The day before Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.
I get to spend the morning with my besties and our mamas,
eating great food and just being together.
This was our eighth year celebrating what has become a beautiful tradition.
Richelle's house is full of eye candy from top to bottom.
Greeting us at the door was a

Happy printable toppers from 

(Which was gobbled up before I could take a picture.)

Lots and lots of coffee.

My friends are more than a girl could ever hope for.
I am counting down the days until next year's brunch.

I heart the Aqua Apron Sisters.
BFF's forever and ever.


  1. wait. wait. wait. first-where is Richelle's blog? I really need to see the rest of her house!
    second-i wanna come. that is so ridiculously cute and all of you guys in your aprons and the necklaces? a little jealous over here... :)
    looks like such a fun tradition!

  2. I love love love your photos!! Check out my blog if you would.

  3. Beautiful. Cute. and so so fun!!

  4. auuuuwwwww! that is awesome!
    i am definitely feeling the need to change mother's day for next year. celebrating with my girlfriends. celebrating the mothers in my life.

    it all sounds lovely.
    and yummmmmy.

    we talked about you at sugar sisters on sunday. :)

  5. what a fantastic tradition! i think that is the best way i've heard of spending mother's day and i'm gonna get on the horn to my mom now and plan something for us for next year.

    you're right. your momma is gorgeous.

  6. You and your mom are BEAUTIFUL... Sounds like a fun afternoon!

  7. What a sweet tradition! Looks like you guys had a beautiful day!

  8. Those aprons just make me smile...especially as they are worn with all friends. Oh the happiness. What a fabulous idea. Looked and sounded beautiful, yummy, and fun. That picture with all you ladies just makes me happy for good friendships

  9. Fun, Fun, Fun.
    Love this idea so much, I need to make this a new tradition!
    And, you look so much like your mom! Wow, you both have the same beautiful blue eyes!

  10. your momma is beautiful!!! ...and i'm digging those messy flowers with the initials!!!!!!

  11. beautiful ladies and a beautiful friendships.

  12. Lovely! Did you get your love of aqua from your Mom?

  13. What a great tradition!!! Love those aprons! :)

  14. you are too cute!
    and so is your mama!
    I just love your "aqua apron sisters" club. Such a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day :)

  15. beautiful tradtion, wonderful friendships and those aprons are almost as beautiful as the ladies wearing them! Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a lovely tradition...that's the way to celebrate! :D

    and. that coffee filter garland. genius.

    (and -- the bib/statement necklaces...fabulousness.)

  17. Your mom is beautiful! You both are!! So fun!

  18. the aprons, the pins on them. can. I . be . your. friend.