So am I.

Not just by Christmas preparations.  Just by life in general.  How behind so many things have fallen since all of my energy has been focused on the recent boutiques.

On top of that I am basically re-doing two bedrooms and my head is full of so many ideas of things I want to do and make.

So I jumped into a challenge called Tackle it Tuesday.

Today was my first attempt.  I made a deal with myself.  I could do one fun/ crafty project I have been wanting to finish and one necessary household project.

I spent the girls entire nap time cleaning and organizing the garage.  (Sorry, no photos.  I am just too vain and traumatized by this to post any more crazy messy pictures here.  But I did kill three black widows.  Pretty rock star if you ask me!  Wish I had pictures of that!)

Tomorrow my husband is morphing into Clark Griswold in an attempt to get our house on the city's holiday lights tour.  He has patiently asked me for months to create some sort of pathway from the attic so he could get all of the holiday splendor out.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute....
This was my fun project.
I bought this under bed basket when Halley was a few weeks old.  I had meant to make a new liner for it, but 4+ years later it remains the same.  The creamy muslin one it came with is functional, but I am all about fun.  Instead of sewing one, what did I do?  Dye it of course!

Nothing like a little Sunshine Orange Rit dye and Sweet Pea pink spray paint to change everything!  There is just enough room for another one under the bed so tomorrow while Jason works on his holiday extravaganza, the girls are going to my parents' and I am going to Ikea to grab another one.  By myself.  My kind of paradise.  Then off to get my fake blonde on.  Hooray!  Sort of sick of the four inches of roots I have been rocking. Just keeping it real (in an admitting that I am fake sort of way.)


  1. Julie,
    You are nothing short of genius!!
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!
    Oh, and I am about to get my fake dark brown on!! This grey is doing me no favors.

  2. How do you find the time to do all these fun projects! I can barely get the dishes done! You are my hero!

  3. Seriously, you amaze me over and over again. If I had just an ounce of your creative genius, I could do anything.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for a great, entertaining blog.


  4. love this.
    i want to go to ikea by myself. you lucky girl.
    have fun. now....i have to go tackle something.

  5. I got my fake blond on last week! There's nothing like a little highlight or two to make your world seem a little brighter! You go girl!

    P.S. My word verification dealio on this post is pigubbr. Hmmm...Is this telling me something? Am I an ubber pig? Say it isn't so. This is so wrong the day before Thanksgiving. LOL!