Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my delicious.

Hey you.
Thanks a lot for my newest addiction.
How have I survived all of these years without knowing the power and wonder that is Nutella?
I am in love.
Dangerous love.

Right up there with my dangerous love for 
It's bad.
Really bad.

Halley was born to wear this.

Lulu.  Whole outfit.  So her.

  This.  On chunky, bald Janey.  Seriously.  Edible.

Me.  The cozy cuteness will be the end of me.
Way better than my janky wannabe pants.

The Trunk Show is open.
Want in on the cuteness?

Click here for the deets.

It's all so pretty I could cry.


  1. Wait til you start buying Costco size jars of Nutella. Dangerous.

  2. Nutella and graham crackers....So delish!
    I wish I could partiicipate in your trunk show but since I'm the budget keeper, I wouldn't cut my wish list at all. It's better if I just don't look. I am looking forward to the day when I can say "budget schmudget, I'm going shoppin!"
    You have a degree in rocket surgery? You're crazy talented! :D

  3. Love that little dress! These Nutella cookies are the bomb!

  4. I agree with the Nutella and all the fashions except that I really loved your wannabe pants...maybe more than the Matilda Jane's!

  5. Nutella is so yummy! And those clothes are amazing!

  6. I don't dare try Nutella. I'm afraid I'd like it. You look adorable in the outfit.

  7. Nutella is my security blanket whenever I travel overseas... a safe yet lethal choice :P

  8. The first time I tried Nutella I was in Thailand and it was in pancakes that were sold for like 25 cents on the street. It was like Heaven. Actually, I think Thailand might really be a literal piece of Heaven.

    And, as soon as I saw those brown pants I thought of you. You need to have those.

  9. I never tried it because for some reason I thought it would be like vegamite!

    And then one day I saw it in a cupcake recipe. And bought some. And over the next couple of days ate the ENTIRE thing with a spoon!

    I have to talk myself out of buying the two large jars at Costco EVERY time I go!!

  10. i love nutella.

    all that cocoa. all that hazelnut. just waiting for me and my spoon. or a graham cracker. or my finger. or whatever. however i can get at it. LOL

  11. Seriously. I did not know about her before you just posted about this. And all of her stuff is pure awesomeness. Hope the trunk show goes good. And now you are making me want to try Nutella too. Not good. Oh, and I am having lots of fun with Mr. M on my camera. Happiness to you.

  12. I don't know how I went so many years without knowing about Nutella, but once I moved to Germany that's all they eat here (no peanut butter)! And I am totally and completely ADDICTED!!

  13. Gotta love nutella! My kids actually eat their sandwiches when I make them peanut butter and nutella sandwiches on whole wheat bread:)

  14. nutella can be smeared on approximately 427 food items. usually i just spoon it out of the jar, hence the 9 dirty spoons in our sink.
    i'll post a few of my nutella crazy recipes on my blog today or tomorrow.
    it really doesn't compare, but ALDI has a junk version of nutella, which isn't awful, and saves a chunk of change.
    doesn't that sound tempting?

  15. Seriously. You have just now tried Nutella? have been deprived!
    ...and yes -- MJ causes addictions. Bad addictions.

  16. LOL, I just blogged like two days ago about seeing a giant jar of Nutella at the store for the first time. That stuff is awesome. They say it's "hazelnut spread" but all I see, smell and taste is chocolate. It's become one of our staple groceries.

  17. pretzels...that's all I'm gonna say...

  18. Do you like the font on the Nutella jar? Just wondering.

  19. Um, I recently started adoring Nutella and now buy in bulk on Costco:) I have a wickedly yummy banana bread recipe that uses it. Yum. I need to invent a cupcake that uses it.

  20. I love's a dangerous thing!

    sandy toe

  21. Nutella & Strawberries!! Oh and heat up your nutella for a fondue experience that is out of this world!

  22. Wendy's comment cracked me up.

    I've never tried Nutella either...cause I'm not a chocolate fan. But my sister says it's Heaven. Just saw it at CostCo last week. In a bathtub size jar!

  23. glad to give you a new reason to sneak out to the store late at night. like another commenter here, i, too finished my jar recently with a spoon...alas, the pretzels were all gone.

    nice photo. practicing with Mr. M. good for you.

  24. Sigh. I need a girl. Bad. Can I borrow one of yours? Can Lulu come to live with us?

  25. missed the flippin' trunk show. arrrgh! but, have not missed out on nutella goodness. thanks to my french teacher in 7th grade (shout out, mdme. richard) circa 1990, i've been enjoying it for 20 years.


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