I ran across these cuties over at A Feathered Nest (love her!) and have been thinking about them all week.

They are INSANELY easy! 

Perfect to make while watching T.V. without feeling guilty.

The chocolate one on my cheetah coat?

Well, the cheetah makes everything I wear a bit better.  It is my true love forever and ever, item of clothing.  Barely below my Havaianas.

The original tutorial used felted wool.  I would have loved to, but I am crazy allergic.  Good thing I live in a warm climate.  The Feathered Nest ones were made from bright and cheery fleece, which I didn't have.  So, I used Ecospun felt (conviently made from plastic soda bottles) from Michael's which has the body of wool felt, without the hives and itching.  Plus, it is about 20 cents a sheet and comes in really fun colors.

I am going to send one of these fun flowers to:


for correctly guessing the name of our baby girl...

Janey Jae!

Hooray and thanks for playing along.


  1. Yea!!!!!! Thanks Julie! What a cute name. It's funny how we've never met, but when I saw that name I thought it would be a name that you would like and I thought it would go well with Lucy. I love those flowers. I'm going to have to make some too!

  2. What a sweet name, I adore it....and those felt hair pretties are so yummy, too....wish my little lady kept things like that in her hair for linger than 5 minutes!