If you aren't a fan of randomness, feel free to click away. 
But if you are, this is the post for you.
The jackets from the mustard day extravaganza?
Old Navy.
Fall 2008.
For only $4.97.
Don't hate.  

Liberty of London dresses that I bought for Easter,
which turned out to be FREEZING, 
made their appearance at church for Mother's Day.

Have you tried these?
Because you should.
They are crazy delicious.

Huggies Jean Diapers?
NOT awesome.
I thought they were fake.
They are real.
Not okay.
Sort of weird and creepy.
Acid washed?

Hand massage from a preschooler?
Better yet, a Chewie loving preschooler?
The best.

I love this show.
It is about so much more than football.
My heart breaks every week.
If you are a human, you should program it into your DVR.
Then rent the first three seasons from Netflix.
Especially if you like crying.

Ruffle leggings.
Janey has them in every color.
Seriously, can't you just snack on the cuteness?
Even better than the pretzel M&M's.

I want to be a kid again.
They have the best lives!

Happy randomness to you.


  1. Great pics.

    Randomness is my fav.

    HAve an awesome week!

  2. Happy belated Mother's Day! Hope you had an awesome day. Love all the awesome photos of the girls of late...and super cute outfits to boot!

  3. Don't tell me about pretzel M & M's. Just one more temptation to yield to. Loved the ruffled tights. Aah! And I have all grandsons. Poo! You're a great shopper. Random on...

  4. My daughter had the same coat from the first pic! I felt soooo sad when she finally out grew it! And the M&Ms are on my must try list, I heard they have a cherry M&M out now too!

  5. I LOVE randomness....it adds variety to our lives....kids are the best, they have magic lives & I think it is sad that they have to grow up so fast!


    A.) Not sure how I feel about the M&Ms. I will try them though, because I do everything you tell me to. (Not really, but kinda.)

    B.) FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Ohhh Emmm Geee...love it. so. very. much. Bonus...my actor friend had a small part on it. He was a teacher.

    C.) Can't stand how adorable your kids are. Still waiting to trade them with Tucker for a weekend.


  7. love the target leggings, charlotte got one of those liberty of london dresses (for easter) too....and seriously? FNL? wasn't the season premiere sooo good? LOVE me some coach taylor and tim riggins! yum!

  8. I LOVE friday night lights. Drew and I got hooked season 1. I think Mrs. Taylor plays the most realistic wife/mom/woman. Love her balance of strength and grace.

    Speaking of good TV (that is a funny phrase) - have you seen the show Parenthood. I like it. :)

    Lets hang soon! :)

  9. So....are those diapers a way for us NOT to dress our babies bottoms? They are almost as bad as the jean leggins from the Gap. Have you seen those? BLECK!

    BTW...I could eat all your girls up....they are all so yummy looking!

  10. Unfortunately my husband introduced me to these m&m's last weekend. They are good! I love those coats from Old Navy. I had almost bought one for my niece when they were super on sale. Dreaming of having a girl to put in leggings some day. Lucky you!

  11. I just watched all 3 seasons of Friday Night Lights and fell in love! Great post.

  12. Sometimes I want to be a kid again so I can jump in the inflatables playground without pretending to "help" my kid. But that is about all because there are definitely some things I don't want to go through again, like getting my wisdom teeth removed.

    Those diapers are hideous. Are they trying to keep up with cloth diapers by making cute designs? It's not working!

    We are watching Friday Night Lights starting now. Netflix has a bunch of the early ones streaming!

  13. I love random. It's one of my favorite words. No really. If you look up my 25 random things about me on facebook, number one is "I love the word random."

    Huggies jean diapers...serious ick. But those girls, seriously cute. My girls "Easter" dresses made their debut at church on Mother's Day too.

    You have some great fashion sense. I just bought a turquoise tutu on clearance at the Carters outlet for my 2 year old. What do you suggest putting with it for pics??

  14. How fun!! My life IS random- so love it :)

    I didn't even know Pretzel M&Ms existed- going to Walmart tomorrow :) hehe-

    And yes, I would love to be a kid again - I am glad that with our children we can act like them sometimes- and that's just as good while having those special beings in our lives :)

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE FNL!!! I posted about it a few weeks ago and this week, too!

  16. Love everything about this post, but that last picture is awesomeness!

  17. Thanks for the happy randomness. I have decided that I really like randomness. at least good randomness. You always learn so much. Smiles to you today.

  18. Those pretzels are like crack for me...I can't get enough. Love them!!!

  19. I love me some random.. FNL. The best show ever. HOw happy are you that it is back on??? The ruffle leggings were cute, but that ankle roll, oh my. Nibble on that! I am a tad startled with the diaper jeans. Acid wash, wow. If only they were pegged.

  20. We absolutely LOVE Friday Night Lights. I was so upset that I forgot to DVR the new season. We got in about half way through so I figured out what was going on.

  21. LOVE Randomness and Yes, Pretzel M&M's are the PERFECT PMS food..salty... then sweet...then salty. Back off my 3 boys, they are MINE!!!! they know better during that time of the month.

  22. Janey is wearing the same one that I bought for Kenzie. Liberty of London Rocks my world!

    And pretzel m&ms sound delish.
    I love pretzels and chocolate together... so it all makes sense that i'd love these.
    Must try.

  23. We have the Liberty of London romper!! Love all the ruffles!!!

    I have TRIED to buy those M&M's...they are sold out everywhere...all the display bins EMPTY. Sad Day!

    Those jean lookin' diapers? I think we just might have to get some for funsies! My thinking is, though, that they are going to be totally tacky IRL!

