Not many things could get me back on Sketchy Air.
But the thought of a weekend away, crafting, chatting, antiquing, laughing, eating, and relaxing with new and old friends, was just the lure I needed.

Meg was our hostess with the mostess, and each and every minute was so fun, so special, so perfect.
She summed up our adventures beautifully here.

If you have ever thought of getting your friends together, local or far away, for a happy girlie crafty weekend, stop thinking and start planning.

There are no words to describe how amazing it is to get together and share life.  Share stories.  Encourage.  Laugh.  Grow.

If only Kansas, Oaklahoma, and Alabama were closer.

Thank you girls for spending the weekend with me.  Thank your husbands and children for letting you go.  Thank you Meg for being so, so fabulous.


  1. I already told Heather M. please plan a crafty weekend so that I can come and craft, craft away! Pretty please :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! If you ever do one of those here in The O.C. let me know.

    I saw that Cora's mommy, Jess was there. My Nate was born on the same day at Cora so I feel an attachment to her.


  3. Julie, I loved seeing all the pictures of you ladies! What a blessed time you got together! I heard so much from Jess about your weekend - and it sounded fabulous!

  4. Your weekend looked amazing! Love your blog!

  5. So glad you had a fun time! It is important to have some girl time and to add creative time - even better! As a matter of fact, some of my sewing buddies and I are getting together in March at our "ususal" spot. Can't wait!

  6. Love it! I would SO love to crash one of your KS get-togethers some time- you ladies look like you really know how to do it!

  7. no offense, but you could of left us a little warmth and sunshine when you left! we are stuck here in the blizzard of oz 2011! :) so glad you came!!

  8. Hey....Arizona is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Come here and let's all play!

  9. I have that pink striped shirt from Old Navy, too! I big, puffy heart it!

  10. And CT
    CT needs to be closer :-)

    Love all the posts and pictures of such a beautiful weekend
    love how God brings us all together like this

  11. really happy i found ya! love it love it love it-
    new google friend follower- kelli

  12. I thought I recognized you in Meg's post.

    That weekend looked absolutely dreamy. So needed by all I'm sure.

  13. How fun! Friends, crafting, shopping, and getting to know each other... it's a good thing.
    tracy (

  14. Hi Joy!

    I´m one of Ashley´s readers and I´ve read about your weekend. What an opportunity!!!!

    You girls deserve it for being such an inspiration for us! Thanks!

    PS: your blog is really cute! Congrats.

    Mirys - from Brazil

    PS2: our - me + 2 kids - blog have a translation button if you wanna stop by anytime... be welcome!

  15. That does sound amazing! But no local friends or any that craft, really keeps that from happening. :(