of bikes stolen just like mine. it's very noticeable if you see it. its a black OCC stingray with flames. plus its rusty. if you see it, please drop it off at 1216 13th st. thank you.

  79. at least you got farther then me. I can't figure out how to even sign up. At least now I know I am not missing anything since I too live in the same town as you. Yikes...

  80. ok so if shipping across country were FREE I would SO take the Ikea set!! I have been looking for one since we moved back from Germany and well, frankly I just do not want to pay full price again! So free and some spray paint would be LOVELY!

    I think I need to see what our FreeCycle offers....its a military community so I might just get lucky!! Or not!

  81. This post had me rolling! I needed this today. Looking forward to more word-filled rants. Love them!

  82. I laughed so hard at this post that I think I jerked something loose! I wish I lived near you . . . your "stuff" sounds awesome.

  83. oh geez louise! I think you'd be better off sitting it in your front yard with a free sign on it... the right person driving by, you'd make their whole day!

    People can be so weird.

    hope you have better luck. ;-)

  84. oh my gosh, you kill me. your responses are hilarious.
    i have 2 red shutters you can have. i loved them but have changed it up a bit. no room for them. if we do a show together soon, i'll bring them.
    let me know.

  85. That was stinkin hilarious! I kept laughing out loud... I will have to give it a try to see if I live in Awesomeville or Awfulville.

  86. This totally made me laugh outloud. What a bunch of ungrateful freaks! I hope you get to move to Awesomeville!

  87. This is one of the funniest blog posts I've ever read. I tried to check out Freecycle myself, but it doesn't seem like there are any groups near me. Now I feel glad it didn't work out!

    I think it's time for you to quit Freecycle.

  88. OMG, this post was so stinkin' funny! I've never gotten anything from Freecycle, because apparently I live in Awfulville as well, but I just moved last month, so this reminds me to check out my new town's forum and see if maybe I've stumbled upon some awesomeness. I'm not going to get my hopes up, though!

  89. LOL
    You are cracking me up that was the funniest post ever!! I have tried Freecycle to get rid of things and was successful, sorry you had such a strange/horrible experience!

  90. seriously? I mean...
    SERIOUSLY!!! they didn't like the clothes? You have GREAT taste! and I would take your window...sorry your freecycle experience is sad.

  91. i too have heard great things about freecycle and have even gotten a few great things on there, but lately....woooo! there have been some doozeys. my favorite, and i'm not making this up, OFFER: Used bed comforter has been outside on back porch. cats have peed on it and a raccoon pooped on it. but this story gets better! the next day it said TAKEN peed and pooped on comforter!!! what is wrong with people!?! just wanted you to know you are not alone.

  92. By far the most well written post I have read in a looong time, sorry it is at your expense that I spent the whole time laughing! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day...

  93. I have never lauged so hard in my life! You are the most hilarious girls I have ever (not) met! You are SO right on about all the crazies! I can't even believe the people that say the FREE stuff isn't worth their time. Are you kidding me?! PAINT people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Okay, its almost midnight, and thanks to your AWESOME post, I will be up for hours...I've never laughed sooo hard!! I'd have to say your friend Alicia is defiantly the minority when it comes to freecycle...most that I'm use to are aweful! THank again!!

  95. So funny! I only used Freecycle to give away ONE thing, but it was cool and i got, like, 10,000 responses and I had to pick ONE person to get it. That's it though, I've been sooooo lucky on Craigslist and even got a cool Pottery Barn table for CHEAP. Cooincidentally, I have a weekly column I call "Freecycle Friday" on my blog.....but not named after the real Freecycle.

  96. I laughed so hard that I cried when I read this!

  97. My sister linked to this post on her blog because it was so funny. I had to laugh because I'm on a FreeCycle list too. I've gotten some pretty awesome stuff...anyway...I never wanted shutters, but when I saw some come up in Craig's List free section I responded...and went and picked them up. I have a couple ideas for them, but right now they're hiding on our backporch because I know my husband will not be excited when he knows about them. Anyway, on the way to pick them up there were a bunch of left-overs from a garage sale where I got a free new stereo system. The one we've had is about 15 years old and not working so hot and we'd been talking about getting a new one, but didn't have the money. So...AWESOMEVILLE and all because of you and wanting those shutters. Wish I could give them to you for your kid's room! (But at least now my husband can't hate them too much since we got a stereo out of it.) Thanks!

  98. Oh My Goodness!!!! This has to be the funniest post I have ever read! Pee in my britches funny! I so can relate to things like that. Keep up the great posts, thanks.

  99. I am literally laughing so hard I'm crying after reading this - thank you for making my day!!

  100. Oh my gosh- I just read this entire post aloud to my mom. I could barelly get through it I am laughing so hard. favorite post. ever.