Whether it is true or not... 
I just don't do well when people are mad at me.
Please be my friend!  
I will never ever mention it again.
Stephenie Meyer = Good
Ernest Hemingway = Bad.

Do you forgive me?

Give a sensitive, hormonal, still throwing up daily, 8 months pregnant girl a break!

On to fun, non-controversy stirring adventures.....

We went to Disneyland today for the re-opening of Small World and to see the holiday magic.
I brought my big clunky Rebel for the first time.  Now that I have my fun and cute new camera bag and cozy strap I don't mind hauling it around.

Lulu helped plan our route for the day,

and... she wore ponytails and a clip!!! Without drama!

Still loving this lens!  Loving the crazy faces the girls give me!

Speaking of bows...
the winner of Olive Blue's
Christmas bow wardrobe is:



Thanks again Nicole for the fun giveaway and all of your fabulous bows.


  1. Oh boo on people for getting upset-everyone is entitled to their own opinion on their own blog, right? :)

    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm having a giveaway on my blog-skirt made out of that fab fabric from Hobby Lobby!! :)


  2. Woo hoo!! Thanks!! This is the first time I have ever won anything! :)

  3. Just looking at that tea cup makes me sick to my stomach..surely you didn't get on that thing.

    Mountain dew was the only thing that calmed my stomach when I was pregnant...I know very very bad...I drank a lot of it too....that stuff was magic...

  4. P.S. I love that you say "puffy heart" I think I'm gonna start using that one!

  5. I FORGIVE YOU hehehe!!! No, I actually wasnt even mad, but I do love Twilight hehe!! (Obviously!) OK, I am so darn jealous you guys went to Disneyland during the holidays!! I am dying to take Andrew back up there one of these days! :) xo!

  6. I didn't mind that you didn't love Twilight...but the fact that you got to go to Disneyland makes me jealous! ;D

  7. Love your blog.

    That being said: I think we see eye to eye on this whole Twilight thing, don't be afraid to say you didn't like it. Although, my sister told me to stop saying that I didn't like it because "I could offend someone." I don't think that we can help it if we have more sophisticated taste ;)


  8. Love those shots of your girls!
    And so jealous that you can just hop on over to Disney Land :)

    And I have not been interested in Twilight at all..so I'm definitely not holding anything against you for your post about it. And to each their own, right?

  9. Disneyland - how fun. I am not a fan of Twilight and felt I finally had a partner in crime, so to speak. I don't understand the obsession.

  10. I love Dr. Seuss quotes and one of my favorites is...

    "be who you are & say what you feel becuase those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind."

    I think it's so true :)