Today I will tell you a little story about how I  
(kindly think of Jack Johnson when you read those three words.)

My tall friend Casey gives me rad hand me down clothes, purses, awesomeness.
Newsflash: I'm short.
Pants are always too long.
Capris are pants.
It's pathetic.
I have a tailor that I adore, but I didn't plan enough ahead (standard) and wanted to wear them on a little plane vacay, of which I still haven't to blogged about! But I digress... to wear the comfy jeans on what for sure would be a Southwest middle seat flight, I needed to do a little creative tailoring myself.  Which was a good or bad idea, depending on the way you look at it.

Basically, they needed to be 

Inspired by these pants from my current obsession, Matilda Jane, 

I hastily chopped them into capris,
made a ruffle out of the leftovers,
apparently totally forgot how to properly attach ruffles, considering they are wrong side out and all scraggly since my serger was broken, but then didn't care because hey, they are
and crazy comfortable.
All hippie like and earthy.

See, in spite of my laundry woes, I do heart the planet.

Go hug a tree. 

*** Edited to add:
The sandals are from Target.  Comfy as flip flops & cheap.  My fave kind of shoes.***


  1. i love that they are scrappy and inside out! i think they are so much cuter that way. p.s. they look rad with your sweet sandals.

  2. I've seen those matilda jane pants for little ones, never saw the adult version...cute!

  3. you're so scrappy :) love the sandals. and I can never not think of JJ when I hear those 3 words. Never ever!

  4. Awesome. So cute with the sandals. I've always wished I could sew. Great Job!

  5. I actually kind like how it turned out with them backwards! I wish jeans were too long on me, becaue I'd totally use that idea!

  6. too're brilliant!! Happy Earth Day!!

  7. genius! those pants are way cute now! i want some!! :)

  8. TOO stinkin' CUTE!!!! and I LOVE all their "happy scrappy" look!
    I'm so short too!!!(5'3-if I stand real tall on my very tippy toes- and tease my wild curly hair an extra couple inches!) I'm totally stealin' this idea!!
    Thank you!!

  9. first off, i have the cocoa big ruffle pants and they are as delicious as they seem.
    secondly, i'm, currently getting ready to procure and old pair of dungarees to do the same.
    thank you, for giving me another sewing project. i, really, didn't have enough. :)

  10. additonally, i had those sandals in my cart the other day and put them back. oh, the regret...
    AND, i'm 6 feet tall and have the complete opposite of problems. think on that...

  11. They turned out super cute!
    I make pants like this for the girls all the time...and every time I have to talk myself thru the ruffle like it was my first. DUH.
    I might have to try a pair for me =)

  12. i heart matilda jane. cutest stuff.

  13. Love them! Happy Earth Day my friend!

    Sorry I haven't commented for awhile...I am still alive, just not on the computer much these days...

    Hope you are having an awesome day!

  14. umm... I just glanced down at the bottom of my jeans - and, oh yeah -- they're all mangled & rip & yuck. What can I say? ha!

    I need to do this!

    and, yes. Matilda Jane rocks my socks. love me some mj!

  15. SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU'RE TALKING TO ME...cause I love them LOTS. OMGoodness, you rock.

    Sorry for the caps, I just really love them and need to shout at you to let you know that.

    Totally awesome, friend.

  16. Absolutely adorable! And what is better than J.Johnson, M. Jane and tree hugging? :)

  17. You should save all those too-long-for-you pants bottoms and send them to me so I can sew them to the bottom of all my too-short-for-me pants.

    We are definitely going to need to take a picture next month with you, Heather (another shorty, like yourself), me and Mel (who has pants issues like I do.) Funny stuff!

  18. LOVE them!! Thanks for the fantastic idea!! I am short so this is perfect!

  19. oh my heavens those are adorable...i must make some for my 5ft self :)

  20. So cute! And love the sandles too.

  21. *freakin adore*

    and if those shoes are from the red dot boutique I have them too. great minds think alike.


  22. Fabulous. And those sandals... rocking! Do share where you got them...

  23. no stinken' way. those are darling.
    i'll take a pair, please.

    But, I'm too tall...pants are capris for me...can you cute that up???

    Lucy (in IN)

  25. Cute with them sewn that way!
    start a new trend!! lol!
    I can not .. i repeat NOT sew that well! So there ya go! Well done!

  26. Those are so awesome!!! I recently found an article online called 'How to hem your jeans and not look like a dork.' The name alone is hilarious! But the tutorial is so cool. Here's the link:

    Not only do your pants not look dorky, but they look so hip!! Great upcycle!!

  27. So cute! I love them!Now....if we could find someone taller than mee to give me some hand me down jeans I too would like you to do that! XO

  28. Oh how I love those! How very cute!! Its impressive that you did those. I don't do bluejean very well when it comes to sewing. Did you make the pattern up in the noggin or did you find one online?

  29. So Cool. I am so inspired to do something like this.... Thanks.

  30. Wow...I liked your idea....keep it up
    Take care
    god bless.......