  24. i heart those leggings, too! piper has them in yellow. i love the way her little chunk-a-monk legs in them. delish!

  25. i {heart} those leggings too. the girls have them in pink, but i need to get more, they are just perfect under too short of dresses from last summer!

  26. you were in fact packing up all the clothes to hand down, right?


  27. love the randomness for sure! it's how my mind works most of the time. i saw Ellen giving away the Huggies diapers...i agree, they just look plain odd.

    loving the steals from Target and Old Navy.

    if you don't feel like buying the yummy pretzel M&Ms (it's a small bag) try an equally addicting snack option, imo, combining the lovely salty/sweet: a jar of Nutella and a bag of PB pretzels from Traders. wonderfully delicious. have you ever tried?!

  28. luv the Liberty line...so great! i am a huge friday night lights fan! funny, back when i was in high school watching 90210 (the first one, with kelly and brenda and dylan)i totally focused on the teenagers' stories but now, i am all about the "grown-ups" storylines...gettin old i guess:)

    luv your photos and the randomness.

  29. I almost emailed you about the 2008 jackets. India had one. Did you seriously buy all three in advance? You are awesome.

  30. Ok, the jeans diaper might haunt my dreams from now on! ***SHUDDER***

  31. love seeing pics of your beautiful girls !

    omg... *almost* bought a bag of the pretzel m&m's at the grocery last nite...but I was 'bigger' than them...and walked away.Now, however, I wish i had caved in !

    You ready for this...are you sitting down? I have never...NEVER...watched one single episode of Friday Night Lights.Nope. Crazy, huh? Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend. HA!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely "randomness" !

  32. love Friday Night lights.
    craig andi started watching from the first show...it looked so much like our youth that we were hooked from day one.
    and we decided that it has THE ONLY strong marriage in all of tvland.
    the only one.
    think about it....
    and you know he is pretty cute too...and that tim riggins is easy on the eyes too!

  33. Love those Liberty of London dresses, too cute. The girls wearing them are even cuter.

  34. seriously?!!! PRETZEL m+ms?!!! why haven't i seen these?

  35. Love the whole random thing, except of course the creepy jean diapers. You're absolutely right, completely weird.

  36. Love all of the random goodness! Your girls are adorable; I can't wait to have some of my own someday!

    I too LOVE a good deal. Those Old Navy jackets are a great find. My favorite store used to be Big Lots (before they clsoed down :( ) because it was there were I found $5 shorts, sweaters and t-shirts. I'm gonna have to head to Old Navy now for my good deals!

    Thanks for sharing!

  37. I love Friday Night Lights. It's one of our very favorite shows.

  38. Those pictures of the girls are way, WAY too cute.

    You're probably going to be responsible for the next 10 lbs. Heather gains now that she has discovered the pretzel M&M's.

    Did you read FNL? I can't get into the series after reading the book. All I focus on is the football players (because of the culture and what they go through), not really the story line... although after reading Meg's comment about the model of a strong marriage it actually makes me want to rent those first 3 seasons.

  39. loved it! have to agree with you on the jean/diapers...whew! oh, what i miss out on having only boys (although I LOVE it!); girls clothes get me every time!

  40. I tried the pretzel M&Ms this weekend too... Whoa! They were delish!

  41. I love me some random &
    all these cute photos!

  42. We love Friday Night Lights! So excited that it's back!
    Your kids are absolutely adorable. It doesn't hurt that they have a super stylish mom to dress them in such cuteness. :)

  43. Love your randomness. Love your girls' dresses. Love Friday Night Lights. Love you!

    Happy Day!!

  44. Randomness is how I roll. Love it!

    - the old navy jackets...hate? Umm... no!! Makes me love you even more. $4.97?! That is FABULOUS. I love to brag about how cheap I get my clothes. I have a pair of (cute) shoes that I got for 75 cents. Seriously, sometimes I just love to wear them so I can tell people how cheap I got them ;)

    - Liberty of London dresses -- I mean, seriously. How truly awesome is everything in the line?! I buy the XL kids sized stuff for myself. I. can't. get. enough!!

    - Pretzel M&M's. Oh my word. One of my absolute favorite "food combos" of all time. Pretzels + Chocolate = A very happy Celeste. Those will be purchased asap.

    - Jean diapers. Yeah. Not good. Let's just let a diaper be a diaper. Don't try to fix something that ain't broke. k?

    - PreK hand massage. Umm... I'm doing this with my class next year! (kindergarten) - Love this!!!

    - Friday Night Lights - Have yet to ever watch this. Okay, I'll succumb to the peer pressure and watch it :)

    - Ruffle leggings. Love. Janey's cuddley little leg rolls - I love even more. I adore baby rolls. ADORE.

    - And. Yes. Kids have got it good. I love kids. love, love, love!

  45. I won't hate, I'll congratulate. $4.97 for that cuteness? nice!

    Love your random posts. Keep them coming, please and thank you.

  46. I have got to know where you got that chewie shirt - My 2.5 year old hearts him too.


  47. I need to find those pretzel M&Ms, but it could be dangerous. Isabella is rockin' those ruffled leggings from Target too - love that place. I think our baby girls must be pretty close in age.

  48. I could not be more pleased to find a fellow FNL lover!! That show. Seriously. The dialogue. The acting. The cinematography (do they call it that in tv??)

    So glad I just found your blog, via Goat and the Kid. :)

  49. Friday Night Lights is my FAV show. I watched the whole season early on DirecTV (sooo good) and I am rewatching now on NBC. I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy & I love your blog. I too <3 Matilda Jane!