I need to stop making sweeping generalizations.
Prideful statements of things I will never do as a parent.
Things my kids will never do.
Because the more I learn, the less I know.

This parenthood adventure is humbling.
All too often I realize how wrong my thinking was.
How unfair my judgements have been.

This week has taught me a few lessons.

Over and over again I swore we would never have a baby gate.
Which is really easy to say when you live in a one story.
But then we moved.
To a house with crazy stairs.
Add in one shady baby who is scary fast and super sneaky.
We are now one of those people that I used to mock.
One of those baby gate people.

It is annoying.
I hate it.
But I am pretty sure I would hate an ER trip more.

Just a few days ago, on Twitter, I bragged about my never fail garlic remedy for ear infections.
I literally tweeted: 
"My kids have never been on an antibiotic."
Ha ha ha ha ha.

Which meant that for sure my 100% garlic success rate was destined to fail.

In the form of an miserable child.
Days of high fevers.
A nearly ruptured eardrum.
A first ever trip to the pharmacy.
A serious talking to from the pediatrician.  Legit antibiotics.

So, I am trying to be flexible.  Knowing that even if I have 100 kids, what works for one, may not work for the others.  The baby gate will eventually come down.  The antibiotics will not ruin my kid's life.  I will work on ceasing to say never.

Wish me luck.


  1. Oh! I feel for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all!

  2. Good luck.

    We have two sets of stairs so gates are a must. But now I have a super sneaky sneak who can climb under the retractable gate. I'm thisclose to a leash.

    Not really.


  3. I think we all do this :)

    I swore up and down that I wouldn't have a "pacifier baby." I even returned every single pacifier we were given in shower gifts. Guess whose baby loves a bedtime binky? ;)

  4. I honestly think its God's way of keeping us humble. If we are proud of what we will never do He will definitely show us we are not as in control as we like to think we are.

    Every thing I said I would never do with my kids, I ended up eating my words!

  5. Your right. Every kid is different and parenting has to change to work with each personality. I always think that God is upstairs watching us like a comedy.

  6. Girl...I swore I'd never drive a van...Now I frequently talk about my next van!!!

    We had the retractable gate at our old house and it was fabulous. Worth every penny to slide it back in and not feel like you live at the zoo!

  7. Oh Julie...I used to be one of those moms too. Thus the reason I was asking about your magic garlic in the ear trick. You're a good mom. I hope your girl feels better soon and the antibiotics work their magic. Did you get my email?

  8. Dang I hate it when I have to eat my words. We all are guilty of it. It means you're human--dang!

  9. “Before I was married I had three theories about raising children. Now I have three children and no theories!” - John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester

    I said I would never co-sleep. Ha ha, now I have two sleeping kids in my bed most nights. :)

  10. I know what you mean. So many things I thought I would "never" do as a parent.. but children have a way of being unpredictable and changing us. I don't like the baby gates either, but I use one because we have a den with a step down stair and I don't want the baby rolling down the steps, so I can totally relate on that one.

  11. Been there. Said that. Ate those words!

  12. Oh no! Who has the ear infection? At least you got the cute Target Rx bottle. Baby gates don't look awesome, but they are.

    BIG hugs, my friend!

  13. The "I would never" monster gets all of us mommies at one time or another. The worst is when you hear yourself saying the things your parents said that you SWORE you would never say to your own kids. Good times!

  14. At least you are honest enough admit these things, some people we try to hide it!

    You rock,

  15. Oh, I totally GET this! I have baby gates ALL over my tri-level house. It stinks! I can't wait until she can maneuver these stairs safely!

  16. That could've been me with the antibiotics. I have frequently been known to say that my kids have NEVER been for a sick child visit. I know part of it is that we breastfeed much longer than most and don't send our kids to daycare/school, but we are also extremely blessed with good health. There are many people who do everything "right" and still have severe problems.

    We have baby gates too and hate them. We have a pee-happy dog who has to stay in the kitchen when unsupervised and also stairs. There's no way around it that I know of. With my older daughter I'd forget and leave the gate open, walk in the kitchen for a minute, come back and my pre-walking climber would be halfway up the stairs! Eek!

  17. ugh... i hate baby gates too. they are so annoying to climb over. but after a few times of forgetting to close that gate and a toddler tumbling down the stairs i am glad we have it. thankfully those times she did not get injured!

  18. Ear infections.. those were my life. Seriously.. the Nubs must have taken your family's for you. Every month from birth until she got the tubes in. That red Target anitbiotic bottle, I am a little too familiar with. Another family member here for us. Hope for a speedy recovery.

  19. That is the best blessing of twins. I learned from the first day to never say never. It is also a daily lesson in nurture versus nature.

  20. AMEN to Thirty Six Ten's comment!

  21. yep. sometimes - you've just gotta do what a mommy's gotta do. (even if you don't really want to)... no fun. but, yep...

    this too shall pass.

  22. I hear ya! I swore I would never have a child sleeping in our bed. After three girls, I can now say that at some point all three have slept with us. Somewhere along the way I became a babywearing, co-sleeping, organic eating, garden growing, hollistic remedies, crunchy granola mama. Sigh. Lord knows best :D

  23. I said the same thing about the baby gates! And we not only have a gate, but we have the mother of all gates because our living room is spread out all wonky and I have twins. And they crawl like little lightning bolts in opposite directions.

    Oh baby gates, why do you make us feel so silly.

  24. I once told my husband, "I will never date you". Talk about eating my words! :)

  25. Total understandable about the baby gate. I wouldn't want one either but your point is valid. It is much better than an ER visit. She's so darn cute!

    Love your blog, by the way. <3

  26. I've just spent the morning scouring the internet for the perfect baby gate. We have a wonky living room. Looks like I'll go broke outfitting this joint. I never had a problem with the idea of baby gates, but I did swear I would never drive a minivan. Now it's all I dream about.

  27. I completely understand!

    I was just talking w/ hubby saying the older I get the more I feel like I don't know a THING!

    I'll be praying for your family to get some rest!