How fun would it be to have all of my favorite friends over
to shop from my favorite clothing line?

I'd serve lots of coffee,

Tomorrow I am hosting a virtual
trunk show.

Can you even stand the cuteness?

Grab a cup of coffee, something sweet, and shop away.
I will take care of the ordering for you, while my sweet trunk keeper ships the happiness your way.

Clicky click HERE for all of the details.
I'll send you an imaginary cupcake!

P.S. Each purchase will be entered into a drawing for a rad prize!  


  1. Times like this I would like to have a lil girl to put in these BEAUTIFUL creations... BTW where did the pennant banner over lay come from Picnik? <3 it...

  2. If you send me a picture of toffee crack, I'm IN.

  3. Will the cupcake make it to Australia!!!! Ah the virtues of being virtual!! LOVE this stuff, adult pieces are DIVINE too!!!

  4. Oh please post the recipe for toffee crack ~ you are not the first person to mention it ~ what am I missing?! =) Absolutely amazing photos the umbrella and the bench... love how they match the cute clothes!!

  5. Love the pictures, the clothes and the cutie wearing them! I'm "in"

  6. Aaaah I am dying of cuteness overload! Please send me the details! I'm going to have to make toffee crack to snack on during browsing ... maybe the resulting sugar high will loosen the purse strings ;)

  7. Those are the cutest leggings ever.. What fun... I want to mash my 17yr old down again just so she can wear them.. Darling

  8. darling pictures julie. darling!!!!!

  9. Love photo shoot! Thanks for your comment ! and yeah your totally right I kicked myself for not buying the shell chandlier or that
    cool toolbox. Going back in August definatly making a stop there again.