One year ago today while searching for fabric on Google I found Etsy entirely by mistake.  I had never heard of it before, and it was immediate love at first sight.  I promptly signed up and made my first purchase that day, this sweet little halter made with the fabric that led me to Etsy in the first place.  I had always had a love for handmade items and was tiring quickly of bidding and losing on Ebay.  Most of the boutiques near me were either overpriced or too "cutesy".  Etsy was a dream come true.  Set prices, no bidding, a bit on the "indie" side and surprisingly affordable.  What I wasn't prepared for was the kindness and community that it fosters.  Every seller is more than willing to share tips, secrets and encouragement.  They happily create custom items for you, usually at no extra charge.  Many even send sweet free goodies in their packages.  I feel no sense of competition or envy, just a collaboration of like minded, creative people. People began stopping me to ask where I found the unique things my girls were wearing.  I have since played a part in many a friend's introduction and subsequent Etsy addiction.  (Sorry!)  We email each other items we like and buy many of the gifts we exchange there.  Etsy has encouraged me to start sewing, blogging and even open my own little shop.  I truly cannot imagine life without it.  Because of my deep affection for Etsy and all of the passionate shop owners I am going to do a little giveaway.  Leave me a comment telling me the best thing you have bought on Etsy, or your favorite shop.  I would love a link too... then I can peek around at things I have yet to discover.  Haven't visited Etsy yet?  Don't feel left out.  Sign up, and send me the link to something you love.  I encourage you to make a purchase and support handmade.  The more items/shops you tell me about the more times I will enter you in the drawing for... a fat quarter of the fabric that originally led me to Etsy.  Summer in the City by Urban Chicks.  It is extremely hard to find and tragically out of print.  It is difficult for me to let it go, but I love Etsy so much, it is worth it.  Heart away!  I will draw a winner on Friday.


  1. I love etsy as well. Lots of shops and items in my favorites but wanted to let you know of the shop which led me to by first purchase.
    My hubby's a huge Cubs fan and I wanted something unique for our daughter to wear to show support for her dad's favorite team. Love that the seller not only screens her own designs but recycles/repurposes shirts into dresses.
    Amy M

  2. I heart Etsy!!! How to choose just one?! I did a blog-post 01/09/08 on this store called Junkmail Greetings:

    They sell "Hate" mail. They are beautifully designed cards and such that totally trash the reader. I love these - cranky sarcasm is right up my ally. I ordered the business cards that say "You Park Like An Idiot" to leave on people's windshields. Check out my old blog post if you want for some of my other favs.
    They still make me laugh.

    Holy long post! Sorry.

  3. I love the cards on I have purchase several. They are so well made.

  4. Julie! Omigosh--I can not believe it--that is my absolute FAVORITE fabric ever! I bought the entire line out and still seach for it on ebay all the time, I just love love love it! I have some of the brown with birds (3 yards) and I am hording it...waiting for the perfect project! point is.....I feel the same way about etsy as you has an unbelievable community fell to it and it is soo addicting!! So....I love lots and lots....

    Lassie Girl:




    vinyl wall art

    love this from bean pickle sprout:

    so many more! and, of course lets not forget your adorable store! (I'm thinking of something special I want made for Lily.....coming soon!)

    I have more goodies...but I'm ignoring my in-laws downstairs, so I better go!

  5. Okay I know I already won your last giveaway, so don't put me in this drawing, but I thought I would let you in on one of my favorite shops...
    she's my mom and she does amazing work!

  6. I heart Etsy and I heart Julie Carson!!!! :) I am completely addicted to your blog and feel like I am living out my creativity vicariously through you.

    I love this store that has tons of tutus for the girlie girls in our lives:

    My very favorite store is this one with all these amazing hand made signs. :)


  7. What ....Love Etsy....?? Me??

    I would marry Etsy...

    of course I have a handful of buddies with sweet and ooey gooey shops....and of course I love my own....but those aside...I love One Ripe Peach....just love it.

  8. I actually just bought my first thing on etsy, thanks to you! Seriously! I had been looking for a cute apron pattern and I just wasn't finding what I wanted. I emailed you about the apron that you made for mothers day and I went to etsy and bought it! I actually bought the last one!

    I am for sure going to buy more products! thanks for sharing!

  9. I love Etsy too!! Here are a couple of my current favorites (besides my own shop of course :)) (to die for quilts!) (look in her sold section-awesome stuff!)

    Sorry-I spend a lot of time on Etsy :)

  10. I love love LOVE etsy..
    I just wanted to give you a link to a really inspiring thread in the forums over at etsy,
    I started a thread named
    Running a Business while Raising our Children...
    and the responses have been amazing!
    Check it out here:

    Favorite shops? too many to list-such talent all over that place.:)

    I just started blogging, so I invite you all to come on over, for a great little package giveaway;
    Best Wishes,
    Georgia Sakura

  11. other favs. - great esave the date designs -go green - darling ponytail holders - jewelry love the pinafore pattern - vinyl lettering - love her style of children clothing and fabric choices

    Amy M

  12. OOHHH Julie! I have a LOVE of all things Etsy!! Even if it isn't totally "my" style, I love the creativity that went into it!! There are LOTS of great people out there!! So much so that I want an Etsy shop!! I just need to think of my niche!! :)

    I have MANY, MANY shops AND items marked in my faves...along with your shop!! I found your shop before you found my blog which is craziness, but that is the wide world of blogging!! in NO particular order, here are some of my favorites!! (many of which I think you already know of!)

    My very first Etsy purchase was just a couple of months ago and I have gone crazy since then! I bought the set "Playing in Love" from this shop!

    A few more for those late nights:

    Little Bit Funky

    Lemon Tree Studio

    Jane Says (Fresh and Fun)

    Mod Fabric


    These little cuties at Paper and String

    Sarah Jane

    Button Boutique

    Erica Daley Designs

    And I could go on and on and on! I have nine pages of favorites sellers! OOPS!!

    This is FUN!!

  13. OH MY GOSH! That looks W*A*Y longer posted than it did in my mind!! Thank goodness I stopped listing things off!! WOW!

  14. I love etsy too!! I haven't sold or listed anything but I do tons of crafty things. :) One of my favorite stores is the fat daddy bake shop, yummy cupcakes and she's super nice too!

  15. I too LOVE Etsy!!! I found you an another blog on another blog....can't remember now which one. Love your etsy store and blog!!

  16. I love this so much I just bought it


  17. I just opened an Etsy shop and think it's the best for those wanting to start small and expand later!

    Mine is

    First Etsy find:

    Top Etsy wishlist:

  18. That fabric is beautiful! It would make a beautiful skirt and if there is extra - an apron!

    Etsy is a wonderful place and I find most of the artists offer fair prices on their one of a kind creations.

    The bathroom is a room I decorate alone. So for the bathroom, I chose prints that I loved. I have a Matte Stephens Charlie bird print:

    Great laptop bags are on etsy: