In general I am pretty boring and predictable wardrobe wise.  Most days I can be found in dark Curvy Jeans with button pockets from The Gap, two ribbed tank tops (I call them something else, but it is hardly politically correct) a cardigan or zipped hoodie and flip flops.  I hardly stray from the formula.  If I do it might involve a skirt with the same tank tops & jean jacket or a dress and jean jacket.  I rarely wear prints, pretty much 90% of my wardrobe is black or chocolate and if I do wear something funky it is a necklace, headband, or shoes.  That all came to change when The Cheetah came to live with us from a thrift shop in Canada.  Many a day I throw it over my same simple jeans, flats and black long sleeve t-shirt and suddenly I am a sassy new person.  I see people react differently to me and I feel generally different.  It makes me wonder what the original owner was like of this 50 plus year old coat.  Was it an everyday wardrobe staple?  Or did she pull The Cheetah out when she was feeling a bit more spunky?  What is the one thing in your wardrobe that is so completely opposite of you that it actually is 100% you?  I just know that this was one of the best things I have ever spent $10 on.


  1. I myself am a jeans kind of girl...never tried the Curvy Gap style (because we live MILES away from a Gap store so all my shopping is done online and I can't exactly buy jeans via the world wide web!!), but next time we are close, I think I may have to try them out! I have been in the same American Eagle style for years...maybe it is time to switch things up!!

    Anyway, my wardrobe is BORING! I do love cute little sundresses in the summer and skirts and tanks...simply because they are SO MUCH cooler! And for those times I get a little more dressed up (in dark jeans and a cute black top), I have some fun leopard print heels!! Those are a far cry from my normal flip flops!!

    And I have now left you two extremely LONG comments today, so I am off to check some other blogs! Yes, our company just left and I SHOULD be working, but we are sad they are gone and I am consoling myself through blogging!!

  2. my sister gave me a Zebra print jacket. The style is very similar to yours. i have NEVER worn it. it has been in my closet for 3yrs! Sad i know.
    i may need to blog about the jacket! then wear it! aaahhh!!

  3. hi julie...
    i am loving your blog. it's a secret world for me to jump on the internet and read away the time....i could spend hours reading all the fun stories and crafty projects from so many neat bloggers like you. so glad ali bray passed your site my way!
    happy day.

  4. Oh my gosh, we are wardrobe twins!! I wear jeans and a wifebeater under a brown or black tank almost every day. How can you go wrong? (But I am a Gap Long & Lean gal).

    You have inspired me. I need a leopard jacket . . .

  5. i am in clothes slump.
    i just don't like anything i have and feel blah in everything.
    i need a cheetah.
    and i out grew my curvy jeans. i loved them. i need to go back and just get a bigger pair.
    stupid hips.