I love Sundays!

Church with the family,
fun lunches,
and football!

Football season means a few quiet hours for me alone to do whatever I want while Jason watches the games and the girls sleep.

Yesterday the bunk beds came.
Today my goal was to buy mattresses.

Have you bought a mattress lately?

Ever had to buy two in one day?


So I turned to my friend Craig, you might know him as Craigslist.
A mattress store nearby had lost it's lease!
Low prices!
Today only!
(Perhaps I am a bit too trusting of free internet classifieds.)

So off I went.
To a warehouse.  Next to what looked to be a limo rental shop/ mafia hangout.
I parked and got out of the van.  I have never been to a more shady (and I don't mean trees) location.

I thought to myself more than once...
"I am about to get murdered."
Is it weird that my default thought in a strange situation goes straight to murder?  That I was going to be on Dateline tonight?  "Craigslist gone very wrong...."  would be their leading story.

A freaky guy was sitting on a bench in front.  I try to be friendly to even would-be murderers, so I smiled and said hello.

He grunted and motioned me into the the "mattress store".

No one was in there.  For a long time.  Then suddenly out of nowhere a man appeared.  I have never shopped so fast.  I hardly even wanted to lay down to try the beds!  I was willing to pay whatever it took to keep my life intact.

It actually didn't take that much.

So with my van full of beds and my heart still beating (extraordinarily fast) I headed to Target for sheets and to calm down.

Part of me is so excited to have the girls in the same room, but the other part of me loves their long, peaceful naps.  Lulu still loves her crib, and yes, I have a four 1/2 year old that still takes three hour naps.  Don't hate me.  It is just how she is made.
In six weeks everything is going to change.  Our life is going to get a lot crazier than my mattress store adventure.  So for today, the bunks are made and empty.  Halley is still in her old room and Lulu is contained in her crib.

Slowly I will work up to it, but for now I am enjoying the peace.

Besides, I still need to sew the chenille.


  1. Looks great in there already... Love that green! :)

    Soon (well, after Christmas!) I'll also be using the Martha green in my kids' new room, as a scalloped border along the entire bottom perimeter (my version of "grass"). Still need to find the perfect turquoise, though, for the remainder of the walls ("sky").

    Cute update!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product! By the way how are you feeling lately?

  3. Well my girls share a room, but for naps I have Alaina sleep in our bed and the little one in her bed. Those 3 hours are priceless to me too. Plus, good ol' football :) Anyways, we are moving their new bunk beds into their new room this week :) we'll have to swap stories, hopefully of no kids falling off the top bunk!

  4. Julie - your style of writing just cracks me up!! And if you are weird for immediately thinking you are going to get murdered, then I am too! Whenever we are in "scary" parts of town, my mind wanders. It would be in overdrive if I were by myself! YIKES!!

    Love the sheets! Can't wait to see the whole room!! It must be a kid thing to snuggle into the pillow cases...mine like to do that too!! Or load them up with trains and random toys and drag them all over the house!!

    Hope you are having a happy Monday!!

  5. I forgot to mention that although I don't hate you because Halley still takes such LONG naps every day, I am INSANELY jealous! Huntler gave them up just after he turned three and it is so rare for him to take one these days! But on those days he does, I relish in the peace!! Hope Halley keeps it up for you!

  6. those are my favorite sheets at target!
    they match my pj pants. :) i am so glad you are still alive. i know exactly what you mean by shady. and you think to yourself "WHY did i think this was a good idea?!"
    can't WAIT to see your chenille!