Why can't I get any sewing done?

Meet my craft/ dining room table.
The one that is supposed to be cleared off each day before Jason gets home from work.
Not really cleared off ever lately.
I haven't sat down by my sewing machine for over a week and I am really missing it.  
Missing it almost as much as Diet Pepsi.
(and that is A LOT!)
Is it weird that I really want this poster?
It sort of sums up how I feel right now.

But then again, I don't feel like cleaning off the table...
I would rather kill brain cells watching The Hills on the Tivo.
I might have some priority issues.

So instead of cleaning/ sewing I am bookmarking sites that have projects that I really want to do.  If only I could get to them through the mess of my table.

One of my favorite sites for ideas is 30 days.
She finds the most incredible tutorials and ideas and is constantly having amazing giveaways.

Today's giveaway is by some random, scatter brained, craft A.D.D. afflicted girl named Julie and she is sending a Hooray sign to one lucky winner.

So go visit, enter the contest, be inspired the ideas.

By the way, I am still waiting for my cleaning elves.  Anyone know where they are?


  1. I'm so excited that someone else's dining table looks like mine! In fact, I can't wait to show that photo to Kevin as proof he may not be the only poor husband who sometimes (often) must squeeze his dinner plate into the the square foot of space I clear at his spot around 6pm. I always have the same defense: "If only I had a craft room..."

  2. My cleaning elves haven't shown up either in a while...maybe they don't like The Hills? lol I know I sure do! lol

  3. hmmm...your table looks suspiciously like mine...except the kids have pushed open a spot to spread out their homework!

  4. Thanks Julie. This giveaway has been fun. BTW- my table looks the same and I want that poster too- I entered their giveaway and said I wanted that one! Great minds think alike. ;)

  5. Can I say how incredibly happy and relieved it makes me to see your table like this? I was beginning to worry that my living room coffee table was out of control.. now I see it's normal.. just part of the creative process. Whew!! :)

  6. I have been following your blog for a while now and I am finally coming out of the shadows!

    I just have to say I have a diet pepsi addiction that is as bad as a heroin addiction!!

    Uhum anyways I just wanted to let you know you inspire me with all your amazing skills and talent. I am just learning to sew on an old sewing machine. I love to craft and make cute things for my baby girl! Love your style!

    P.S The Hills is another addiction of mine. Give me a big glass of DP and I am good to go!

  7. oh that table looks PICTURE PERFECT compared to my tornado room. I can not even SEE my desk, I have to crawl over things to get to my sewing machine right now! When you find those elves, send em my way when you're done.

  8. The elves are just leaving my house in San Diego and I am sending them your way!

  9. My little craft table looks the same! Odds and ends all over the place! I am SUPER lucky in that we use the "sitting room" off of our bedroom for my crafts and such so I don't have a mess in the main part of the house. However, lately I have been really bad about piling up my dresser and nightstand. I finally got those cleaned off yesterday and all my stuff back where it is supposed to be!!

  10. Woo...Julie...that table makes me smile. I love seeing all my goodies spread out before me....so nice !!