Daisies are my favorite flower.
I am a simple girl.
I love everything about them.

Each year on Joy's birthday I am greeted by them on my porch.
It means so very much that she is remembered and celebrated on that day.
Some are from our friends, others from our families, but some are left there unexpectedly and anonymously.
I have so enjoyed reading about your favorite unexpected gifts.
Such beauty has been shared in so many different ways.
I am inspired.
It was really difficult to chose a winner.  I wish I could send a sign to each one of you.  
Maybe someday, but for today the winner is...

who wrote:

"My best unexpected gift has to be, without a doubt, a plunger! After a really horrible week at work I walked into my office the following Monday to find a plunger (decorated with tons of shiny little ribbons) sitting on my desk. There was also a note, from my oh-so-sweet supervisor, letting me know that no matter how much crap came my way, she would be there to help me plunge through! I kept that plunger sitting on my desk as a reminder of the value of friendships, the importance of support, and the unexpected beauty of challenges (and plungers)... just thinking about it makes me smile!"

I know that I will never look at our plunger the same.  You also better bet that I just might ribbon up a new one for a friend in the near future.

Go do something unexpected today.

You won't regret it.


  1. To my husband's dismay I just ran around shouting "I won...I won...I won a sign that I get to give away! Not certain he completely understood my glee but I am certainly one happy gal! I also know exactly who should be the recipient of such a fab unexpected gift. Since I am new to the whole blogging/winning thing, just email me with the specifics of how this works. Again, I'm so excited!!


    PS...I agree about the daisies...they are like little bursts of sunshine :)