Yesterday's post put me over the edge.

It was as if finally admitting my problem led me to make a change.

The table is cleared.

I was able to sew today.  With plenty of room to cut.  Glorious.  Now I will no longer die.
I made this little cutie using this (super easy) pattern from my one of my favorite sites, You Can Make This.  I had been eyeing it for a while, but was sold as soon as I saw these aprons over at Sunnypond Home.  Halley really wants to keep it, but it is going to a dear friend for her upcoming birthday.  Sorry Halley!  I might just have to make her the kid's size version that is graciously included in the pattern.

I was given a huge chenille bedspread and was encouraged by Nichole and Alicia to dye it.  I have always been so fearful of putting dye in my washer, but they convinced me that it would survive and my future loads would be safe.

If I must say, turquoise water sloshing around makes me strangely giddy.  It was torture waiting to see what the bedspread would look like when it was finished soaking.

Just like that, in the time it took to make an apron I had a brand new pile of turquoise goodness.  Wouldn't you know that it perfectly matches the "I paid way too much for it on Ebay" fabric.  This will soon become a duvet cover for Halley's new bed.  I can't wait!

My sweet mailman brought a veritable jewelry store to me today.  Happiness.
These beauties came courtesy of JaneSays and are made by Star Strung Jewels.  I want to run out and buy something yellow just to celebrate.
This gorgeous necklace arrived courtesy of Stella Jade.  I love it so much, especially since it adds a little bit of spice to my normally black wardrobe.  It also reminds me of the Wizard of Oz's Emerald City.  Who doesn't smile when thinking of that movie?


  1. Now how FUN is all of this stuff?! ALL of it!! The turquoise bedspread turned out perfectly! What a happy color!!

    And the apron??? I am not an apron kind of girl {remember I don't like to cook OR bake!!}, but I could so see one of these for Gentry!! Cuteness!

    Thanks for sharing some fabulously fun links!

  2. Julie-
    I'm not sure if you got my email, but I'd like to send you those baby shoes. Let me know how I can get em to you!

    I used bright yellow dye in my washer for the first time this year for part of a Halloween costume. Scary, but such great results! Of course I did like 5 loads of towels afterwards!

  3. Love the apron. So cute!

    Dye is always a bit scary. The first time I used some it was bright pink, in my mother's washer for my 'poof'. (the poofy slip that goes under wedding dresses).

    And I love the turquoise, such a happy color!
    Beautiful earrings as well!

    And I'm so glad to see that the necklace did indeed show up!

  4. Ahh! There is nothing like a clean desk. So, I've heard anyway! LOL! I need to get on that, too! Your apron looks great! Such wonderful colors! And now...I have an urge to dye something. I don't even sew or anything, but I just want to go dye something! LOL!

  5. Aww, I'm so glad you got everything cleared to sew and what a cute version of the apron!! Yours looks so much longer than mine as to the ones on the pattern. I wonder what is up with mine?

    Lots of fun stuff there! Love the jewelry and can't wait to see the bedspread. I have part of a quilt top for my daughter's bed that has been sitting around unfinished for ages.

    If you are looking for more fun stuff to sew, have you seen this?

    Go crazy!!! And by the way, remember those milk crate covers we are addicted to? The same blogger/etsy fabric shop owner (who provided the free pattern/tutorial links above), posted my creations today!!

  6. So glad you love the jewels, go and splurge! Buy something yellow - or do what I suggest to all of my customers - wear them with ANYTHING!
    hooray and thank you for the kindness. I hope you rock those earrings for a long time! (:

  7. I love your apron and your jewlery and your daring bedspread...I would have been super nervous to throw dye into my have to tell us if it really doesn't turn your clothes blue!!!

  8. you're so brave for dyeing your bedspread! i totally want to try that now. thanks for the awesome post.

  9. You MUST post pictures of the room when you finish with all that hula fabric goodness!!

  10. I MUST have one of those aprons! Are you going to make more? Please say yes!

  11. How fun - perfect for a little girls big girl room.

  12. My little was has been asking about wanting an apron for a few weeks now. I really got to get on the ball and make one for her. Love this one your sharing.
    Oh the jewerly is so pretty!

  13. I love love the apron! Where did you get the Cupcake Fabric? I love Cupcakes because it's my daughters nick name BabyCakes or AmmieCakes. We are doing a Cupcake them for her 1st Birthday Party in April! I want to make her a pillow case dress out of Cupcakes but the fabric you have is the cutest I've seen! Congrads on the Birth of your daughter Janey! & I love your blog! Thanks for the links I can't wait to start sewing stuff!