Hi Gorgeous Friends,

Welcome to this little trunk show of cuteness.
Grab your coffee, pretend cupcakes and settle in for a little retail therapy.

My sweet trunk keeper has never hosted an online show.  I have never hosted an online show.
So please bear with us as we try to figure out the easiest way to get MJ happiness to your doorstep.

Step one:

Visit Matilda Jane.
Click on the drop down menu that says The Goods.

It will take you to all of the items available.
It will also let you know which sizes are in stock.

Step two:

Make your list.
I am thinking it will most likely have about a dozen things more than you can actually justify buying.
Or safely hide from the budget keeper of your household.
Narrow it down.  This step will be painful.  I have found that sugar helps.

Send me the final list with item names and sizes.

Step three:

I will calculate your total.
This is where my PhD. in Rocket Surgery comes in handy.

For payment you have two choices.
Option one:  I will send you your total with tax and shipping.  You can send me the amount via Paypal.
Or, if you prefer, you can send me your credit card number and Maura, the lovely keeper of the trunk will charge it for you.

Clear as mud?

Now go shop.
Send me your list by 4pm tomorrow {May 15th.}.  Then I will let you know the damage.

Happy Day!

Cupcakes!  Sparkles!  Coffee!


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